Route 213

After you pass through Route 214 and Valor Lakefront, you reach the eastern end of Route 213.

Explore the Route

Go into the house to the left of the stairs and talk to the clown to get some TM92s, which teach Trick Room.

Go south into the building and you can talk to the police officer to rest your pokémon.

Go south to go back outside, and go to the left to get a Red Shard.

Go south down the stairs and you will reach a beach. In the water, if you use a Good Rod you can catch Magikarp and Remoraid, and if you use an Old Rod you can catch Magikarp.

Near the stairs, you can battle Tuber Chelsea, who has a level 23 Bibarel. You get 368 Pokédollars for winning.

There is a hidden Super Potion southeast of the stairs, and a hidden Great Ball southeast of that.

To the south, you can battle Tuber Jared, who has a level 19 Shellos, a level 20 Shellos, and a level 21 Shellos. You get 320 Pokédollars for winning.

Southwest of the pink Tuber, there is a bottle of Calcium.

Go west along the narrow strip of sand, and southwest along the beach until you are near the second fisher. There is a hidden Pearl northwest of that Fisher.

Talk to the Fisher near where the Pearl was and you can battle Fisher Kenneth, who has a level 19 Magikarp, a level 19 Remoraid, and a level 22 Gyarados. You get 968 Pokédollars for winning.

To the north, you can enter Dr. Footstep's House. You can talk to Dr. Footstep to find out what the lead pokémon in your party thinks of you. If you have a close bond with your lead pokémon, you will get a Footprint Ribbon.

Northeast of Dr. Footstep's house, you can battle Beauty Cyndy, who has a level 23 Glameow. You get 1564 Pokédollars for winning.

West of the Beauty, you can use Rock Smash on a rock. West of it, there is a hidden Awakening, and west of that, there is a Honey tree.

East of the Beauty, you can use Rock Smash on the rock to reach a TM40 Aerial Ace.

In the grass to the west, you can catch Buizel, Floatzel, Shellos, and Wingull.

There are berry trees to the northwest.

Go west from there and you will reach Pastoria City.