Twinleaf Town

You begin your adventure in your room in Twinleaf Town, where you watch a news report on the search for the Red Gyarados.

Explore Your Room

After you watch the news report, you can check on the items in your room, such as the PC on the desk, the TV, the Nintendo Switch, the bed, and the picture frame to the right of the window.

Open the Menu

You can press X to open the menu. You can look in your bag, which is empty except for 8,000 Pokédollars. You can check the options, where you can change the text speed, window type, battle effects, battle style, the option for sending pokémon to boxes, the nicknames option, the gyroscope option, and if you scroll down, you find the autosave option (it is recommended to turn off autosaving because of glitches that can cause you to become stuck), as well as options to change the volume of background music, sound effects, and pokémon cries.

The menu also shows your current objective at the bottom of the screen.

Saving the Game

When the menu is open (see above), you can press R to save the game.

Go Downstairs

When you are ready to move on, go downstairs. Your Mom will tell you that your friend was looking for you and said it was an emergency. When you go toward the front door, she asks you not to go into the tall grass, because you don't have any pokémon.

Go Meet Your Friend

Go outside. You can optionally go into the other houses and talk to people. If you try to go north, the person there will stop you and tell you to go meet your friend.

Try to go into the northwest house and your friend will pop out. He will tell you to go with him to the lake, but he forgot something and goes back into his house.

Go into the northwest house. You can optionally talk to your friend's Mom. Then go upstairs and there will be a cutscene.

Go back downstairs. Your friend's Mom says he is probably on Route 201. Exit the house and go north to Route 201.