Twilight Realm

After Bokoblins attack Ordon Village, Link finds himself in a strange place.

The Twilight Realm

When you are back in control, try running and dashing. After a while, another cutscene will occur.

Attack the pile of wood in the corner of the cell, then dig in the gap under the bars.

After a cutscene, go into a jail cell and jump to pull down the chain. Go through the gate that opens.

In the next area, you will find something glowing. Use your senses to reveal a soldier. Follow the path, then go through the open gate. When you see some spikes to the side, go the other way, then jump to pull the chain down. This will raise the water level, so you can swim over those spikes.

After swimming over the spikes, you will reach an intersection. Go down the path that leads to another gate in the water. Go all the way to the gate, and pull down the chain near the gate. This one will lower the water level.

Turn around and go straight until you reach a gate. There is a small tunnel in the wall at the base of the gate. Crawl through it. In the tunnel, you can use your senses to see a sparkle or two in the ground. Dig there to get a blue rupee.

After the tunnel, you will find a round staircase leading upward. Start going up and you will fall off. Go back up, and target your companion to go up gaps that are too large to jump or too steep to climb. When the stairs stop, climb across the rope, then keep going up.

At the top, kill the Keese that attack, then stand on the pile of stones, and target your companion to make your way up, then go outside.

After the cutscene, go straight ahead. You will stop when you see a spirit. Push the nearby crate as far as it will go, then climb up it and go straight ahead. Kill the Shadow Kargarok that attacks, then follow the stone path. Another Shadow Kargarok will attack, but be careful not to fall off while attacking it.

Continue on the path, then when you reach a dead end, climb onto the wooden planks. Target your companion to reach the far side. More Shadow Kargaroks will attack as you run across the roof. Kill them, and continue along the path. Climb up and into the window at the end.

In the tower, jump down from the window and go up the stairs. At the top, push the door open and go toward the person at the window.

After the cutscene, push open the door and go downstairs.

After the cutscene, go to your house, killing Bokoblins on the way. After you kill the Bokoblins, go toward Ordon Village and a squirrel will talk to you, revealing that you have the ability to talk to animals while in wolf form.

In town, you need to avoid the humans, because they will be hostile toward you in your wolf form.

Make your way to the area where Mayor Bo is talking to Jaggle. Slowly walk into the grass so that they won't see you, then press the button to listen in on their conversation.

Afterward, go back across the wooden bridge. Get close enough to make Hanch see you, and he will call down a hawk. Run away from it, then go toward (but not through) the exit that leads to your house, and stand on the stone in the ground there. Midna will help you go up to the roof. From there, jump to Hanch to sneak up on him. He will fall off the ledge.

After this, Midna will help you jump onto the water wheel, and from there to the roof of the house. Go into the door at the top.

Jump down from where you enter, and stand on the table that has pumpkins on it. Midna will help you jump up to a ledge. Attack the wall to make the shield fall down, then walk onto it to pick it up. Afterward, jump up to the nearby window to exit the house.

Swim to shore, then sneak carefully behind Rusl and Uli's house. Rusl is limping around out front with a torch in his hand. Try not to let him see you.

After you get behind the house, dig in the back of the house to crawl inside. Then go to the couch and take the sword.

Midna says to go back to the forest where you first transformed. So go to the wall of the house where you came in, and dig your way out. Then exit the town through the north exit.

Continue going north until you are stopped by a voice. Go to the water spring. A Shadow Beast will fall from the sky and you will be trapped. Attack the Shadow Beast. If you jump onto the beast, press the attack button repeatedly to keep attacking.

After you kill the beast, there will be a cutscene. Your next destination is Faron Woods, so when you leave the spring, go north and cross the bridge, then approach the twilight at the end. When Midna asks if you still want to go into the twilight, say yes.

After the cutscene, go straight ahead until you are stopped. The Shadow Beasts can't see very well, so will only attack when you are close. Attack the Shadow Beasts until two of them are down. The third one will revive the first two. Repeat this until Midna finally explains that you will have to kill all three of them at the same time, and she will help you. Center yourself between the beasts, then hold down the button that she mentions. When all three are in the energy field, let go of the button. Midna will help you attack quickly enough to kill all three at once. Another way to do this is to kill one of the Shadow Beasts, then use the energy field to kill the other two at the same time, instead of trying to get all three into the energy field.

After you have killed all three, go north until there is a cutscene.