Kakariko Village Twilight Realm

Fill the Vessel of Light with the teardrops held by Shadow Insects in Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village

Go straight ahead and kill the three Shadow Beasts. Start by killing the one that is off by itself, then use the energy field to kill the two that are close to each other.

Go to the light in the spring. You will get another Vessel of Light, and the spirit will mark your map with the insect locations.

Go north into the village and stop at the first building. Use your senses while looking into the window to see someone there. Go around the side of the building to find a broken cart. Dash into the boxes in the cart to break them, then walk onto the cart. Midna will help you reach the top of the building. Stand on the circle of straw to make it break. You will fall into the building. Use your senses and you will see the kids from Ordon village with some people from Kakariko Village.

After the cutscene, pick up the piece of wood on the floor, and walk past the flames to light the end of it. Go up the stairs to go around the edge of the room. Jump past the candles to light each one with the piece of wood.

After the cellar opens, go back and use your senses to listen to what the others are saying. Then jump down into the cellar. Use your senses to kill the insects in this room. Then go to a side room where there is some scaffolding. Midna will help you jump up to the hole at the top. You will emerge in the graveyard.

Use your senses to kill the insect in the graveyard, then exit the graveyard to return to Kakariko Village.

There is a house across from the graveyard entrance with a tunnel in the foundation. Crawl into it, then climb to the upper part of the house and kill the insect there.

Walk up the slope behind that house, and jump across where there is a sign that says not to jump across. Go into the nearby entrance. Inside, pick up a piece of wood and light it, then start a fire in the oven to make the insect come out.

In the Inn lobby, there are a couple of Shadow Bulblins. Kill them. There is a chest nearby that contains a red rupee. Go up the stairs and kill another Shadow Bulblin, then kill the insect on the wall by either dashing against the wall or using the energy field to kill it.

Then go back downstairs and go into the Inn kitchen, where you lit the fire. Climb up to the window above the oven and go out the window.

Go down to ground level and go to the buildings across the street from the Inn. Make your way to the roof, and go to the highest roof to find a spot that is covered in straw. Stand on it to fall in.

Push the wooden crate to the wall. An insect will crawl out. Kill it, then approach the shelf and Midna will help you climb out.

Go north past a building with metal stairs, and look for some metal platforms up against a house that you can climb up. You will see a glass window at the top that you can Dash into to break it and go inside. Go up the stairs, then dash into a shelf to knock it down, making an insect come out. Kill it, then climb up to the nearby exit and go out.

From there, go farther up the slope and you will see an insect crawl into a building. Go into the tunnel where it went, then use a piece of wood to light a fire in the fireplace. Crawl out of the building through the tunnel.

Outside, after the cutscene, go get the tears of light that are floating there.

Go up the slope, then use your senses to dig under the wall of the house at the top. Use your senses to kill the insect inside. Then dig in the wall to go back out.

Go down to the lowest part of town, then go north and go through the path that has a wooden sign next to it. Walk up the slope, and Midna will help you reach the top of the wall with the net on it. You will find a Goron standing guard. Go past and follow the path. You will find more insects in an area with hot air vents.

Check on the stone that has a circular hole in it. Play the song that it shows. You will be prompted to play it again, so do that. After the cutscene, the wolf gives you a clue that you should return to this place when you are back in human form.

Go north to reach Death Mountain.