Goron Mines

With help from Mayor Bo, you are able to get past the Gorons to enter the Goron Mines.

The Goron Mines

Jump across the lava pit, being careful to avoid the lava spouts. On the other side, use your sword to break through the wooden barriers. When you reach a sideways lava spout, put on your iron boots and step on the nearby switch. Go past where the lava spout was, then put on your iron boots and step on the next switch.

Up ahead, climb up the ladder. Follow the path and you will see a lava spout up ahead, and also a floor switch to the side. Put on the iron boots to activate the switch, then go back the way you came, but this time, instead of going up the ladder, turn around and go along the narrow path to get past where you turned the lava spout off.

Jump across the gap and climb up the ladder. There is a chest up ahead that contains a red rupee.

From that chest, jump back over the gap, then look for a stone platform to the side. Jump across it. There is another lava spout here. Go away from the spout and look for the switch to turn it off. Step on it with the iron boots.

Make your way to where the lava spout was, but be careful to avoid bumping into the Torch Slug that falls from the ceiling near the lava spout. Go past where the lava spout was, and you will find a gate. There is a metal platform next to the gate. Stand on that platform with the iron boots until the platform touches the floor. The gate will open. Go through it and open the door.

In the next room, use the ramps to go to the lower part of the area to find a chest that contains a small key. Then make your way through the room, jumping across some rotating platforms. Go through the locked door at the end.

There is a Dodongo up ahead. You can defeat it by hitting its tail. From there, jump across the stone platforms when the lava spouts go down. There is a hallway, but there is a wall blocking the path through it, so go past it, defeating the Dodongos along the way. On the far platform, you will see a chain on the floor. Pull the chain until it won't go any farther. This pulls away the wall that was blocking the hallway, but it will slowly move back, so while you pull the chain, watch the lava spouts through the metal grate to see the timing of when they go down. When the time is right, let go of the chain and quickly go back to the lava area and jump into the hallway, running through it before the wall closes again. Open the door at the end.

In the next room, jump into the water and put on the iron boots, then step on the underwater switch. You will be pulled up to the rock above you. Walk around it until you are on top, then take off the boots and go through the door.

Talk to Gor Amoto in this room to get a key shard.

Go behind Gor Amoto and open the chest to get the dungeon map. There is another chest on the nearby ledge that contains a red rupee.

Go up the ladder in this room and break the pots to find Ooccoo. Then go through the door on the upper level.

Use the iron boots to walk on the magnetic walls. Go toward the upper exit of the room, and take off your iron boots to go to the door. Open it.

Go straight ahead and use your iron boots to step on the switch. Walk on the ceiling to reach an alcove that contains a chest. Open the chest to get a piece of heart.

Use your boots to walk on the ceiling again. Walk around on the ceiling until you find the ledge with two torches on it. If it seems like your path to it is blocked, you need to find the part of the ceiling path that is closer to the edge of the room, and walk along it to reach that ledge. Once you are above that ledge, remove your Iron Boots to drop down onto it. Go through the door there.

Go straight ahead and kill the Bulblins, then use the iron boots to step on the switch that they were guarding. This will make the magnetic crane move. Walk to the nearby platform, equip the iron boots, and wait for the magnet to be above you. When the crane moves over the platform with the narrow ramp, take off the iron boots and go up the ramp. Kill the Bulblins and use the iron boots to activate this switch. A second crane will move your way. Just wait for it to pull you up, then when it reaches the other side, take off the iron boots. Kill the Bulblins, then go through the door.

Kill the Tektites, then swim to the corner of the room where you can see a treasure chest underwater. Equip the iron boots and open the chest to get a key. Take off the iron boots. Then swim to another corner of the room where there is a metal cage. Equip the iron boots and push the block into the cage, then go into the cage and remove the iron boots. Make your way up the ledges and use the iron boots to activate the switch at the top. Drop down to the lower ledge and step into the magnetic field. Walk to the far side of the magnetic ceiling and remove the iron boots.

Go up the nearby ramp and use the iron boots to step on the switch. A horizontal magnetic field will be activated. Walk onto the metal floor next to where you stepped on the switch, then fall down into the magnetic field while wearing the iron boots. Walk to the far end of the magnetic wall and remove the iron boots, then open the chest to get a red rupee.

Hit the nearby crystal switch, then jump down and go through the gate that just opened. Kill the Bulblins. Find the magnetic wall in this room and use the iron boots to walk up the wall until you are above a ledge. Remove the iron boots and open the chest to get a piece of heart. Then drop down onto the magnetic floor and use the iron boots to go up to the other ledge, where you find a rope. Cut the rope with your sword. Drop down onto the gate that fell, then go through the locked door at the end.

Go forward and break the wooden fence blocking your path. You can use the slingshot to kill the Bulblins that are shooting fire arrows at you. Go up the ramps. You can find a chest on one side near a Beamos. It contains a small key. There is a locked door on the opposite side. Go through it.

Wait for the rotating platform to rotate, then jump across it to the other side. Go up a ramp, and quickly roll across the next rotating platform to reach the door on the other side. Go through.

Go into the room and talk to Gor Ebizo to get another key shard. There is a chest near the wall in this room that contains a yellow rupee. Go up the ladder behind Gor Ebizo, then follow the path to find a door. Go through it.

There is a magnetic wall next to the door, so equip the Iron Boots and walk along it. When you reach the corner, remove the boots. Open the chest near where you land. It contains a yellow rupee. Then find the nearby door and go through it.


Walk straight ahead and put on your Iron Boots, then walk onto the magnetic platform. When the battle begins, wait for Dangoro to wind up a punch or expose his belly, then hit him with your sword. If he doesn't collapse after a few hits, raise your shield to deflect the incoming blow. After he collapses and starts spinning, grab him (remember to hold the button) to throw him into the lava. There may be times when you throw him onto the middle of the platform instead. Just keep trying.

After you throw him in three times, he lets you go past. Go through the door with the two torches next to it. Open the chest to get the Hero's Bow. Then equip the bow and shoot the ropes on the metal thing on the wall. When it falls, go through the new passageway.

In the next area, go straight ahead until the Beamos statue starts spinning, then go far enough back to avoid getting hit by the beam. Use the bow to shoot the red crystal in the Beamos statue. Then turn around and use the bow to shoot the red crystal in the other Beamos statues. Now pull the statues to reach the rooms behind them. One of the rooms contains a chest. Open the chest to get the Compass.

Two of the Beamos Statues have doors behind them. Ignore the southern door for now and go through the other one. Inside, go straight ahead and talk to Gor Liggs. He gives you the final key shard.

Open the chest behind Gor Liggs to get a purple rupee. Then go back the way you came and go through the door behind the southern beamos. After the cutscene, you might want to use the bow to shoot the nearby Fire Keese. Then dash into the fence to make it fall over. Use the bow to shoot the torch slugs on the ceiling, then use the bow to shoot the tails of the Dodongos in the center. Jump to where the Dodongos were, then shoot the torch slugs on the ceiling. Follow the path. When you are near the iron bars, shoot the tail of the Dodongo on the ceiling. Then walk past the door and use the Iron Boots to step on the switch. You'll be lifted to the ceiling. Walk to the other end of the magnetic walkway, then use your bow to shoot the crystal switch in the wall. Go close to the wall and remove your Iron Boots, then go through the door that you unlocked.

Go to the side and open the chest to get a purple rupee. Then turn around and shoot the rope on the metal thing in the distance. Jump back to the original platform and walk across the metal thing that fell, then use the Iron Boots to activate the switch in the ground. Wait for the moving crane to stop, then remove the Iron Boots. Go through the nearby door.

You can use the bow to kill the Water Toadpolis as you jump to the other side of the room. From there, use your bow to shoot the crystal switch up above. Go through the iron bars that open, then shoot the Bulblins and the red crystals in the Beamos. Go through the door at the other side of the room.

You can use the bow to shoot the Bulblins along the walls. Go up the ramps and find the Beamos off to the side. Shoot its eye, then pull it and go through the passageway that opens behind it. Follow the path and shoot the Bulblins up ahead, then follow the path and use the Iron Boots to step on the switch.

Take off the iron boots, jump toward the magnetic crane, and put on the Iron Boots to be pulled up onto the crane. When it goes around the side, use the bow to shoot the rope. Then wait for the crane to go back over the metal thing that fell, and remove the Iron Boots to fall onto that metal thing. Go through the door in the wall here.

Follow the path, killing Bulblins on the way. Go to the end of the path and look at the wall to see another metal thing held up by rope. Shoot the rope, then go through the new passageway, killing the Bulblins that attack. Continue along the path and you will find the boss door. Go through it.


Fyrus will attack. Keep your distance to avoid getting hit when Fyrus swings its arms. Use the bow to shoot the crystal on its forehead. Then run close to the chains on ankles, put on the Iron Boots and grab a chain. Pull it away from Fyrus to make Fyrus fall over. Then run to Fyrus's head and hit the crystal on its face. Repeat this process until Fyrus dies.

After the cutscene, you can get the Heart Container and talk to Darbus. Then talk to Midna to leave.

Get Bombs

Back in Kakariko Village, you can go to Barnes's bomb shop to buy bombs, and you'll get a free bomb bag with them.

Talk to the Goron in front of Barnes's bombs to go up to the roof. Keep going up the hills until you find another Goron, who will launch you up to the observation tower. Go into the metal door to find a chest that contains a purple rupee. Then go back outside and climb the ladder to find Talo. Talk to him and you can play a bow-shooting minigame. If you shoot the targets, you get a piece of heart.

Get another piece of heart by equipping the bomb arrows (first equip the bow and arrows, then highlight the bombs and press the button that it shows on screen to make the combo), then shoot the boulders high up on a ledge next to the Kakariko spring. Then you can use the boomerang to get the piece of heart.

There is yet another piece of heart available in town. Use a bomb on the stone in the wall near a withered tree near Kakariko spring. Go through the tunnel that is revealed, then jump down into the water and equip the Iron Boots. Open the chest to get a piece of heart.

Malo is selling the Hawkeye, an item that lets you zoom in on distant things. You can also combine it with the bow and arrows to shoot faraway things.

Now you should ride Epona northwest out of Kakariko, jumping the iron gate to get out. This will take you to the northern section of Hyrule Field.

There is a piece of heart on a ridge above the passage between Kakariko and Hyrule Field. You will have to bomb a large rock to reach the slope that leads up there.

Go north to the bridge where you fought King Bulblin on horseback. Cross the bridge and bomb the boulders in this area. After the Shadow Beasts appear, go back to the bridge and kill them (making sure not to leave only one alive or they come back to life) and this will create a warp point to this bridge.

Go past where you bombed the boulders and you will find the boundary of twilight. If you're riding Epona you will have to dismount because she refuses to go through.

Once in the twilight, follow the path and there will be a cutscene where you notice something on the ground. Go up to it and sniff it. Then say yes when asked if you want to forget the Youths' Smell. Go farther ahead and there will be another cutscene. Follow Ilia's scent to the castle, and go into the castle town.

Use your senses to follow Ilia's scent. When you find her, check on her.

In another part of the room, you can check on the soldiers and then check on the map on the table to learn the location of Lanayru Spring.

Now that you know the location of Lanayru Spring, go there. You won't be able to leave via the south exit, because townspeople are blocking the way. Check your map to look for an alternate path. On the way as you go across Hyrule Field, there will be a cutscene at the Great Bridge of Hylia. When the fire starts, push a crate to the side of the bridge, climb up, and then jump off.

Go to the tall pink building and use your senses to check on the clown guy. Then go to the monster that the clown guy sees. The monster will call down a Shadow Kargarok.

Twilit Carrier Kargarok

The archer will shoot fire arrows at you while the Kargarok flies around. Run sideways to avoid getting hit by the arrows. You might find it easier to do this if you do not lock onto the Kargarok during this part of the fight. When the archer stops shooting arrows, keep an eye on the Kargarok and watch for it to come down to ground level, then quickly do a jump attack to avoid getting grabbed by its claws. Once you have latched onto the Kargarok, tap the attack button to attack it repeatedly. Repeat this until the archer falls to the ground. Kill the archer, and Midna will make the Kargarok take you to the lake's source.

Fly Over Zora's River

You will need to control the Kargarok and fly through a rock tunnel, avoiding obstacles as you go. Press the button to Dash away from archers that are shooting bomb arrows. Avoid hitting walls. If you see tunnels with bright lights, go toward them to proceed. There will be pillars of rock that fall toward you, and stalactites that the archers shoot down to fall on you. At the end, the Shadow Kargarok will drop you onto the ground.

Upper Zora's River

Look for a slope near a wooden barrier and follow it down to the icy area below. Follow the path between the rock columns to reach Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain

At the end of the path, Midna will help you jump up the spires. Be careful of falling ice. Follow the path and she'll help you farther up. Go through the archway at the top.

There are three Shadow Beasts inside. There is one behind a wall, and two that are closer to where you entered. Kill the one behind the wall first, then charge up an attack to kill the two that are closer together. Afterward, walk around until you are prompted to talk to Midna. She will notice something under the ice. Use your senses to check on it. After the cutscene, warp to Death Mountain. Then approach the large pillar of burning stone that is close to where you arrive in Death Mountain, and talk to Midna when prompted. Warp back to Zora's Domain and you will warp the pillar of stone as well.

Try to leave Zora's Domain (go in the direction that the water is flowing) and there will be a cutscene where you are asked to save Prince Ralis. But Midna points out that you are still a wolf, so you will have to fix that before you can save the prince.

Leave Zora's Domain and jump into the water down below, and go with the flow to Lake Hylia. After the cutscene, go into the nearby cave and speak to the floating light in front of you. You'll receive a Vessel of Light to collect the tears in this area.