Ordon Village

Link's adventure starts in his peaceful hometown of Ordon Village.

Life in the Village

After you leave your house, follow the path where you saw Epona going. Continue along the path until it splits. Go to the spring to find Epona.

After a brief cutscene, go up to one of the clumps of horseshoe-shaped grass and pick some up. Use it and Epona will come to you. Climb onto Epona's saddle and go back the way you came. When you reach the area with your house, go straight past it and down the path with the wooden fences on each side.

Go straight through town, and go through the path with horns over the gate.

In Ordon Ranch, talk to the guy in the middle. He will ask you to herd the goats, so say yes.

The goats will run away from you and Epona, so move behind them to make them run toward the barn.

Then you can practice jumping over fences with Epona. When you are done, jump over the gate to go back into the village.

The next day, leave your house and talk to the kids if you wish, then go into the village.

If you talk to the mayor, a goat will run from the ranch. Move side to side until the goat is running toward you, then press A to catch the goat before it hits you.

You will find Jaggle standing on a rock formation. Climb up the vines, then jump over to the grass that Jaggle talks about. Pick some grass and use it to make a hawk come to you. Use the hawk to knock down the beehive above the shop.

Then jump along the stones farther down the river to find more Hawk Grass, and use it to make a hawk fly to the monkey in the distance. The hawk will catch the cradle that the monkey is holding. Take the cradle to Uli, the pregnant woman who is standing by the river. After you talk to her, follow her to her house. She will give you the fishing rod.

Go to where the cat is standing by the river and catch some fish, then release one. The cat will run off with it. Go into the pink-roofed house that the cat ran into.

Sera will give you a half-full bottle of milk. You should buy a slingshot here if you can afford it. If you can't afford it, explore the village to find rupees, then come back and get the slingshot. You will need it before you can continue.

Leave the village and go back to your house. Talk to the three kids to start target practice on scarecrows and wooden targets. Shoot all the targets to end target practice.

Before you go into your house, use your slingshot to shoot down the skulwalltula on the ladder. In your house, open the chest to get the Wooden Sword. Then go back outside.

Talk to the kids and agree to show them how to use a sword. Follow the instructions to learn different sword attacks.

Faron Woods

After a cutscene, climb onto Epona's saddle and go where the monkey and the kids went. Go across the bridge.

After that, use Epona to jump over the gate in your way, and continue along the path. Dismount when you see a guy with big bushy hair. Talk to him to get a lantern. Use it to light a fire under the pot. Be sure to put the lantern away afterward so you don't keep using oil.

After this, go to the cave that the bushy hair guy (Coro) mentioned. You can talk to him to get him to show you which direction to go.

As you go toward the cave, take out your lantern. You will find Talo's toy sword. Go into the cave.

You can use the lantern to light the metal torch near the entrance.

If you swing your sword while holding the lantern, you will clip the lantern to your belt, allowing you to fight while lighting up the dark cave. When a spiderweb blocks your path, use the lantern to burn it away.

When the path splits, go through the path that does NOT have a spiderweb blocking it. At the end, you will find a chest that contains a yellow rupee. Then go back and use the other path to leave the cave from a different exit.

Follow the path and you will have to fight Bokoblins. Look around the edge of this area to find a cave entrance.

In the cave, kill the Bokoblin, then open the wooden chest to find a small key. Then light the torches next to this chest to make another chest appear. Open that one to get a piece of heart.

Go back outside and continue going around the edge of the area. Eventually you will find two Bokoblins guarding a gate. Kill the Bokoblins, then use the key to open the gate. Kill the Bokoblin on the other side, then go through.

On the other side, you can get oil and potion at a shop. Just use your lantern on the oil to refill it. You can also use an empty bottle to scoop some up. Then check on the money box to pay. Oil is 20 rupees, and red potion is 30 rupees. If you don't pay, the bird will peck you until you do.

Keep following the path and you will find a stone bridge. Before crossing the bridge, go to the side to find a chest that contains a yellow rupee.

Then cross the stone bridge and kill the Bokoblins near the cage. Then use your sword to cut open the cage.

The next day, use some Horse Grass to call Epona. Climb into the saddle and herd the goats into the barn like before. After you are done, ride Epona to jump over the ranch gate.

After a cutscene, go north to your house, then talk to the two kids who are guarding the path. Let Talo borrow the sword.

Next, go north to find Ilia with Epona, along with Colin, behind a gate. Talk to Colin through the gate. He will tell you to go through the tunnel to reach the spring. Go south and look at the walls to find the tunnel. You have to crawl through it. A cutscene will occur.