Lake Hylia Twilight Realm

More Shadow Insects have appeared, and this time they are in Lake Hylia.

The Lake Hylia Twilight Realm

Leave the cave, and you will see a trail of a Shadow Insect. Before you get it, go the other way, into the water, toward a floating spirit. If you use your senses, the Zora there will wonder what is over in the distance. Go in the direction that the Zora is looking in, and you will find a Shadow Insect.

After killing that Shadow Insect and getting the tear, go back to where you were and kill the Shadow Insect that you saw on the bridge. Cross the next bridge and you will be trapped by some Shadow Beasts. To avoid letting them come back to life, ignore the middle one at first, and kill one of the side ones. Then lure the middle one toward the other, and charge up an attack to kill them at the same time. A new warp will be created.

Look at the map for a Shadow Insect to the south of where you fought the Shadow Beasts. Jump carefully across the stone platforms to reach that area and kill the insect.

After that, go behind the tall pink building to find the next Shadow Insect.

Near the door of the pink building, there is some Hawk Grass. Check on it to howl a song. This will make the Shadow Kargarok come back and fly you to Zora's Domain. On the way, you will have to kill Shadow Insects in the tunnel, so be sure to use your senses to see them. Lock onto them when they are close enough, and dash at them to kill them.

After the Shadow Kargarok drops you off, use your senses and check on the lady with big hair (Iza), and a Shadow Insect will come out. Kill it.

After that, go behind Iza and make your way to a Howling Stone on a rock ledge. Check on it and howl the song. Then you will be able to learn a sword technique there later.

Go over to the two floating spirits across the water from Iza's building. Check on them and they will swim into the tunnel. Go through the stone tunnel where they went and you'll reach Hyrule Field. Go toward Hyrule Castle Town. Some Shadow Beasts will trap you, so kill them to create another warp point.

After that, go into Hyrule Castle Town. Use your map to find and kill a Shadow Insect here, then warp back to Zora's Domain. There is a Shadow Insect on the wall, so dash into the wall to knock it down so you can kill it.

Then leave Zora's Domain and jump down the waterfall. There are a couple of Shadow Insects above the water with the small platforms. Stand on a small platform near an insect and charge up an attack to kill it. There is another Shadow Insect that you can reach by going up some slopes near the wall. After you kill it, go up another slope here to find a chest at the end that contains a yellow rupee.

For the last Shadow Insect in Zora's domain, go toward the glowing ice in the wall and you'll be prompted to talk to Midna. She can help you climb up the walls. Keep making your way up, and go along the path with the rupees. Continue on from there to find the Shadow Insect.

After getting the final one in Zora's Domain, Midna will say that there should be one more, but it is apparently in Lake Hylia. Warp there. After a brief cutscene, go down to the lake and go to the wooden planks in the middle. Use your senses to see the giant insect, the Twilit Bloat.

Twilit Bloat

Wait for Twilit Bloat to charge downward to the wooden platform you are on, and sidestep its attack. Wait for its electricity to go away, then do a jump attack to latch onto it, and keep hitting the attack button until it falls. Eventually, it will fall into the water on its back. Jump onto it and charge up an attack to hit all of the Bloat's tentacles. After you collect the final tear, a cutscene will take place.

Lake Hylia

In order to proceed, go to the pink building in the lake and pay 10 rupees to be shot by cannon up to Falbi's place. You can optionally play Flight By Fowl to get some prizes. If you don't feel like playing right now, you can leave the building and move on. If you want to play, talk to Falbi and pick up a Cucco. There is a tiered platform in the lake. If you land on top you find a chest that contains an orange rupee, worth 100 rupees. Below that, there is a chest that contains a Piece of Heart.

When you're ready to move on, if you are still in the lower area of Lake Hylia, go to the pink building and pay 10 rupees, then exit the building. Go back toward Hyrule Castle Town. Before you enter, look for the White Wolf to the north of the entrance Hyrule Castle Town. Climb up the vines onto the platform where it is, and approach it.

Hidden Skill: Back Slice

After you demonstrate the previous skill that the Hero's Spirit taught you, you need to do the Back Slice. To perform this attack, jump twice to the side, then swing your sword.

Upgrade Your Wallet

Go into Hyrule Castle Town. You can now upgrade to a bigger wallet. Find Agitha's Castle in Hyrule Castle Town and talk to her. If you have caught any bugs, give one to her and she will give you the wallet.

Visit Telma's Bar

Next, go to Telma's bar, where you saw Ilia earlier. When you get there, a cutscene will occur.

Escort the Wagon

You will now have to protect Telma's wagon. First, you can dash ahead to the bridge. When you get there, a brief cutscene will occur. Ride onto the bridge and stay to the side so you can dodge before King Bulblin can hit you. Go to the far end of the bridge to make Epona turn around, then try to shoot King Bulblin, and if he starts getting too close, start riding again so you can be ready to dodge.

Repeat this process, and if you run out of arrows, go to the end of the bridge where Telma is waiting with the wagon, and she will give you more. Shoot King Bulblin two times to make him fall off the bridge. You will receive the gate keys.

Afterward, you can dash ahead and try to shoot the three Bulblin Archers on the ledge above. If the wagon catches on fire, use the boomerang to put it out. Dash ahead to the iron gate blocking the path. Dismount and unlock the gate, then get back on your horse and kill the monsters in Hyrule Field that try to attack Telma's wagon. When you reach the next gate, dismount and unlock it, then follow the wagon into Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village

After the cutscene, the spirit of Rutela will appear. Follow her to the back of the graveyard and a hidden passage will appear. Crawl in and swim to Rutela. You will get the Zora Armor.

Now Barnes will be selling Water Bombs. Go to his shop in Kakariko Village and buy some. You can only have one type of bomb at a time, so if you have any bombs in your bomb bag, you can stand on the other rug in front of the counter to sell those to Barnes, then go back to the other rug to buy the Water Bombs.

When you are ready, go back to Lake Hylia (there is a shortcut underwater in the hidden cave in Kakariko Graveyard where you got the Zora Armor) and swim to the bottom using the Zora Armor, or use the Iron Boots to get to the bottom. There is an area under the water with some Zoras swimming around. Place a water bomb on the air vent in this area to make more bubbles come up, then place another bomb and it will float up and destroy the rock that is blocking the entrance to the Lakebed Temple. Go through the new passage.