Snowpeak Ruins

After following the Reekfish scent to Yeto, you slide down to his home in the Snowpeak Ruins.

Get a Poe Soul

In the first room, you can transform into a wolf to get a Poe's soul.

Get the Map

Then go straight across the ice and go through the door across from where you entered. Talk to Yeta, who tells you that the mirror is locked in a bedroom on the third floor. Yeta gives you a map of the mansion, shows you where the key to the bedroom is, and asks you to bring the key to her. She shows you which door to go through from this room, so go through that door.

Get Ooccoo

You find Yeto in the kitchen. You can go up to the soup pot and use an empty bottle on it to get Simple Soup, which recovers two hearts. You can also find Ooccoo in a jar in the south end of this room.

Get a Key

When you are ready, go out through the north door of the kitchen.

In this room, there is a sliding block puzzle. Go to the metal block that is near the switch, and slide it past the switch. Then go to the other metal block and slide it into the ice pillar in the corner, then push it toward the switch. Then push it so it hits the other metal block, and finally push it onto the switch.

Go through the door that unlocks.

Transform into a wolf and dig through the snow near the crack in the wall. Walk farther into the area and a cutscene will show you the locked door. Human Link will sink in the deeper snow here, but Wolf Link can stand on it without sinking in. In this area, you can see the top of a treasure chest buried in the snow. As a wolf, dig there, then open that chest to get a small key.

Get an Ordon Pumpkin

Go through the nearby door. The Mini-Freezards here will freeze you if you touch them. Go through the hallway and unlock the door at the end.

In this room, kill the Mini-Freezards, then go through the northern door that opened.

A cutscene will show you a treasure chest. Go up to the door that leads to the chest, and some Chilfos appear. Kill them to open the doors in this room. Go through the door to reach the treasure chest that you saw earlier, and open it to get an Ordon Pumpkin.

Deliver the Pumpkin

Go through the southern door, then climb over the wooden barrier and go through the door across from the barrier. You will be back in the kitchen with Yeto. Talk to him and he takes the Ordon Pumpkin. If you scoop some soup into an empty bottle now, it will recover four hearts when used.

Get the Compass

Go through the door leading to Yeta's room and talk to her. She marks a different room on your map, and a door in this room opens. Go through that door, kill the wolfos, then look for an open window in the wall that has the locked gate in it. Climb through that window, then go through the door beyond.

Kill the Freezards here, then pick up the cannonball farther ahead. Carry it through the room. You can throw it at the Freezards to kill them quickly. When you reach the cannon at the end of the path, walk onto the wooden platform at the end of the cannon and face the hole, and press the button when prompted, to insert the cannonball. Then put a bomb into the hole. After the cannon shoots the cannonball, go to the corner where the cannonball landed, and you will find a chest that contains more bombs.

Take the cannonball back to the cannon and put it in, then go to the side of the cannon and grab hold of it to rotate it until it points south. Then put a bomb into it to destroy the ice walls. Go through the south door.

In this room, you can use arrows or the clawshot to knock the mini-Freezards off of the rafters. Carefully make your way along the rafters, but beware of the icy patches, which will make you slide forward a short distance. There are also Ice Keese outside of the windows that will fly in and attack. Jump across the rafters to avoid the icy patches, and open the small chest in the middle, then open the big chest in the corner to get the Compass. Then go north and you can use the Clawshot on the target next to the door. Go through the door.

Get a Second Key

In the room with the ice floor, go through the side door, then climb out the window to reach the center courtyard. Dig in the snow as Wolf Link to find a chest that contains a key.

Reach the Mini-Boss

Use the key on the nearby locked gate. In this area, pull down the lever next to the gate, then put a metal ball into the thing next to the lever. Go back through the gate, and pull down on the lever next to it on the outside. The metal ball will roll to you. Take it and put it into the cannon in the middle of the area, then put a bomb into the cannon. The cannon will break a wall of ice. Go past where the ice was and open the chest to get more bombs.

Get the cannonball from where it landed near the treasure chest and put it back into the cannon, then push the bar on the side of the cannon to rotate it to face the other direction. Put a bomb into the cannon and it will break through the Freezard, revealing a door. Go through that door.

Go to the other end of this hallway and try to go through the door at the end. It will lock, and Darkhammer will awaken.


Darkhammer will spin its ball and chain. Use the Clawshot on the ceiling behind Darkhammer, then land on the ground. The ball and chain can hit you while you are pulled up to the ceiling, so be careful about the timing. Dodge when Darkhammer throws the spiked ball, then quickly roll behind it and attack its tail. Repeat this until Darkhammer dies.

After you defeat Darkhammer, take the ball and chain.

Get Ordon Goat Cheese

Go through the door with the lamps near it. Swing the ball and chain in this room to break the ice walls. Open the chest to get Ordon Goat Cheese.

Deliver the Cheese

Go back to the outdoor courtyard, and go through the southern door to find Yeta. Talk to her, then go through the door behind Yeta and talk to Yeto to give him the cheese. The soup is now Superb Soup, which recovers 8 hearts when used.

Get a Piece of Heart

Go back and talk to Yeta, and she will put a new mark on the map. Afterward, go through the door that opens (across from the door to the kitchen). You will see a door with a metal thing next to it. Go through that door, then pull the lever of the metal thing. Push the metal block that is across from the door, then go past it and pick up a metal ball and take it to the metal thing next to the door where you entered the room. Put the ball into the metal scoop, then go through the door, then pull the lever in the metal thing next to the door to make the ball roll into this room. Before you take the ball, go to the ice wall and break it with the ball and chain. Then try walking up the ramp and you will see a Freezard in the cage. Avoid the cold breath and keep going up the slope to find the hole in the cage. Throw the ball and chain through it to hit the Freezard. It will break into mini-Freezards. Kill them, then go up the slope and you will encounter another Freezard. Kill it the same way.

At the top of the slope, break through the ice wall to find a cannon. Then turn toward the wooden floor and hit it with the ball and chain to break a hole in it. Fall into that hole to find a chest. Open it to get a Piece of Heart. Then use the Clawshot to go back up through the hole in the ceiling.

Get a Third Key

Open the door near the cannon, and use the ball and chain to kill the Chillfos. Then break the large chunk of ice across from the windows. Hit the hanging platform with the ball and chain, then jump on it while it's swinging, to reach the chest on the far side of the room. Open it to get a small key. Then use the clawshot on the wall target that was behind the chunk of ice. Exit the room.

Get a Second Piece of Heart

Go straight ahead, to the area with the wooden floor, and open the locked door here. Use the ball and chain to break the ice, revealing a Clawshot target that can be used as a shortcut to return to this area from the first room of the dungeon.

If you have bombs and arrows, you can use bomb arrows to kill the Chillfos on the ledge across the way. Hit the hanging platform with the ball and chain, then jump onto it. Look south and hit the hanging platform there, and make your way along these hanging platforms to reach the chest to the south. It contains a Piece of Heart.

Get a Second Poe Soul

From the lower level, go up the stairs on the side of the room and use the Clawshot target that you revealed by breaking the ice, then use the ball and chain to make the hanging platform swing again. Go across to the far ledge and go through the door there.

Use the ball and chain to kill the mini-Freezards. Then break the ice blocks in the wall to reveal a poe lantern. Switch to Wolf Link to kill the poe and get its soul.

Get a Fourth Key

Go through the north door, then find the metal block and push it to make it fall to the lower floor. Go down to the lower floor as well. Use the ball and chain to break the ice that is covering the switch in the middle of the floor, and break the ice around the metal block that is covered in ice.

Push the southernmost block to the north, then go to the block that is near the one you just pushed. Push it south, then push it into the other metal block, then push it north. Go to the northernmost block and push it in the direction of center courtyard on the map, then push it south, then push it into the metal block, then push it north to land on the switch in the center of the ice.

Climb up on the metal block in the north corner of the room, and make your way up the crates to the upper level. Go through the door in the wall across from the windows.

Kill the Chillfos that is standing on the broken wall nearby. Then jump onto that wall and kill the two Chillfos up ahead. Beyond the nearby broken wall, there is a Clawshot target. Use it and go through the door there.

Break the nearby ice with the ball and chain, then hit the nearby hanging platform with the ball and chain to make it swing. Jump on it when it is close, then hit the next hanging platform and jump onto it when it is close. Jump off on the other side and open the chest there to get a key.

Get the Bedroom Key

After you get the key, go through the nearby door. You will be back in the room with the block sliding puzzle. Make your way to the south side of the room (staying on the upper level) and go through the door there. In the room with the icy floor and mini-Freezards, look for the locked door, and open it and go through.

Kill the two large Freezards in this room, then throw the ball and chain at the metal blocks in the wall to open a passage. Go through it and you will be in the room with the spiralling ramp, where you killed two caged Freezards earlier. Go down the ramp to the lowest level and pick up the cannonball there, or if there isn't one, go through the door and use the metal device in the wall to move a cannonball from that room to the room with the ramp.

Carry the cannonball to the cannon at the top of the spiralling ramp. Put it in the cannon, then rotate the cannon so it is pointing into the room, instead of at the icy wall. Put a bomb in. After the cannonball is shot, follow it into the room with the red carpet, where you just killed the two large Freezards. Put the cannonball into the metal thing in the wall near where it landed. Go through the door next to the metal thing, then pull down the lever to move the cannonball here. Use the ball and chain on the ice next to the door to break it and reveal a Clawshot target.

Rotate the cannon to point in the opposite direction, so that it is pointing at the large Freezard in the corner. Put a cannonball and bomb into the cannon to kill the Freezard.

Go back toward the door, but don't go through. Instead, turn to the side (not the side with the metal thing on the wall next to the door) and look for a ledge you can jump to. Follow the ledge around and you will see a ladder leading up to where you killed the Freezard a moment ago. Go up the ladder, kill the mini-Freezards, and go through the nearby door.

The doors in the room will lock when you enter. Use the ball and chain to hit the icicles in the ceiling. They are Chillfos, and if they come down before you destroy them, you have to fight them. Once they have all been killed, the doors will unlock. Go into the northern room and open the chest to get the Bedroom Key.

Go to the Dungeon Boss

Return to the central courtyard. You will find Yeta there. She will lead you to the bedroom, but she walks slowly, so you might want to just go directly up the ramp and unlock the door with the heart-shaped lock at the top.


Hit Blizzeta with the ball and chain, making it smaller and smaller. Watch out for the mini-Freezards that it shoots out.

After Blizzeta changes form, put away the ball and chain, and run around the room, watching the reflection in the ice, to avoid letting the ice chunks fall on you. Quickly use the ball and chain to try to destroy as many ice chunks as you can before they float upward again, then quickly put away the ball and chain again. The ice chunks will land in a circle around you. If you destroyed at least one, you can watch the reflection for a gap in the ice chunks, then roll out of the circle through the gap before Blizzeta lands on you. When Blizzeta lands on the ground, hit it with the ball and chain.

Repeat this process until Blizzeta is defeated.

After the cutscene, pick up the Heart Container, then approach Midna to leave Snowpeak Ruins.

Visit Telma's Bar

Visit Telma's Bar in Hyrule Castle Town. You can talk to Telma and check on the map on the table to find out where Rusl went. Warp to N. Faron Woods and go north to find Rusl. Approach him and there will be a cutscene.

Fly to the Sacred Grove

Pick up Rusl's cucco and float to the alcove in the side of the bridge to the Forest Temple. From there, float onto the large tree root up ahead. Then float to the opening in the wood across the gap. Go to the end of the path and set down the cucco, then use the Gale Boomerang to lock onto the spinning thing on top of the bridge. When you have turned the bridge, pick up the cucco and float onto the bridge. Set down the cucco and use the Gale Boomerang on the thing on top of the bridge again. Pick up the cucco and float past the first swinging piece of wood after it swings out of the way, and land on the small stone platform after it. Then float past the second swinging log. Go into the cave at the end.

Follow Skull Kid

Enter the forest, and Skull Kid will appear, summoning wooden Puppets again. Go down the paths where you see Skull Kid's lantern light. At the dead end, look behind the tree to find Skull Kid. Hit him with your sword and he will run away again.

Follow the lantern light again, and when you find Skull Kid standing on a platform in the water, shoot him with an arrow to make him run away again.

After you follow the lantern for a while longer, you will reach an area where you can't see the lantern light in any of the tunnels going out, but there are ledges you can climb to get onto the tree branch. Climb there, then look for Skull Kid standing at the top of a nearby tree. Shoot him with an arrow and he will run away again.

Keep following the lantern light until you reach an area with stone walls and platforms, where you fought Skull Kid before. He summons more Puppets. Fight them, and shoot Skull Kid with the bow and arrow whenever he blows his horn. Repeat this until Skull Kid is defeated again.

Unlock the Temple

Go through the archway that Skull Kid opened up, and go up the ramp there. Push the block with the Hyrule royal crest on it until it falls. There will be a cutscene.

Fall down where you pushed the block, then go downward into the tunnel there. Follow the path and you will reach the area with two statues side-by-side. Go through the door beyond them and walk up to the pedestal that held the Master Sword. When you are standing close enough to the pedestal, look for the "Strike" button to appear. Press that button, and a statue in the previous area will disappear.

Create a Warp Point

Go back the way you came, and five Shadow Beasts will appear, as well as a bunch of Keese. Try to kill the two Shadow Beasts that are farthest away from each other before trying to kill the rest. Otherwise you may have difficulty luring the remaining Shadow Beasts close enough to be killed simultaneously.

Enter the Temple

Go back through the opening in the stone wall and make your way up the tunnel. Climb up on the stone block that you pushed down earlier. Then go where the statue disappeared, and open the door there and watch the cutscene.

Go straight ahead and you will find the pedestal where you can Strike with the Master Sword like before. Do it, then watch the cutscene, and go up the stairs that appeared. Go through the door at the end to enter the Temple of Time.