Death Mountain

After gathering the Tears of Light in Kakariko Village, you can continue on to Death Mountain.

Up Death Mountain

Kill the Shadow Beasts. This time there are four. Kill all but the two that stay close together, then use the energy field to kill the two that are close together.

Kill the remaining insects here. You will have to get up on a ledge and get Midna's help to jump higher, but be sure to wait for the hot air vent to stop before you jump. Keep going farther up until you have found all of the insects.

A cutscene will occur as soon as you have collected all of the tears of light.

After the cutscene, go north and through the tunnel to Death Mountain. Climb up the netting and walk toward the Goron. He will roll toward you, and you can try to grab him the way that you grabbed the runaway goats in Ordon, but the Goron will still knock you off of the ledge.

After this, go back to the village. Renado will be waiting for you there. When you talk to him, he tells you that Mayor Bo of Ordon was able to win a contest of strength against the Gorons. Renado asks you to go back to Ordon Village and talk to Bo.

Go south into Kakariko Village. A cutscene will occur. You will jump onto Epona's saddle, but you need to hold on while Epona runs. Follow the on screen instructions. Eventually Epona will calm down. You can now ride south to Hyrule Field. You will need Epona to jump over the metal fence.

South of the bridge, there is a slope that leads up to an area with a fence that overlooks a gorge. There is a spire of rock in the gorge that has a piece of heart on top of it. Use the boomerang to get it.

Continue going south to reach Faron Woods. Go to the Ordon Spring (past the suspended bridge) to find the golden wolf. Approach him and you can learn another Hidden Skill from the armored ghost. Follow the instructions to proceed to learning the new skill. Then lock on to him and wait for the screen to say that you can do a shield attack, then do it, and use a regular sword attack after.

Afterward, continue going south to reach Ordon Village. Go south to Mayor Bo's house and there will be a cutscene. Say Yes when Bo asks you to keep his secret. Then you can say Yes to learn more about sumo wrestling. You can grab your opponent, or hit a fleeing opponent, or sidestep an attack.

Next, you will practice. Once you succeed, you will have another practice round. Afterward, open the chest behind Bo. You will get the Iron Boots.

You can get a piece of heart if you herd the goats in under three minutes. Just ride Epona to the ranch and talk to Fado a couple of times to start herding goats.

Talk to everyone in the village, as well as Fado at the ranch, to let them know that the children are safe. (You can talk to Uli to find out where Rusl is.)

Go into your house and climb down a ladder to reach a dark basement. Use your lantern to light up the room, then open the chest to get a purple rupee. If you don't have room for it in your wallet, you will just put it back so you can come and get it later.

Now go back to Kakariko Village. When you arrive, there will be a cutscene. Ride north and jump over the metal gate at the north end of town.

Catch up with King Bulblin and hit him with your sword. You can also hit the Bulblin archers to stop them from shooting fire arrows at you.

After you hit King Bulblin enough times, you will go to a bridge. Stay to one side, but quickly dodge before King Bulblin can crash into you, and hit him with your sword as he goes past. After you hit him enough times, he will fall off.

After the cutscene, find Malo's shop. There are pictures of Malo on the building. Buy a Hylian Shield from him if you can afford it. If not, you can go to the Kakariko Graveyard and kill all of the birds in the trees to make a bunch of rupees appear. After you get the Hylian Shield, be sure to go into your inventory and equip it.

Go to Death Mountain. Climb up the net and put on your iron boots, then walk toward the Goron. When the Goron starts rolling, step side to side to make sure that the Goron will roll directly at you, then grab the Goron (be sure to hold the button) before it can hit you. If you do it correctly, you will throw the Goron off of the ledge.

Take off your iron boots and continue along the path. More Gorons will roll at you, so put your boots back on to grab and throw them as well.

Eventually you will reach the area with hot air vents. There are some Bokoblin archers in this area. Use your slingshot or boomerang to get rid of them.

Then continue along the path, avoiding the hot air vents and the flaming rocks that start falling. Eventually there will be a cutscene where you see the Gorons that are guarding Death Mountain. When you are in this area, be sure to watch out for shadows on you. If you see one, run away to avoid the flaming rocks. Make your way north and a large rock will fall from the mountain.

Go up to a Goron and Shield Attack it, then hit it with your sword to make it roll up. Then stand on it, face the direction you want to go, and wait for it to launch you upward. Do the same with other Gorons to go farther up. When walking past hot air vents, you can put on the iron boots to walk past without getting knocked off.

Keep going upward this way until you get into the top of the mountain.

Put your iron boots on and walk toward the Gorons. Say Yes when Gor Coron asks if you will challenge him. You will have to defeat him in sumo wrestling. He is a more challenging opponent than Mayor Bo.

After you defeat Gor Coron, he will explain the situation and allow you to go into the mines.