Western Woods

All about Maple

Go north from the dungeon entrance and you might probaby encounter Maple. This young witch will appear in certain screens each time you kill a certain number of enemies. Bump into her and the two of you will drop some items.

The items that you can drop are just seeds from your satchel, bombs, recovery hearts, and rupees. You can't drop anything else when Maple bumps into you. Your rings, Gasha Seeds, Pieces of Heart, and Potions are safe.

If she drops a Piece of Heart, pick it up first, because she only has one, and it's very rare that she drops it. She can also drop Gasha Seeds, rings, and Magic Potions. You can only carry one Magic Potion at a time, and it fully heals you if you run out of health.

After she steals enough of your stuff, she will upgrade her broom to a vacuum cleaner, which is faster. If you're playing a Linked Game, she can upgrade to a Flying Saucer, which is much faster.

Help the Ghost and Get the Poe Clock

After dealing with Maple, go west one screen to find the Ghost at the tree. Pick up the rock and talk to it. It wants to go back under the grave, so push the grave up and go down the stairs. Talk to the ghost, who will leave to continue on to the afterlife. Go upstairs and talk to it again, and the ghost will make an unsettling comment about the afterlife and give you the Poe Clock. This is the first item in a long trading quest.

Get a Piece of Heart

Go east, then north. In a Linked Game, you will see a Ghini near Syrup's Hut in the graveyard. You can talk to it to get a secret that you can use in Oracle of Seasons. See Linked Game Differences for details. After you get the item in Oracle of Seasons with this secret, you can go into the door in the Maku Tree's trunk in Labrynna and tell Farore the secret you learned in Oracle of Seasons (answer Yes to her question to start the process), and you will get the corresponding item.

Go west from there and follow the path through the graveyard gate. Go south down the small flight of stairs and go to the soft soil to plant a Gasha Seed if you have one. Then go south and pick up the rock to get the Piece of Heart here.

Go to the Western Woods

Go back to where you burned the trees to enter Yoll Graveyard. To exit the graveyard, burn the tree with an Ember Seed and exit west.

Go to town and talk to Vasu to get any rings appraised that you might have. The rings from the Spirit's Grave are the Power Ring L-1 and the Discovery Ring.

Go west from the Black Tower entrance. Lift the rock and go west, then south. These are the Western Woods, also known as the Fairies' Woods.

Make your way into the woods, fighting monsters along the way. When there is a fork in the path, go left. Then go north to find three fairies.

Find the Fairies

When the fairies hide, they will cast a spell on the forest that makes you show up in different screens depending on where you go.

First Fairy

From the screen where you first encountered the fairies, go right, then left again. Cut the lower left bush to find the first fairy.

Second Fairy

From the screen with the bushes in the diamond shape with water between two trees go east, north, south, and north. Pick up the rock to find the second fairy.

Third Fairy

From the screen where you picked up the rock that has two trees in the middle and a rock and three bushes, go left, then down. Cut the bushes to find the final fairy.

Find the Ancient Cave

The spell on the woods is lifted and you'll no longer end up in unexpected places.

Go east from where you ended up after finding the fairies. You will find a structure made of stone. The sign says that this ancient cave crumbles easily. Pick up the rock, and sure enough, the cave crumbles right before your eyes.

The Maku Tree tells you to see if there is anything helpful in Nayru's House. You can walk around the pile of rubble and go north for a quick way out of the woods.

Go to Nayru's House

Go to Nayru's house, which is northeast of Lynna City. Impa will be looking at the statue and wondering if there is a hidden room. Push the statue to the left and go up behind the thing on the wall. Go down the stairs and you will see a glowing item on an altar. Pick it up.

You will receive the Harp of Ages and learn the Tune of Echoes. This tune will activate dormant time portals, allowing you to travel back and forth in time.

Go outside and the Maku Tree tells you to go to the past and visit the cave that crumbled when you picked up the rock.

Equip the Harp of Ages and play the Echo Tune. The tile to the left of Nayru's House becomes a Time Portal. Step onto it to go to the past.

Go Back to the Western Woods

Back in Lynna Village, go into the house to the west of the Shooting Gallery and Shop. The postman is here. Give him the Poe Clock and he will give you some Stationery.

Go to the small house on the west side of town and walk up to the hole on the right. The hand wants some paper, so give it the Stationery. It will give you the Stink Bag. Eww... It stinks!

Pick up the rocks on the west side of town near the Black Tower, then go west and continue into the woods, also known as the Deku Forest in the past.

Deku Forest

When you first enter the woods, there is a tree on the right side of the screen. Use the exit below this tree. (If you use the exit above it, you reach some stairs that lead to a dead end, so don't bother going there.)

As you go through the forest, you'll find a bunch of people around, and as you talk to them you will learn that in order to proceed, you need to find the Mystery Seeds tree and give the seeds to Queen Ambi in exchange for some bombs.

Find Mystery Seeds

The cave that crumbled in the present day is still standing the past, but it is blocked by a cracked wall. Go west from the cave to reach a screen with a boy and an old man. Go to the right of the old man and go north. You will find two rocks blocking a staircase. Lift the rocks and go down the stairs.

Fight off the keese and zol, then push down the rock that is to the right of the chest. Then go to the rocks in the square formation and push the upper-left one to the left, and the lower-left one down.

There are hardhat beetles up ahead that can't be harmed with the sword, but you can bump them off of the edge into the hole with the sword or shield, so try that. Then go around to the chest, but be careful of the green Zol that pops up next to it. Push the leftmost block down and the push the block in front of the chest to the right. Open the chest to receive a Gasha Seed.

Go back up and outside. Go south to the screen with the boy and old man, then go to the left side and exit to the north. The soldier will warn you that there are monsters ahead.

Go to the left and there will be some Moblins. Go south. In the screen with the Moblin and small tree, if you're playing a Linked Game, you find a Deku Scrub. Talk to it to get a secret that you can use in Oracle of Seasons. See Linked Game Differences for details. After you get the item in Oracle of Seasons with this secret, you can go into the door in the Maku Tree's trunk in Labrynna and tell Farore the secret you learned in Oracle of Seasons (answer Yes to her question to start the process), and you will get the corresponding item.

Burn the tree (in the southwest corner of the Deku Forest) and go down the stairs. Go to the right to get the Piece of Heart.

Go back outside and exit to the left. Don't bother buying a shield from the Deku Scrub in the lower left corner. It's too expensive. Burn the small tree out of your way and exit north.

Up ahead, don't bother buying the 30 rupee shield. It's still too expensive. Continue on and lift the rocks and go down the stairs.

Go to the left, fighting off Keese and a red Zol to reach the chest. Remove the rock and open the chest to get 30 rupees. If you want to buy a shield, go left from the chest, pushing the hardhat beetles off the edge, to go up some stairs. There is a red Zol and a Deku Scrub. The Scrub will sell you a shield for 10 rupees, which is a good price, so buy it if you don't have a shield. The path to the south is a dead end, so go downstairs.

Back downstairs, go east from the chest, then south. The bush in the corner contains a spiny beetle, so kill it with your sword and continue on to reach the stairs going up. Outside, kill the spiny beetle in the bush and then go south to find the Mystery Seed tree. If you want to, you can use a Mystery Seed on the owl statue to make it talk to you. It just says to feed it Mystery Seeds.

Hand Over the Mystery Seeds

Go back the way that you came. When you reach the first Deku Scrub that you passed, a soldier will arrive and take you to Queen Ambi. She will take all of your Mystery Seeds. In return, Ambi will give you bombs.

Return to the Western Woods and find the screen with the cave that is blocked by the cracked wall. Take out a bomb then drop it in front of the broken wall to open it up. Go inside to find yourself in Wing Dungeon.