The Black Tower

Before continuing, you should get the Blue Ring from the Sea of No Return if you haven't already. Read about it at the bottom of the Ancient Tomb page. Then go to the Maku Tree in the present to receive the Huge Maku Seed.


The Black Tower

When you're ready, go to the past and go to the southwest corner of Lynna Village, where you can enter the Black Tower. There you will find Ralph, who is determined to defeat Queen Ambi in order to defeat Veran. As you continue south, Nayru and Impa will arrive and tell you that Ralph is a descendant of Queen Ambi, so you have to ensure that Queen Ambi survives so Ralph won't disappear.

Continue to the entrance of the Tower. Inside, a worker will warn of beasts and mazes. Go east from the worker (going north just leads to a dead end full of Ropes) and continue around the path, fighting monsters such as Gels, Blue Octoroks, Tektites, and Moblins, to reach the stairs to the level above.

On the next level you will find Shrouded Stalfos, Beamos, Gibdos, Like Likes, and Red Darknuts on the way to the next set of stairs.

Above that are Red Darknuts, Blue Darknuts, Green Wizzrobes, Blue Darknuts, and Red Wizzrobes.

In the next room, there will be three doors, but you will automatically go up to them with the Huge Maku Seed, and the Essences will combine their power to reveal the true path. Go inside to the Black Tower Turret.

Black Tower Turret

This is a maze of staircases. There are wizzrobes and darknuts. You may need to use bombs to get rid of the darknuts. To get past the maze, do the following:

  1. Go up the stairs in the middle of the left wall.
  2. Walk straight up onto the next set of stairs.
  3. Go right and up and left to use the stairs in the top-left corner.
  4. Go downward and use the first set of stairs you pass.
  5. Go right, ignoring the first set of stairs you pass, then go up and use the stairs at the end of the path.
  6. Go downward and use the stairs there (not the ones in the top-right)
  7. Use the stairs in the middle of the north wall.
  8. Walk straight down to use the stairs in the middle of the room.

You will arrive in a room full of staircases. Wait for the flames to move out of the way before proceeding. In this room full of staircases, only one of them goes to the correct place. The correct stairs are the ones to the left of the bottom-right corner.

Upstairs, the pots may contain fairies, so be sure to collect those, then go up the stairs at the north end of the room.

You find yourself in a large area with many enemies around. Your destination is directly north from where you are. First go south. Then you can either go east, then north, or west, then north. Whichever way you go, you'll encounter Blue Lynels, then a Ball and Chain soldier. Get past those to go to the door in the middle of the north wall.

You'll see a brief confrontation between Ralph and Ambi/Veran. Go north to start the final battle!


Possessed Ambi Form

This battle is very similar to the one that you fought against the possessed Nayru, but Ambi moves more quickly and shoots more fireballs. She can also send spiders to attack you. Shoot Mystery Seeds at Ambi to separate Veran from her body, then use the long hook to pull Veran away. Hit Veran with your sword. Eventually Ambi will be free of Veran's control and will run out of the room to safety.

Fairy Veran

Next, Veran turns into a fairy-like creature and creates four Dark Links. Just hit Veran if she comes near you. The Dark Links move in the opposite direction from you, just like Arm-Mimics. You can defeat them more easily if you go to a corner to make them all go to the same spot, then go toward the middle of the room and attack them all at once. They drop recovery hearts.

When Fairy Veran is defeated, Nayru and Ralph will arrive and you'll head back toward the village, but Veran will attack once more.

Veran Phase 2

In this stage of battle, Veran will switch between forms.

Beetle Veran

She will jump up and try to crush you. Stay away from the area below her to avoid damage. When she reveals her face, hit her repeatedly with your sword.

Spider Veran

Avoid the webs that Veran shoots at you. Throw bombs at her, and hit her when she reveals her face.

Bee Veran

Just hit her when she flies near, or use the seed shooter to hit her from a distance. Avoid the stingers that she shoots at you. She might send smaller bees at you, which you can kill to obtain recovery hearts.

Linked Game

If you're playing a Linked Game, you will now be sent to the Room of Rites.

The End

Congratulations! Now enjoy watching the credits, and if you're not playing a Linked Game, be sure to make a note of the Secret to Holodrum password shown at the end so you can start a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons!