Room of Rites

If you are playing a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages (a game that you started by inputting a Secret to Labrynna password obtained by beating Oracle of Seasons), then the Room of Rites is where you are sent after defeating Veran. There you will face the true final bosses of Oracle of Ages.

Eye of Deceit

Go north from the Room of Rites entrance. Wait for the statues' eyes to stop spinning, then go in the direction that none of the statues is looking in. You will go through about seven rooms this way.

Eventually you reach a room where the statues have no eyes. Just go north here. Then approach Zelda.

Koume and Kotake

To defeat these two, knock the fireballs at the blue one (Kotake) and knock the ice balls at the red one (Koume). After you have hit them enough times, they merge to become Twinrova.


The merged Twinrova will switch between three forms: fire, ice, and both.


While Twinrova is in fire form, the floor will have lava pits. You have to hit Twinrova with your sword to damage her, but hitting her knocks you back, which puts you at risk of falling in the lava. If you have the Steadfast Ring, use it to prevent getting knocked back.

Whenever Twinrova is briefly a mix of both colors, and the floor has lava pits, hit Twinrova with Mystery Seeds.


Use the Snowshoe Ring if you have it to prevent sliding on the ice. Hit Twinrova with your sword. You can hit the ice balls with your sword to prevent them from hitting you.

Whenever Twinrova is briefly a mix of both colors, and the floor has ice, hit Twinrova with Ember Seeds.


After Twinrova is defeated, Ganon attacks. If you have the Noble Sword (L-2), you have to use spin attacks to damage him. With the Master Sword (L-3), you can just hit him with no need to spin attack. Biggoron's Sword doesn't work on Ganon.

If Ganon is holding his trident when he appears, use a Pegasus Seed to run away quickly so you don't get hit by the trident.

Sometimes Ganon shoots three medium fireballs, which are hard to dodge if you are standing near Ganon. Sometimes Ganon shoots four small fireballs, which then each split into three. There are safe gaps diagonally from Ganon.

Phase 2

After a while, Ganon starts teleporting multiple times before stopping. He will sometimes absorb energy after a teleport, which means that he is about to jump and then crash into the ground. Be sure to jump before he lands, or you will be stunned by the shockwave. Ganon then throws a large fireball in your direction. If you didn't get stunned, be sure to run out of the path of the large fireball.

If the screen turns blue and has flashing diamonds, this means that the controls are reversed, so you have to press left to go right, press up to go down, and so on. When this happens, Ganon slowly walks toward you while shooting fireballs. Carefully hit him while dodging the fireballs and using the backward controls until the diamond floor goes back to normal.

After Ganon is defeated, go to the southeast corner of the room and go up the stairs, then check on Zelda.

The End

Congratulations! You defeated Ganon! Enjoy the full Oracle of Ages ending!

Afterward, be sure to make a note of the Hero's Secret. If you want to experience the non-Linked version of Ages (rather than the Linked version that you just finished), use the Hero's Secret to start a new game of Ages. This starts a game with the Triforce symbol on it. Rather than starting from scratch, you'll start with four hearts instead of three, you'll have the Victory Ring in your list, and you can use the Ring Secret from any game to bring all of your rings to the Hero's game. This makes it easier to collect all 64 rings.