Meet the Maku Tree

From the screen where Veran appeared and possessed Nayru, go south three screens. Use the sword to cut the bushes on the left and go into Lynna City.

Lynna City

Go north from the shop and go into the house with the ring symbol on it.


Talk to the man in the ring shop. He is Vasu. If you're not playing a Linked Game, he will give you a Ring Box and an unidentified ring. Have Vasu appraise the ring. It's a Friendship Ring.

Vasu doesn't charge anything for this appraisal, but whenever you bring an unidentified ring to him next time, he will charge 20 rupees. If the appraised ring is a type that you already have, he will buy it for 30 rupees.

Vasu explains that you need to move your rings from the List to the Ring Box in order to wear it. He will show you the List, where you can select the Friendship Ring to put it into your ring box.

After talking to Vasu, press Start, then Select, to see the ring box at the bottom. Move the cursor to the ring and press A to equip it. As Vasu said, rings do nothing unless worn, so remember to equip your ring after you move it from the list to the ring box.

You have to talk to Vasu to see your list. Then you can move a ring into the ring box to be worn if you want. Later you can upgrade the ring box to have more rings available at one time, allowing you to equip different ones without having to return to Vasu each time.

If you're playing a Linked Game, you can talk to the red snake (on the right) to enter the Ring Secret from the red snake in Oracle of Seasons.

Lynna City Part 2

Go outside, then go north. Go into the cave to the left of the person.

Maku Road

Just go north through all of the exits to reach the Maku Tree. There are no enemies on the path right now.

The Maku Tree will introduce herself and say that you need something before you can defeat Veran. Then the Maku Tree will feel weird and will vanish.

Exit to the right. Ralph will step into the time portal. Walk onto the portal to be transported to the past.

The Past

You can go south, then west, to reach the town. The path to the Maku Tree is blocked by dirt, so you will have to find a shovel.

Get a Gasha Seed

Go into the house to the left of Ambi's Palace to get a Gasha Seed from the guy in there. There is a spot of soft soil in the screen south of his house.

You can plant Gasha Seeds in soft soil. They eventually grow into trees (after you have defeated a certain number of enemies), and there will be a Gasha Nut on the tree. You can hit the tree with your sword to knock the Gasha Nut down and open it. It will contain a random item such as a ring, potion, or other useful treasure.

Get a Shovel

Go to the southwest corner of town and go south to enter Ambi's Tower. Talk to the man blocking the entrance and he will move out of the way. There is a piece of heart here, but it's blocked by dirt, so you need to go into the tower to get a shovel, then come back to access the piece of heart.

Go into the tower and follow the path around until you find a construction worker standing next to four holes near a guard. Talk to the construction worker to receive the shovel. Don't bother going to the left, because the construction worker there will just block your path.

Instead, dig through the dirt on the right, then dig through the dirt blocking the path to the south, and exit the tower. Dig the dirt away from the Piece of Heart to get it.

Now go to the northeast corner of town, which is the same place where you found the entrance to the Maku Path in the present time. There is a man using a pickaxe here, as well as a girl and a boy. Dig through the dirt in the upper left corner of this screen to reach the Maku Path. Go inside.

Maku Road, part 2

Go up one screen. To open the locked door, push up on the block to make it go up one tile. Go through the door.

Be careful of the keese in this room and push the middle block to the side. If you make a mistake, just go to the last room and return here. Kill the keese and exit through the door on the right.

Kill all of the little red Gels in this room to unlock the doors, then go through the north exit.

Push up on the block to make it fall into the hole. Then go to the right side of the room and push up on the leftmost block. Then push the lower block to the right. Go up and step on the switch. Then go over and open the chest to get a small key.

Go back to the room with the locked door on the left side (the room that had keese in it) and walk through it to unlock it.

Before activating the switch, go to the rightmost set of blocks and push the lower left one to the right, then the one above you up, then the one on the right to the right. This reveals a set of stairs. Go down to get 30 rupees. Go back upstairs. To get out of the blocks, push the one on the right to the right, then the one south of you down, and the one right of you to the right.

To reach the switch, go to the leftmost set of blocks and push the lower right block to the left. Push the one above you up, then push the one under the switch to the left. Step on the switch and go through the door.

Get rid of the two Stalfos in here. To reach the piece of heart, push the leftmost block up, then go around to the other side of the block to your right and push it to the left.

To open the doors, push the rightmost block in any direction. Exit to the right. Go up the stairs to get outside and find the Maku Tree Sprout.

Kill the two Moblins. The Maku Tree will thank you for rescuing her. She reveals that Nayru convinced Ambi to build the Black Tower. Go south through the gate that the Maku Sprout opened for you.

A time portal has appeared in this screen, so step into it.

The Present

Go north to the Maku Tree, who has reappeared. She tells you to start in Yoll Graveyard to the east. She gives you the Seed Satchel, which is filled with Ember Seeds. You can use the seeds to burn small trees and to light torches.

You can get 30 rupees in the present day by going south from the Maku Tree and burning the small tree on the right side of the screen.

Your next stop is Yoll Graveyard.