Linked Game Differences

The Oracle games are designed so that when you beat one of the games, you can continue the storyline in the other game using a password. The second game that you play, created with a password, is called a linked game. During a linked game, you can receive passwords that unlock new items.



Both of the Oracle games (Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons) have a "Linked Game" feature. If you beat Oracle of Seasons, you receive the "Secret to Labrynna" password after watching the end credits. You can use this password to start a "linked" game of Oracle of Ages. Your linked game of Oracle of Ages will continue the storyline of Oracle of Seasons. You can also receive passwords in Linked Games that can be used to unlock new items.

Changes in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages

If you start a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages using the Secret to Labrynna password from Oracle of Seasons, the Ages game will be different in the following ways:

  • The introduction sequence continues the storyline from the end of Oracle of Seasons.
  • You start with a sword, and four heart containers.
  • Impa gives you a shield instead of a sword.
  • The Maku Path has a new cave next to it: the Hero's Cave. It's very challenging and should only be attempted after you have completed all of the dungeons. You get a good reward if you complete Hero's Cave.
  • Bipin and Blossom's Son has grown up and you can continue helping his progress.
  • Rosa the Subrosian helps you on Crescent Island.
  • You will have to complete a task in the Black Tower after returning from Crescent Island.
  • You will get the flute for the animal companion you had in Seasons.
  • You will find some Subrosians in Rolling Ridge.
  • Eventually Maple will use a flying saucer, which is faster.
  • Koume and Kotake will appear instead of the cloaked figure.
  • You can access the Sea of Storms in the present.
  • After beating the 'final' boss, there is a new final boss to defeat before you have truly completed the linked game.

About Linked Game Secrets

In a Linked Game, you can receive passwords, also known as secrets. These allow you to unlock new items in both games. Here is how it works:

  1. In a Linked Game of Ages, you can receive passwords from various people (see below).
  2. Tell the secret to the correct person in a Linked Game of Seasons to receive a new item and a second password.
  3. Go back to your Linked Game of Ages and go to the Maku Tree. Tell Farore the second password to unlock the same new item in Ages.

Secrets in Oracle of Ages

Check the following list to find out whom to talk to in Oracle of Ages to receive a password and the recipient of the secret.

When you Can Get ItSecret NameGiver of Secret in Linked Ages GameWhom to Tell the Secret To in Seasons GameReward
After Level 1 Spirit's Grave Graveyard Secret Ghini near Syrup's shop in Yoll Graveyard Dig behind flowerless grave in southwest Graveyard Heart Container
After Level 1 Spirit's Grave Deku Secret The Deku Scrub in southwest of Deku Forest The Deku Scrub west of Sunken City (in Natzu area) Can carry more seeds
After Level 2 Wing Dungeon Ruul Secret Mayor Plen's mother (in his house) Mayor Ruul Ring Box Level 3
After Level 2 Wing Dungeon Temple Secret Great Fairy in Wing Dungeon ruins Great Fairy in Temple of Seasons, behind waterfall in room where you got Rod of Seasons Heart Ring L-1
After Level 2 Wing Dungeon Pirate Secret Girl on South Shore south of Black Tower A Piratian in the house in Subrosia Can carry more bombs
After Level 4 Skull Dungeon Clock Shop Secret Woman Next to Ember Tree in South Lynna Old man in cave behind Clock Shop Master Sword
After Level 5 Crown Dungeon Biggoron Secret Goron on present-day Rolling Ridge Biggoron Biggoron's Sword
After Level 5 Crown Dungeon Smith Secret Subrosian on Rolling Ridge next to Mystery Seed Tree Subrosian in the Smithy Mirror Shield
After Level 5 Crown Dungeon Subrosian Secret Go to eastern Mystery Seed tree in past Rolling Ridge, use Tune of Currents to go to present, go north into cave and talk to Subrosian Golden Subrosian in cave west of first portal you used to arrive in Subrosia (try cutting the bushes in a circle) Bombchus
After Level 6 Mermaid's Cave Diver Secret Master Diver's pupil, north of Zora Village Master Diver, in Sunken City Swimmer's Ring