Ancient Tomb

After using the Tokay Eyeball on the Crescent Island statue, you find the Ancient Tomb.


Get a Key

Go north, and go to the top-left corner of the room and push the upper-left statue up or down. Bomb the wall behind where it was and go through.

Watch out for Wallmasters in this room. Bomb the cracked blocks to get a key from the chest and open the locked door to the south.

Get the Map

Put the stone diamond onto one of the switches, use the cane of somaria to put a block on another of the switches, and stand on a switch while using the seed shooter to light the torch in the top-right corner of the room. Go down the stairs that appear.

Go north, then use the rotating device to go west. Kill all the Ghinis, then push the blue block to reveal some stairs (the block won't move unless the Ghinis are gone). Go down. Get the map from the chest and go back up.

Get a Second Key

Exit to the north and open the chest to get a key.

Get the Compass

Go back the way you came, using the rotating device on the way. There is a key block to the right of the stairs that you came down to reach this floor. Unlock this key block and exit east.

Use the rotating device and exit to the south. In the room with the ghinis, go up onto the ledge and exit north, then west. There is a crystal switch in this room. Hit it, then go east, south, then west and open the chest to get the compass.

Get a Third Key

Go back to the crystal switch and turn it blue, then return to the room where you got the compass and use the northwest exit.

Exit to the west and kill the red Darknuts, then bomb the wall to the south and go through.

Use a pegasus seed to run past the blade traps and get the key from the chest in the northeast corner of this room. Exit this room the way you came in.

Get a Fourth Key

Go east, then go to the north part of the room and use the long switch to switch places with a stone diamond on the right. Follow the path around and use the long switch on another stone diamond.

In the room with the Ghinis, exit to the east and use the rotating device to go north. Step on the switch to the left to create a shortcut. Exit to the north.

Kill the stalfos that is holding the key, then get the key.

Get the Power Glove

Go back south. Use the rotating device from above, then use the stairs to use it from above again and go east this time.

Go south, then go into the rotating device from the north to go east.

Avoid the ropes and beamos, and go through the locked door to the south.

Go through the tile puzzle in the following order:

74 xx xx 45 44 01 02 13 14 15 16
73 72 71 46 43 xx 03 12 11 xx 17
xx 69 70 47 42 05 04 xx 10 19 18
67 68 xx 48 41 06 07 08 09 20 21
66 65 xx 49 40 39 xx 25 24 23 22
xx 64 63 50 xx 38 37 26 27 28 xx
60 61 62 51 52 53 36 35 xx 29 30
59 58 57 56 55 54 xx 34 33 32 31

Open the chest to get the Power Glove. It allows you to pick up the large blue sarcophagi that you have seen in the Ancient Tomb and outside of it. You can still use it to pick up smaller objects as well.

Get a Gasha Seed

Go north, then kill any Ropes in the beamos room and exit west to where there is a rotating device, which should make you go north. In the next room, go west. You reach the other rotating device. Use it to go south. You will have to use the stairs in the upper-left corner of the room to repeatedly use the device until you can enter it from the left side when it is blue. Go south from this rotating device, go past the stairs in the next room, and you will reach the other rotating device again. It will make you go north. Go west to the rotating device again, which makes you go south. Follow the path to the other rotating device again and it should make you go south this time.

In the next room, go west. If the blue blocks are down, go east, then north on the ledge, and hit the crystal switch, then go south, then west, then use the northwest exit. Go up the stairs and exit west, then use the power glove on the blue sarcophagus that is blocking the chest. It contains a Gasha Seed.

Reach the Mini-Boss

Go east, then go up to the top of the room and use the long switch to go to the ledge on the right side. Go north, then use the long switch on the ledge on the left. Go west, down the stairs, then east to where the rotating device is. Use it to exit east. Go through the locked door in the north wall.

Use the Power Glove to lift the sarcophagus, then exit east.

Use the southeast exit.

Stand on the red area and hit the crystal switch, then go north. Walk on top of the red blocks and jump across to go through the northwest exit.

Follow the path until you reach some stairs in the northwest corner of the room. Go down.

Go east from this room until you reach the mini-boss: Blue Stalfos.

Blue Stalfos

Hit the round orbs of energy back at Blue Stalfos to turn it into a bat. Then hit the bat repeatedly with your sword. Avoid the pointy energy balls, because they explode into smaller pieces that will hurt you if they hit you. You can't knock the pointy ones back. If a round energy orb hits you, you turn into a crawling baby for a while and can't use items, and you have to wait until you transform back to normal.

Get a Fifth Key

Go south from the blue stalfos room, then go west. In the room with the five blue blocks, go west. Use the long switch on the stone diamond, then go north. Be careful of the Green Zols to the left and exit west.

Go around the room and use the stone diamond to reach the lower level. Go north.

Carefully avoid the spinning blade traps to get the key from the chest at the top of the room. Then exit to the east.

Get the First Slate

Open the chest on the pedestal to receive the first Slate. Exit to the southeast.

Get the Second Slate

Drop down and exit east. Follow the path back to the room with the five blocks, and exit to the south.

Go west from the room with the pedestal and slots, then south. Unlock the key block and go west, then south. Pull the wall handle to make the lava disappear, then run to the right and exit east. Open the chest to get the second slate.

Get the Boss Key

From where you got the second slate, use the stairs to exit north. Then go east and jump off the ledge. Pick up the bottom left sarcophagus and go down the stairs.

Push the bottom block left, then push the block above you up. Use the long hook on the stone diamond above you to reach the chest. Get the boss key.

Get Another Gasha Seed

Use the long hook on a lower stone diamond to go back to the lower part of the room. Go east, then find the stairs in the northeast corner of the room. Go up.

Push the block all the way down, then left. This should unlock the gate. Jump over the gap to reach the mine cart and walk into it.

Avoid the tiles in this room and open the chest to get a Gasha Seed.

Get the Third Slate

After getting the Gasha Seed, exit south. Use Pegasus Seeds to avoid the blade traps, then press the switch in the top right of the room. This will move the wall. Exit east.

The ice floor in this room is slippery. Kill the ball and chain knight. Try using bombs against it. Then exit north. Open the chest to get the third slate.

Get the Fourth Slate

Use the mine cart to exit west, then use the next mine cart to exit west again.

Exit north, then use Ember Seeds on the Candleheads to kill them. Go through the east door that opens.

Get past the Gibdos, then go to the north wall of this room and down the stairs.

Kill the Barinades in this room to open the door. Exit north. Go north again, then go to the right side of the room and swim around the currents to exit south. Avoid getting pulled into the pits.

In the next room, swim against the current to use the upper east exit. In the next room, be careful of the currents and swim to the northeast corner of the room. Go down the stairs.

Swim west and go up the hole on the left side of the room. Step on the switch to create a shortcut. Then go back down the stairs. Now swim east to the bottom-right corner of the room and exit east, then swim up the hole on the right. Get the slate from the chest.

Reach the Boss

Go back down the stairs. Swim west, then go to the far left side of the room and go up the hole there. Exit west, then south, and push on the holes in the pedestal to put the slates into each slot, then go down the stairs the appear.

Go down the ladder and jump to the right side of the room to go down the ladder there.

Go east. Break the crystal with your sword, then bomb the cracked block, then shoot an ember seed at the torch to make a bridge appear. Use the power glove to pick up the blue sarcophagus. Go through the boss door.


First Phase

In the first phase of battle, Ramrock will throw its fists at you. Stay relatively close to Ramrock, and use your sword to knock the fists into Ramrock's body while avoiding getting hit by the fists. After you hit him three times with his fists, the battle will go into the next phase.

Second Phase

Ramrock will fly around smashing his hands together. Run to the back of the room to lure Ramrock that way, then when he stops, go to the south wall. Wait for Ramrock to stop again and then quickly stand in front of him and throw a bomb between his hands, then repeat the process of luring it to the top of the room and then going down to throw the bomb from below. After you make three bombs explode on him, he goes into the third form.

Third Phase

Ramrock will stay at the top of the screen, moving from side to side. Occasionally he will shoot lasers from his eyes and throw energy balls at you. Stay relatively close to Ramrock, then shoot a seed at the back wall when Ramrock is coming toward you. If you time it correctly, you should be able to hit Ramrock from behind by bouncing seeds off of the back wall. After about four hits with seeds, he goes into the fourth and final phase.

Fourth Phase

Ramrock's hands will be replaced with ball and chains. Avoid them when Ramrock throws them at you. When he throws one at you, run up to the one that he did not throw, and use the power glove to pick it up and pull it toward the south wall, then let go of it. It will spring back and hit Ramrock. After hitting him three times this way, he will die.

Get the Essence

Go west and get the final essence. Afterward, the Maku Tree will say that she can create something to help you, and will ask you to visit her in the present.

Get the Blue Ring

Before leaving the Ancient Tomb, drop down to the lower level, then go east, south, west, then use the southeast exit. Pick up the blue sarcophagus to find a chest that contains a ring. This is the Blue Ring, which reduces all damage by 1/2. It's possibly the best ring in the game!

Visit the Maku Tree

Use a Gale Seed to go to a warp point in the past. Then use the Tune of Ages to go to the present, and use a Gale Seed to go to South Lynna. Visit the Maku Tree in the present to receive the Huge Maku Seed. The evil Twinrova will make an appearance and tell you that there is no hope.

In a Linked Game, there will be a special cut scene now.

If you are playing a Linked Game, you can optionally go into the Hero's Cave, which is one screen south from the Maku Tree, on the right. If you complete it, you get the L-3 Armor Ring, which reduces the sword damage you inflict, but also reduces the damage that you take from enemies.

Your next step is to go to the Black Tower and fight Veran.