Crescent Island

Find Soft Soil

After you exit the Western Woods after finishing Wing Dungeon, hop over the gap to the north. Go to the east and go around the path to find four rocks in a diamond shape. You might encounter Maple here. Pick up one of the rocks and dig a hole in the center with the shovel to reveal soft soil. Plant a Gasha Seed here if you wish.

Get a Piece of Heart

Then go southwest and follow the path to find a door. Go in. Jump around to the right, then use the Power Bracelet to lift the upper left pot and get the Piece of Heart.

Meet Rafton

Go back to the south and then east to Lynna Village. You might encounter Maple on the way if you didn't already.

Go south from the mermaid statue, then cross the bridge and go south until you reach a house. This is Rafton's house. Rafton wants to make a raft that can sail the seas, but he needs rope that won't decay in water. He mentions Cheval's house to the east.

Talk to Cheval

Go north to the bridge near the old woman, then go southeast and continue east to find a bridge that you can jump over with the Roc's Feather. Jump over and go north to find Cheval's house. He mentions wanting to invent flippers, as well as rope that won't decay in water.

Get Moosh's Help to Visit Cheval's Grave

When you go outside, Ralph rushes up and says that he has seen the name Cheval on a grave in the present time, then he runs away.

You can go back to the Present by playing the Tune of Echoes in the screen south of the Maku Tree.

The Present

Here in the present, if you are not playing a Linked Game, you can go check on Bipin and Blossom's son, who is sick now. The number of rupees you give will affect how he grows up. In a Linked Game, you can talk to Blossom, and to Bipin and Blossom's son, to advance his progress. See the Bipin and Blossom's son guide for more information.

You can also go to the southeast corner of the Western Woods and jump over the gap to get 50 rupees from the chest.

To find Cheval's Grave, go to Yoll Graveyard and go east from where you entered. You will find three Ghinis harassing Moosh the bear. Kill the Ghinis and talk to Moosh to hop onto his back. Go to the previous screen and go north.

Use Moosh's floating ability to float over the gaps. Just tap A quickly and repeatedly to keep hovering, but keep in mind that you will fall back down eventually. Go to the grave in the northwest corner. Press B to hop off of Moosh and push the grave up. Go down the stairs.

Go north and make your way around. Hop over the gaps with the Roc's Feather. Equip both the Power Bracelet and Roc's Feather and go up to the handle in the wall. Use the Power Bracelet to pull it all the way down, then use the Roc's feather to jump over the gap and walk up to get the Zora's Flippers. These are automatically equipped on you, so you can just jump into water whenever you want to swim. Tap A to swim more quickly, and press B to go underwater for a moment.

Hop into the water and swim north, then go around the right side of the barrier in the water and exit to the northwest. You will reach the Cheval Rope. Get back into the water and swim back to the stairs to the outside.

Give the Cheval Rope to Rafton

After leaving Cheval's Grave, lift the rock next to you and use the feather to jump over the gap and exit this screen.

Moosh will fly away somewhere. Now that you have the Flippers, you can go to the northeast corner of the graveyard and swim across to Syrup's hut, where you can buy a potion or a Gasha Seed.

Otherwise, go to the exit and use an Ember Seed to leave the graveyard.

Keep in mind that although you have the flippers, you CANNOT swim in the ocean. The ocean has bigger waves than regular water. If you try to swim in the ocean, you will drown and lose one heart.

Use a time portal, such as the one next to Nayru's House, to go back to the past.

The Past

From Lynna Village, go south of the mermaid statue. Walk across the bridge near the old woman and continue south. You can now access a spot of soft soil if you walk to the west, swim across the river and dig the ground inside of the clumps of dirt.

Continuing south from the mermaid statue, you reach Rafton's house again. Go inside and talk to Rafton. Agree to give him the Cheval Rope. He says that you should go get a chart for navigation, and he will be done with the raft by the time you get one and come back.

Get the Island Chart from Tingle

Leave Rafton's place and go north one screen. Ralph will be there. He says that the "weird guy" has a chart. He means Tingle, who has been floating around to the south. But you have to go back to the present time to find him, so use a time portal to get there.

The Present

Tingle is floating around in the area southeast of town. However, you won't be able to reach him.

Go to Yoll Graveyard and you will find Ricky the kangaroo. Talk to him. He can jump up cliffs, but he lost his gloves. He says that he left them near the tree by the sea, so go south and cut the bushes to the left to go west. Here you see Tingle. Continue south, jumping over the holes and continuing south to reach the sea, then go west along the coast. Use the shovel to dig all the dirt around the tree. When you find Ricky's Gloves, go back to Yoll Graveyard and talk to Ricky to give him the gloves.

Go south and punch the bushes and go west. Then walk up to the cliff up above and Ricky will automatically jump up. Go south, then walk toward the holes on the left to jump over. Go north. Jump up the cliff and then hop out of Ricky's pocket. Use the feather to jump and use the sword to break the balloon, making Tingle fall. Talk to Tingle. Agree to be his friend and you will receive the Island Chart. Ricky will leave since he hates Tingle, as so many people do.

Get the Raft

You won't be able to go anywhere down those stairs, so just hop off of the cliff.

Go use a time portal and return to the past.

The Past

Go talk to Rafton. Go over to where he went, then talk to him. Exit through the south door to find the raft floating there. Walk onto it and then use the control pad to move around on the sea.

Go to Crescent Island

If you see any purple jelly-like things in the water, don't touch them. They will injure you. Also, don't sail into whirlpools, because these will also injure you.

If you want, go look around at the areas that you couldn't reach before. To the south there is an area enclosed by whirlpools in which you might see a pirate ship sailing around. Go to the east side of the whirlpool area, where there is a narrow passage on the upper-right of the screen. Go east from here.

When you go north, a storm will break out. You will wash up on an island where a bunch of the lizard-like Tokay people will take your stuff.

Get Your Shovel

Be very careful of enemies since you don't have your belongings. Go south from where you washed up. Be sure to push the large seed so it's in front of the indented wall. Then go east, then south. Talk to the person who has your shovel, and the person will give it to you.

Get your Sword

Go north and go into the cave. Go to the block at the upper right corner of the cave and push it to the left, then dig the dirt below you and go get your sword from the Tokay down below.

Get your Power Bracelet

After exiting the cave where you got your sword, go west one screen, north one screen, then up the stairs, right one screen, and down one screen. You should be in the screen with the two bushes and a Tokay up on a ledge who is holding your Seed Satchel. Cut through the bushes and go east.

Ignore the Deku Scrub selling an expensive shield. Go south, and make sure to push the large seed so it's in front of the indented wall. Go south again, then down the stairs, then go east. Go up several screens to a hut on a small island with a bridge. Since you don't have seeds, you can trade your shovel for one of the Tokay's items.

Get your Power Bracelet, trading the shovel.

Get your Bombs

Go south. You will pass a screen with a time portal, a Tokay, and a hut. On the left of this screen, you can see a rock that is blocking some stairs. Go south and around to reach the rock that is blocking the stairs. Lift the rock and go down. Push the bottommost rock to the right, and the one above it to the right, then go up the stairs on the right side of the room. You will get your bombs.

Get a Gasha Seed

Go back downstairs and bomb through the rocks to open the chest, which contains a Gasha Seed. Go upstairs.

Get the Scent Seedling and Plant it

Go south to the beach, then east and north to the place where there is a cracked wall. Bomb it. In here, it's the Wild Tokay game. You have to win it in order to get to the next dungeon.

To play, you have to pick up the piece of food that falls onto the center of the room. Then you have to throw it at each Tokay that passes by. It's not enough to throw the food into the Tokay's path. You have to actually throw it at the Tokay so that the Tokay catches it. It's pretty easy.

After you win the Scent Seedling, go south along the beach, then west and up the stairs, then north twice, west, north, and east to where a Tokay is to the right of four rocks. Pick up a rock and talk to the Tokay to get it to plant the seedling.

Get your Feather

Now go back to the trading hut and get your feather.

Get Another Gasha Seed

You can return to the cave where you got your sword and jump to the left side of the screen. Push the lowest block to the right, then the one above you up, then then one to the left up. Jump up across the gap and push the block above you up and the one to your right to the right to reach a Gasha Seed.

Get your Flippers

Go to the screen that has the stairs that go from the island to the beach. It's the screen south of the Deku Scrub. Jump over the gap to the left. Go west, then north, then bomb the cracked wall. Keep in mind that you don't have your flippers so you can't swim.

Throw a bomb at the cracked stones up above, then jump across. Jump to the right and throw a bomb at the cracked stone below, then jump across. Jump to the right side of the room and go around to the Tokay who has your flippers.

Get your Power Bracelet Again

After getting your flippers, go back to the trading hut and get your Power Bracelet.

Get your Seed Satchel

Now that you have the flippers and Power Bracelet, go back to the cave where you got your flippers. You can't jump over the gap this time, so go one screen north where you can lift rocks to go west.

Go to the northwest corner of the room and pick up a rock, then swim to the center and press B to dive. You will end up in a new screen. Swim down and around, and go up the ladder on the other side of the room. Lift a rock and go up the stairs. Go west and get your Seed Satchel from the Tokay.

Give Seeds for your Feather

Go back to the trading hut and get your Roc's Feather in exchange for 10 Mystery Seeds.

Get the Harp of Ages

Now that you have both the Power Bracelet and Roc's Feather, go south along the beach, then up the stairs and jump over the gap to the left. Go west and then go into the cave. Pick up a pot and go down the stairs.

Swim west, go up the ladder, get onto the moving platform and jump up. Go east and up the ladder here. Exit the cave and get the Harp of Ages from the Tokay.

Don't bother going north from the Tokay that had your Harp of Ages. This leads to a dead end with a time portal that you can't reach right now (since you can't get your shovel at the same time as your Roc's Feather and Power Bracelet yet).

Back to the Future

Make sure that you have planted the Scent Seedling (see above if you haven't done that yet) and pushed the vine sprout seeds in front of indented walls.

Go to the beach on the east side of the island and find the hut where you got your bombs. There is a time portal outside of it. Play the Tune of Echoes to go to the Present.

The Present

Go south one screen to a hut where a Tokay with a stuffy nose lives. Give him the Stink Bag if you have it and you will receive Tasty Meat.

Get Scent Seeds

From the house of the Tokay with the stuffed-up nose, go west, north twice, west, and go down the vines. If there aren't any vines here, you will have to go back to the past and push a vine sprout to this spot in the past. From here, go west, north up the vines, then east until you reach the Scent Tree. Use your sword to get the seeds from the tree.

Hop down from the ledge and go east and south. The cave just has a museum in it now.

Get the Last of Your Items

Return to the past and take the shovel at the trading hut, then pay Scent Seeds to get your Power Bracelet back permanently. Leave the hut and go back in. The Tokay will give you a shield for another 10 Scent Seeds. If you don't have enough, you can try to get the seeds by cutting grass, or you can just time travel and get the seeds from the tree.

The Tokay here will have another shield if you leave and go back in, so you can use this place to get a shield if you lose yours.

Find More Soft Soil

Go back to the present. If you pushed the vine sprout to the indented wall in the screen where the sprout had been in the middle of the screen, you can climb the vines there in the present time and follow the path to reach an area with hidden soft soil. It's up on a ledge with two bushes and two rocks. Pick up the bottom left rock to find the soft soil and plant a Gasha Seed if you wish.

Go to the Next Dungeon

Go back to the past. Go south and then west, going up the stairs and jumping over the gap to the left. Go into the cave entrance, pick up a pot, go down the stairs, swim to the next screen and use the moving platform to reach the ladder.

From the screen with the Tokay who gave you your Harp of Ages, go north, west, and south to find another time portal. Use it.

Go north to where some crabs are running around. If you go east, you will find a fairy fountain where you can get all of your hearts refilled.

Back in the screen with the crabs, go north past the crabs. Don't use the time portal that you walk past. It will take you to the part of the island where you first ended up, where the Tokay surrounded you and took your stuff. Going past the time portal, go around to the new dungeon entrance. Go inside to find the Moonlit Grotto.