Spirit's Grave

After you help the Maku Tree in the past, her present form asks you to find the first Essence in the Spirit's Grave.

Get the Map

From the entrance to Spirit's Grave, go through the door on the right.

Hit the Zols to turn them into two Gels, then kill the Gels. Push the lowest block to the right and exit north.

Push the block up to get into the room, then go to the left and exit south to find a chest that contains the Dungeon Map.

Get the Compass

From the chest where you got the map, hop down the ledge and push the block to the side like you did before. In the next room, push the rotating block up until it is between the torches, opening the doors.

First, go through the north door. You will find a room with narrow passages and a single block in the center. Push that block up, then open the chest on the left side of the room to find the Compass.

Get a Ring

To the left of the chest, there is a curtain. Use an Ember Seed on it to burn it away. Go through the door. Use your sword to cut the crystals out of the way and kill the slithering Ropes, then step on the switch. Open the chest to find a ring.

Get a Key

Exit to the right and push the block to the right to go through the south exit. Go to the south part of the room and go down the stairs, then go right and push the bottom block right, then go north and push the block between the torches to unlock the doors again.

Go through the door on the right, then get past the Stalfos and go through the north door. Kill the Ghini that is flying around in here to reveal a small key. Exit through the door on the left.

Get a Second Key

Push the center block to the left and go up through the locked door.

The Compass will play a tone to let you know that there is a treasure here. On the right side of the room, push the lower block up, then go up and get the key from the chest. Go west to the next room.

Get a Third Key

With the group of blocks at the bottom of the screen, push the leftmost one down and then push the one on the right to your right. Then follow the path around the edge of the room and go through the exit on the right.

Go up through the door that you find here. Push up the middle block, then push the block on the left to your left, then the one above you up. Step on the switch to reveal a chest. Then go back to the blocks and push the one on the right to your right, and the one above you up. Step on this switch to reveal a moving platform. You could jump down onto it from the ledge here, or to make things easier, go down the stairs and walk onto the moving platform when it's on your side. Then walk up it to reach the chest, which contains a key.

Get a Gasha Seed

Exit this room the way that you came in. Go to the left, then exit to the north.

Go to the left and get onto the moving platform, then go up and push the block to the right. Go around the room and push the button in the corner, then open the chest to reveal a Gasha seed. Go around the upper edge of this room and hop down to the moving platform, then exit to the left.

Giant Ghini

Use a key on the door to the south and go through. You will fight a giant Ghini. Hit the small ghosts with your sword to get rid of them, then hit Giant Ghini with your sword. If the small ghosts stick to you, push buttons until they go away. Sometimes the Giant Ghini will open its mouth and fly toward you. Your sword doesn't push it away, so be sure to keep your distance.

A teleportation spot appears in this room, which will take you to and from the dungeon entrance, providing a shortcut. Go through the west exit.

Get the Power Bracelet

Two Boomerang Moblins are wandering around this room. Unlock the south door and go through.

Go to the bottom of the room and push the left and right blocks down, then push the middle block to the side, and exit to the south.

Kill the Stalfos and ignore the chest down below for now, then go to the right side of the room and exit to the north from this side.

Get past more Stalfos to go to the top of the room. Use Ember Seeds on the two torches, then go down the stairs that appear.

Climb down the ladder and go up to get the Power Bracelet. This will allow you to pick up rocks and pots. Just equip the Power Bracelet to one of the buttons, then stand next to a heavy object and press that button, then push the directional pad in the opposite direction to pull the object up.

Get a Second Ring

Go back the way that you came. In the room where you fought the Stalfos and saw a treasure chest that you couldn't reach, lift the pots to reach that treasure chest, finding a ring.

Get the Boss Key

From the chest where you found the ring, go south to the next room.

Don't pick up the pot. Instead, push the pot onto the switch to open the door. Go through it.

Pick up pots in this room to reach the chest, which contains the Boss Key.

Reach the Boss's Room

The easiest way to reach the boss's room is to go through the east exit from the room where you found the Boss's Key, then step into the warp spot to reach the room where you fought the Giant Ghini. Go north twice from that room.

A Wallmaster will drop down from the ceiling, so keep moving and watch out for the shadow on the floor, and listen for the sound of the Wallmaster falling. If it catches you, it sends you back to the entrance, so just use the warp spot as described in the above paragraph to return to this room.

When you are ready, walk through the locked boss door.

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head's head can't be harmed with the sword, so hit its body to make the pumpkin fall to the ground, being careful to avoid the three energy balls it occasionally spits out. Then use the Power Bracelet to lift the pumpkin and throw it at the little ghost that pops out. The ghost will get hurt and then go back into the pumpkin. Repeat the process until Pumpkin Head dies.

Get the Eternal Spirit

Get the Heart Container that appears in the center of the room and then go up through the north exit. Walk up to the Essence to receive the Eternal Spirit.

You will be sent outside to the dungeon's entrance. You will see the Maku Tree's leaves float down, and the Maku Tree tells you that the next essence is in the Western Woods.