Beginning the Game

Start a new game by choosing one of the empty save slots. Use the Erase feature if all of the slots are in use. You can choose New Game to start from the beginning, or if you have completed Oracle of Seasons and received a Secret of Labrynna password you can choose Secrets to enter the password and begin a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages.

After choosing New Game, create a name for your character, then choose OK. You will be prompted to choose the message speed. You can change the message speed each time you play. After choosing it, the game begins.


Help Impa

After the Triforce asks Link to accept the quest, Link finds himself in a grassy area. Go north until you hear a cry for help. A woman is up above, being attacked by Octoroks. The monsters will run off and the woman will thank you. She notices a triangle on the back of your hand, which is the mark of a Hyrulean hero.

She is Impa, the nurse of Hyrule's Princess Zelda. She is looking for the singer, Nayru. Impa joins you and asks you to help her look.

Go north and talk to the monkeys if you want. Then go to the left and walk close to the big rock with the triangle mark in it. Impa will ask you to move it, and she'll start behaving suspiciously. Push the rock to the left and Impa will back away from it.

Go north to the area that was blocked. Go north again to find some people and animals watching Nayru perform. Talk to all of the animals, then talk to the bear and it will move so you can sit and listen. Approach Nayru to see a brief cut scene of Link listening to Nayru.

Nayru's friend Ralph greets Link. Nayru expresses her concern at hearing that Labrynna would face many evil troubles. Ralph is confident that he can fend off any danger and that Link's help is unnecessary.

Meet Veran

Impa suddenly laughs evilly and calls Nayru the Oracle of Ages. An evil spirit leaves Impa's body. It's Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, who tricked Link into letting her past the sacred barrier.

Veran possesses Nayru. Ralph attempts to attack, but hurting Veran would kill Nayru. Veran knows that Nayru controls time.

Veran creates a time portal on the ledge and declares the beginning of an age of darkness. She goes to the past, which causes many people and animals to change, disappear, or turn to stone.

Ralph rushes off to save Nayru. Link wakes Impa up. Impa had hoped to take Nayru to the safety of Hyrule, but was possessed instead.

Impa gives you the Wooden Sword. You can hold the button that it's assigned to to charge it and let go to do a spin attack.

Impa tells you to meet the Maku Tree in Lynna Village. Impa goes one screen east to Nayru's House.

Go to Lynna Village in the west, where you can meet the Maku Tree.