Soft Soil Gasha Locations

Gasha Seeds can be planted in soft soil to cause a Gasha Tree to grow. The resulting Gasha Nut will contain a random item. The rarity of items from Gasha Nuts depends on the location of the soft soil. Certain locations result in very rare items.

Item Rarity

The rings that you can get from Gasha Nuts have different rarity levels. Each soft soil location can produce rings of a certain rarity level. The list of soft soil locations below includes the rarity levels that each location can produce. Here is a list of rings by rarity level.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
  • Blue Holy Ring
  • Blue Luck Ring
  • Cursed Ring
  • Green Holy Ring
  • Like Like Ring
  • Moblin Ring
  • Octo Ring
  • Red Holy Ring
  • Fist Ring
  • Maple's Ring
  • Quicksand Ring
  • Red Luck Ring
  • Roc's Ring
  • Toss Ring
  • Whisp Ring
  • Zora Ring
  • Gasha Ring
  • Heart Ring L-2
  • Peace Ring
  • Power Ring L-2
  • Protection Ring
  • Red Joy Ring
  • Whimsical Ring
  • Bombproof Ring
  • Charge Ring
  • Dbl. Edged Ring
  • Energy Ring
  • Expert's Ring
  • First Gen Ring
  • Green Ring
  • Rang Ring L-2

Gasha Locations List

Soft Soil LocationEraDirectionsItem Rarity
Lynna VillagePastIn the screen with the toilet house1-2
Yoll GraveyardPresentFrom the entrance to Yoll Graveyard go east, south, and west2-4
Talus PeaksPastFrom Deku Forest, walk north to reach Talus Peaks, then go east and then north2-4
South ShorePastFrom Rafton's house, go north, then west, swim past the river and dig in the dirt1-2
Crescent IslandPresentClimb vines in southwest area2-4
Crescent IslandPresentOn small northeast island2-4
Crescent IslandPastGo south of the one-eyed statue and dig in the dirt near the cliff.3-5
Nuun HighlandsPresentGo north from the east side of the workers' bridge and you reach a cliff wall. Go to the top of the cliff and dig in the dirt to find soft soil.2-4
Fairies' WoodsPresentGo to the Deku Forest in the past, walk to the southwest corner, and use the Tune of Currents1-2
Rolling Ridge BasePastAfter using the Long Hook at Rolling Ridge base, the soft soil is in the screen with the cave entrance1-3
Rolling RidgePastThis soft soil is in the eastern part of Rolling Ridge, which you might not be able to reach until you have completed Level 5 Crown Dungeon. In the Present, go to the eastern part of Rolling Ridge, then go west across a bridge, and lift the middle rock to find a time portal. Use it, then go west to find three bushes. Dig in the dirt between the bushes to find this soft soil.1-3
Rolling RidgePresentGo to Rolling Ridge in the present, in the screen where you pushed the vine sprout in the past.1-3
Talus PeaksPastIn the past, use the southwest exit of Symmetry City, then go west, then north once. Go west past the water. Go to the northwest part of this area and use the Tune of Ages. Then go north, and use the Tune of Ages to go to the Past. Go east and lift the rock to reveal the soil.1-2
Talus PeaksPresentGo to Symmetry City in the past and exit southwest. Go west to the owl statue. Go to the south part of the screen and use the Tune of Echoes. In the present, go down the stairs and exit south. In this area, there is a ledge with soft soil on it. Use the Tune of Echoes to reach it.1-3
Zora VillagePastThe soft soil is on the surface above Zora Village in the past. It's in the southwest area.2-4
Sea of Storms (Linked Game only)PresentIf you beat Oracle of Seasons and used the Secret of Labrynna password to start a new game in Oracle of Ages, you can access this soft soil in the Sea of Storms. It's in the southern part of the sea, in the middle.3-5