Using a computer, a Sim can write books. The Sim can choose the genre, although certain personality traits make your Sim better at writing certain genres. If you don't feel ready to have your Sim write a novel, the Sim can instead Practice Writing to boost the writing skill before trying to get published. Artistic Sims and Bookworm Sims are better at writing. The Acclaimed Author lifetime reward also increases the Sim's writing ability.

After finishing a book, it will be mailed to the Sim for free and will become available in the book store and library.

For every 20% of the book that is finished, the Sim gets paid. Once the book is completed, he or she will receive royalties at noon on Sunday for six weeks after the book is finished.


  • Speed writer - You can write more quickly after receiving §30,000 in royalties.
  • Prolific writer - After writing 20 books, your Sim is more likely to get best-sellers.
  • Specialist writer - After writing 5 books of a particular genre, your Sim will be more likely to get best-sellers when writing in that genre.