Once a child ages up, he or she becomes a teen. This is the final childhood stage: the next stage after teen is young adult.


Teens can get a part time job, but not a full-time one, because teens must attend High School. Again, as with child Sims, a teen Sim must do well in school in order to choose the next trait for that Sim.

Part time jobs for teen Sims are restricted to only a few locations. Look around the map to see where your Sim can go apply for a part-time job.


Teens cannot WooHoo or have babies. However, they can have romantic relationships with other teens. They cannot, however, have romantic relationships with adults.


Once a Sim becomes a teen, he or she is able to learn all the skills that adults Sims can, without the restrictions that there were during childhood.


Teen Sims can drive cars. They can also own cars, but an adult Sim must transfer the ownership.


Teen Sims must be home by 11, or else they will be taken home by the police and will fight with their parents afterward.