How to Cook

In The Sims 3, cooking can be performed using various cooking devices like stoves, grills, and microwaves. Food can be magically purchased directly through the refrigerator, but some of the more advanced recipes require ingredients that can only be grown in a garden or caught by fishing. Ingredients can also be purchased from the grocery store. When cooking in The Sims 3, a higher skill level in cooking decreases the chance that you will set the kitchen on fire.


NameWhere to LearnSpecial
Mac and CheeseDefault
Autumn SaladDefaultNo oven required
Hot Dogs/Tofu DogsDefaultCan be made on outdoor grill
RatatouilleRecipe book (Level 1)
Peanut Butter and JellyLevel 1 SkillNo oven required
PancakesLevel 1 Skill
Goopy CarbonaraLevel 2 Skill
Grilled CheeseLevel 2 Skill
Fish and ChipsLevel 1 SkillCan be made on outdoor grill
CookiesRecipe book (Level 3)
Fruit ParfaitRecipe book (Level 4)No oven required
Spaghetti/Spaghetti with Veggie SauceLevel 4 Skill
SushiLevel 4 SkillNo oven required
Stu SurpriseLevel 5 Skill
CheesesteakRecipe book (Level 5)Can be made on outdoor grill
Hamburger/Veggie BurgerLevel 6 SkillCan be made on outdoor grill
CobblerRecipe Book (Level 6)
Key Lime PieLevel 7 Skill
Eggs MachiavellianRecipe Book (Level 7)
Grilled SalmonLevel 8 SkillCan be made on outdoor grill
Tri-Tip SteakRecipe Book (Level 8)Can be made on outdoor grill
Stuffed TurkeyRecipe Book (Level 9)Can only be made in multiple servings
French ToastLevel 9 Skill
Dim SumLevel 9 Skill
Baked Angel Food CakeRecipe Book (Level 10)Grants Warm Fuzzies moodlet: +15 mood for 5 hours
AmbrosiaRecipe Book (Level 10)Grants Divine Meal moodlet: +75 mood for 7 days, resets Sim's age (as if he/she just aged up from previous stage), revives a ghost that eats it. Single serving only. Read how to make ambrosia.
Lobster ThermidorLevel 10 Skill

Traits that Help with Cooking

Natural Cook

A Natural Cook will make higher quality foods, learn the cooking skill more quickly, and can't burn any foods. Furthermore, the Natural Cook has the Kick it up a Notch interaction that he or she can use on finished foods or foods in progress. This increases the food quality by one level. Natural Cooks naturally cook higher quality food to begin with.


Useful for catching the fish that are required for some recipes.


Chefs with this trait will automatically cook the veggie alternative to any dish that has an alternative. But keep in mind that some dishes can't be made meat-free, and if a vegetarian Sim eats it, he or she will throw up.

Green Thumb

Helpful for growing ingredients needed for advanced recipes.


Sim will spend more time on cooking but as a result will make higher quality meals.

Cooking Challenges

Star Chef

After cooking 50 meals, your Sim's food will grant a better moodlet boost to those who eat it.

World-Class Chef

After cooking 75 meals, your Sim will cook more quickly.

After learning all of the recipes in the game, your Sim will cook higher quality food.

Cooking Opportunities

Cooking Contest

Get cash for preparing a meal and dropping it off at the restaurant. Higher-quality food is more likely to win.

Prepare Meal

Prepare a perfect meal and give it to the specified neighbor.