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Lifetime Rewards

A Sim earns points that he or she can use to purchase Lifetime Rewards. Points are rewarded for accomplishing wishes, or just from being in a very good mood. Also, a Sim's lifetime goal is worth a large number of points. These rewards make life easier for your Sims, so if you are playing with aging turned on and don't want to use Ambrosia for immortality, get some lifetime rewards for your Sim as soon as you can to increase the chance that your Sim will be able to accomplish his or her lifetime goal.

List of Lifetime Rewards

  • Fast Metabolism - Sims with fast metabolism lose weight and gain muscle more easily.
  • Speedy Cleaner - When cleaning household objects, it takes much less time than it usually would.
  • Discount Diner - Eat at the restaurants in town for free.
  • Professional Slacker - Your Sim is much less likely to get demoted when taking it easy at work..
  • Observant - Your Sim will instantly learn three traits whenever meeting another Sim.
  • Office Hero - It takes less time to make friends with your co-workers.
  • Legendary Host - The Sims you invite to parties are likely to show up, and your parties are more likely to be perceived as great parties.
  • Complimentary Entertainment - Your Sim can watch films and shows for free.
  • Inappropriate but in a Good Way - (World Adventures) If your Sim does inappropriate things in other Sims' houses, they won't get upset and kick you out like they normally would. This is unrelated to the Inappropriate trait.
  • Jetsetter - (World Adventures) Get discounted travel.
  • Eye Candy - (World Adventures) Your Sim turns all sparkly (not in the romantic vampire way exactly) and those who look at your Sim get a positive moodlet.
  • Change of Taste - (World Adventures) You can choose different favorites (color, music, food) for your Sim.
  • Bookshop Bargainer - Permanent automatic book shop discounts.
  • Fertility Treatment - You are more likely to have twins or triplets after trying for a baby. But watch out, because it increases your chance of pregnancy after WooHoo (i.e. without specifically trying for a baby).
  • Opportunistic - Completing wishes give more points, and completing rewards give more Simoleons and other boosts.
  • Multi-Tasker - Your job performance/homework performance increase more quickly and with less effort.
  • Steel Bladder - Your Sim never has to go to the bathroom again, with no adverse effects.
  • Never Dull - Usually if you do the same social interaction over and over with another Sim, that Sim will get bored quickly. With the Never Dull reward, your Sim can repeat actions without being boring.
  • Change Lifetime Wish - You can only do this if your Sim hasn't already accomplished his or her lifetime wish.
  • Prepared Traveler - (World Adventures) A trip lasts three more days for each Sim in the party who has this lifetime reward.
  • No Jealousy - (World Adventures) Nobody will ever get jealous of a Sim with this reward. Others might still get jealous of Sims with whom a No Jealousy Sim flirts.
  • Stone Hearted - (World Adventures) The Sim will not get upset about negative relationship changes or death.
  • Attractive - Get a starting bonus to relationships, and quicker relationship increases. A Sim who has accomplished the Celebrity challenge has an additional bonus that causes him or her to become friends with complete strangers as soon as he or she meets them.
  • Vacationer - You will get random vacation days (you don't get to choose them), but you still have to come in on work days.
  • Haggler - Get discounts on all sorts of things.
  • Fast Learner - Your Sim learns skills more quickly. Try reading a skill book in the library for an extra-super-fast learning experience.
  • Dirt Defiant - The hygiene meter drops much more slowly, and the Squeaky Clean moodlet lasts much longer. Your Sim is not immune to dirt, however, and will still get dirty from things like exercise and gardening.
  • No Bills Ever - (World Adventures) You will no longer get bills, ever. There is reportedly a bug where if a family member of the Sim with this reward moves away, the game considers you to have unpaid bills (which you can't pay) and the Repo-man ends up paying you a visit.
  • Long Distance Friend - It takes much longer for a friend to become a distant friend.
  • Mid-Life Crisis - You can choose completely different traits for your Sim.
  • Super Green Thumb - Whenever you plant a fruit or vegetable, the resulting plant will be one level higher quality than the thing you planted.
  • Carefree - (World Adventures) When having fun, your Sim gains fun more quickly. But if your Sim isn't having fun, it still is reduced at the usual rate.
  • Hardly Hungry - The hunger meter is reduced much more slowly.
  • Body Sculptor - This is a household item that you can use to make your Sim become fatter or skinner, more muscular or less. Sometimes it messes up and makes your Sim obese.
  • Acclaimed Author - Your Sim earns more royalties when writing books.
  • Extra Creative - Your Sim's paintings are worth more.
  • Meditative Trance Sleep - (World Adventures) Sleeping will increase your energy bar more quickly.
  • Collection Helper - This is an item that is in your inventory. Click on it to choose seeds, fish, rocks, insects, or none. Then zoom out to the map view, and items of the selected type will be highlighted, making it very easy for your Sim to go there and collect them. Also, when an item of a particular type is chosen, the item will sparkle brightly in the non-zoomed view. But if you change the type of item while paused, the sparkling doesn't start until after you unpause.
  • Food Replicator - This is a household object. It can store food items, and can then replicate the stored food a limited number of times. The food in the replicator will spoil at the same rate as food in your Sim's refrigerator would (so having a better refrigerator keeps the stored food from spoiling as quickly). You can't replicate Ambrosia, although a bug allows you to use incomplete Ambrosia that is in a mixing bowl (just stop the Sim from preparing the food when he or she gets to the mixing bowl stage) and put the mixing bowl into the replicator to replicate it.
  • Moodlet Manager - This is a household object. You can use it to Cure, which removes all negative moodlets, but it might backfire and do a Zap instead, where you randomly get a bad moodlet. But you can just do Cure again to fix that. It can't cure the Sore moodlet that appears after sleeping after a workout.
  • Teleportation Pad - This is a household object. You can teleport to any point in the world: just click the spot that you want to teleport to and choose Teleport Here. However, there is a chance that the teleporter will send you somewhere far away from your desired spot, but you can upgrade the teleporter to do Perfect Teleportation. Just keep in mind that that means that the teleporter can still break, and it is one of the hardest things to repair, so it puts your Sim at risk of electrocution unless he has become immune through the Handiness challenge. To go back home, use your cell phone and choose Teleport Home. You can use the teleporter to go to various venues, and on a work day you can use it to Teleport to Work, which gives you a little extra time in the morning to have fun and take care of your needs.

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