Culinary Career Track

The culinary career track, as you might expect, depends on the cooking skill. It also helps to be skilled at gardening so you can grow the ingredients necessary for advanced meals. Charisma is also helpful because you'll need to get along well with your boss and co-workers.

Job TitleHoursSalaryNeeded for Promotion
Kitchen ScullionSu,M,T,F,S 3PM-9PM$25/hourCooking
Spice RunnerSu,M,T,F,S 3PM-9PM$32/hourCooking
Vegetable SlicerSu,M,T,F,S 3PM-9PM$38/hourCooking, Boss
Ingredient TasterSu,M,T,F,S 3PM-9PM$57/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers
Line CookSu,M,T,F,S 3PM-8:30PM$87/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers
Pastry ChefSu,M,T,F,S 3PM-8:30PM$108/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers
Sous ChefSu,T,F,S 3PM-8:30PM$124/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers
Executive ChefSu,T,F,S 3PM-8PM$150/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers
Chef de CuisineM-Th 3PM-8PM$210/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers
Five-Star ChefSu,F,S 3PM-7PM$350/hourCooking, Boss, Co-Workers