Lifetime Wishes

A lifetime wish is something that every Sim has. The lifetime wishes available to a Sim depend on the Sim's traits. During a Sim's childhood, if the Sim does not have a lifetime wish yet, it will randomly appear in the Sim's normal wish area. Promising it will make it permanent, so choose carefully! You can change the lifetime wish with the Change Lifetime Wish lifetime reward, but once a lifetime wish has been accomplished, you can no longer change it.

Become a Creature-Robot Crossbreeder

Objective Reach level 9 of the Science Career track

Traits Angler, Green Thumb, Handy, Insane

Points 29,000

Become a Master Thief

Objective Reach level 10 of the Criminal career track (Thief branch)

Traits Athletic, Kleptomaniac

Points 32,500

Become an Astronaut

Objective Reach level 10 of the Military Career track

Traits Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Handy

Points 30,000

Become a Superstar Athlete

Objective Reach level 9 of the Sports career track

Traits Athletic, Party Animal

Points 29,000

Bottomless Nectar Cellar

Objective Have at least 50 bottles of nectar in your nectar cellar, with a total §50,000 value

Traits Green Thumb, Natural Cook, Snob

Points 30,000

Celebrated Five-Star Chef

Objective Reach level 10 of the culinary career track

Traits Green Thumb, Natural Cook, Vegetarian

Points 30,000

CEO of a Mega-Corporation

Objective Reach level 8 of the business career track

Traits Charismatic, Loser, Schmoozer, Snob, Ambitious

Points 27,500

Chess Legend

Objective Reach level 10 in the Logic skill and reach level 5 (Grand Master) in pro chess.

Traits Computer Whiz, Genius, Couch Potato

Points 30,000

Notes To play ranked chess matches, have your sim choose the "Call Sim..." option with his or her cell phone. Then choose the "Invite Over Next Ranked Chess Opponent." Say yes when asked if you want to invite that person over. Then wait for that person to arrive, and use your chess board to challenge him or her to a game of chess (but be sure to invite that person inside if your chess table is indoors.) You can check the logic tab of your skill journal to see what your Sim's chess ranking is.

Culinary Librarian

Objective Learn all recipes

Traits Natural Cook, Vegetarian

Points 30,000

Descendant of Da Vinci

Objective Reach level 10 of the Painting, Sculpting, and Inventing skills

Traits Savvy Sculptor

Points 40,000

Distinguished Director

Objective Reach level 10 in the film career branch

Traits Star Quality

Points 30,000

Emperor of Evil

Objective Reach level 10 of the criminal career track (Evil branch)

Traits Mean Spirited, Ambitious, Evil

Points 32,500

Fashion Phenomenon

Objective Reach level 10 of the Stylist career track

Traits Snob, Charismatic

Points 30,000

Firefighter Super Hero

Objective Save 30 lives in your firefighter job

Traits Brave

Points 30,000

Forensics Specialist - Dynamic DNA Profiler

Objective Reach level 10 in the law career track (forensics branch)

Traits Computer Whiz, Good

Points 30,000

Gold Digger

Objective See the ghost of a rich dead spouse

Traits Insane, Commitment Issues, Mean Spirited, Mooch, Snob, Evil

Points 20,000

Notes To accomplish this, try visiting the mansions in town and building relationships with potential spouses there. Or, if you get the Observant lifetime reward for your Sim, he or she might more easily learn that a Sim is rich by using the Get to Know interaction. Once you marry your target (after getting him or her to break up with a spouse or partner if necessary,) you can either use ambrosia/life fruit/death flowers to make sure your spouse dies first, or you can just be evil and build a wall around the spouse or kill him or her off in some other way.

Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers

Objective Reach level 10 of Guitar and Charisma skills

Traits Virtuoso, Charismatic, Great Kisser, Good Sense of Humor

Points 30,000

Great Explorer

Objective Explore 6 tombs in each travel destination

Traits Adventurous, Brave, Daredevil

Points 35,000


Objective Get into a relationship with, and then break up with, ten Sims

Traits Ambitious, Evil, Mean Spirited

Points 32,500

Notes A Sim can only have one partner at a time. In order to accomplish this wish, your Sim must ask the target Sim to break up with his or her current partner, if any, and then must get into a relationship with that Sim, then break up. The Sim must do this ten times in order to accomplish the wish.

Hit Movie Composer

Objective Reach level 10 of the Music Career track on the symphonic path

Traits Artistic, Genius, Hopeless Romantic, Virtuoso

Points 30,000

Home Design Hotshot

Objective Get 100 top reviews as an architechtural designer

Traits Artistic

Points 30,000

Illustrious Author

Objective Reach level 10 of Writing and Painting skills

Traits Artistic, Bookworm, Loner

Points 30,000

International Super Spy

Objective Reach level 10 of the law career track (special agent branch)

Traits Computer Whiz, Brave, Athletic, Childish

Points 30,000

Jack of All Trades

Objective Reach level 5 of four different career tracks

Traits Insane, Commitment Issues, Workaholic, Childish

Points 35,000

Notes Once you have reached level 5 of a career, you can quit and switch to another.

Leader of the Free World

Objective Reach level 10 of the political career track

Traits Charismatic, Friendly, Schmoozer, Ambitious

Points 30,000

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Objective Raise §100,000 and reach celebrity rank 5

Traits Star Quality

Points 40,000

Living in the Lap of Luxury

Objective Attain a family net worth of §100,000

Traits Mooch, Snob, Ambitious, Kleptomaniac

Points 32,500

Martial Arts Master

Objective Reach level 10 in the Martial Arts skill and become a Grand Master

Traits Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Disciplined

Points 30,000

Master of the Arts

Objective Reach level 10 of the Painting and Guitar skills

Traits Artistic, Virtuoso

Points 30,000

Master Mixologist

Objective Reach level 10 in the mixology skill and own a bar

Traits ?

Points 40,000

Master Romancer

Objective Woohoo with five different Sims in five different places

Traits Great Kisser

Points 30,000

Monster Maker

Objective Create three monsters

Traits Genius

Points 25,000

One Sim Band

Objective Reach level 10 of Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano skills

Traits Virtuoso, Artistic

Points 30,000

Paranormal Profiteer

Objective Reach level 10 in ghost hunter career

Traits Eccentric

Points 30,000

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Objective Reach level 10 of the Logic and Athletic skills

Traits Genius, Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist

Points 30,000

Pervasive Private Eye

Objective Solve 35 cases as a private investigator

Traits Perceptive

Points 30,000

Physical Perfection

Objective Reach level 10 of Athletics and Martial Arts skills

Traits Athletic, Brave, Disciplined

Points 27,500

Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium

Objective Have 13 different types of perfect fish in fishbowls in your house

Traits Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist

Points 32,500

Notes You need to buy 13 fish bowls for this. Once you have a perfect fish, drag it from your Sim's inventory to an empty fish bowl. Remember that each of the thirteen fish has to be a different type. Also, be sure to feed them daily to keep them from dying, since they have to be alive to get the lifetime wish.

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law

Objective Get §50,000 worth of stolen items

Traits Kleptomaniac

Points 30,000

Notes You can steal stuff from neighbors if you are in their homes at night time. When it is night, your Sim will have the option to swipe something. Try to stand near high-value items like cars and TVs to increase the chance that your Sim will steal those rather than something of low value.

Private Museum

Objective Have a current relic collection worth at least §20,000

Traits Adventurous, Snob

Points 32,000

Professional Author

Objective Make at least §4,000 a week from royalties from books that you have written

Traits Bookworm, Couch Potato, Loner

Points 32,500

Notes Since royalty checks stop coming after six weeks, your Sim will need to write quickly. Various traits and challenges boost writing speed.

Renaissance Sim

Objective Reach level 10 in three skills

Traits Commitment Issues, Workaholic

Points 35,000

Rock Star

Objective Reach level 10 of the music career path (rock branch)

Traits Artistic, Virtuoso, Party Animal

Points 30,000

Seasoned Traveler

Objective Get VISA level 3 in all destinations

Traits Adventurous, Perfectionist

Points 60,000

Star News Anchor

Objective Reach level 10 in the journalism career path

Traits Artistic, Bookworm, Charismatic, Friendly

Points 30,000

Objective Have 20 friends

Traits Charismatic, Friendly, Mooch, Party Animal, Schmoozer

Points 30,000

Superstar Actor

Objective Reach level 10 in the film career track (acting branch)

Traits Charismatic, Star Quality

Points 30,000

Surrounded by Family

Objective Raise five children from the infant stage to the teen stage

Traits Friendly, Family Oriented

Points 35,000

Notes Adopted children count toward this goal.

Swimming in Cash

Objective Have §50,000 on hand

Traits Mooch, Snob, Ambitious, Frugal

Points 35,000

Notes Avoid buying unnecessary things, but invest in a nice bed, refrigerator, bath/shower, etc, to ensure that your Sim's mood is high to improve job performance.

The Perfect Garden

Objective Have eight different types of perfect plants on your lot at the same time

Traits Green Thumb, Natural Cool, Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist

Points 32,500

Notes Watering all of those plants will take time, so be sure to get an auto-sprinkler (buy a regular sprinkler and use the Handiness skill to convert it into an auto-sprinkler) to save time.

The Tinkerer

Objective Reach level 10 in the Logic and Handiness skill

Traits Computer Whiz, Genius, Handy

Points 30,000


Objective Reach level 10 in the Painting and Photography skills

Traits Artistic, Loves the Outdoors, Photographer's Eye

Points 30,000

Objective Have at least 10 photos each from China, Egypt, and France, and hang a collection worth at least §25,000 in your house.

Traits Artistic, Photographer's Eye

Points 32,500

World-Renowned Surgeon

Objective Reach level 10 of the medical career track

Traits Bookworm, Friendly, Good, Workaholic

Points 32,500