Ambrosia Guide

Ambrosia Guide

  • Life Fruit
  • Death Fish

Ambrosia is a vegetarian dish that you can cook in The Sims 3 once you have reached level 10 of the cooking skill, purchased and read the recipe book, and acquired the proper ingredients, both of which cannot be bought. Ambrosia can be cooked at any time of day, but it is NOT a group meal, so it can only be chosen from the Have (Meal)... menu instead of Serve (Meal)... You can make ambrosia as many times as you want, as long as you have the ingredients.

If a Sim eats Ambrosia, the Sim will be returned to the beginning of his or her current life stage (so if a Sim is an Adult and has 3 days until aging up, the Sim will have 26 days until aging up after eating Ambrosia).

The Sim will still age after eating Ambrosia, so you will need to have the Sim eat Ambrosia every once in a while if you want to make sure that the Sim never ages up again. Also, if today is the day when the Sim will age up, have him or her eat a Life Fruit in addition to the Ambrosia, because otherwise, the Sim will still age up later that day even though the days until aging up was reset.

Ambrosia does not protect a Sim from death by non-age-related causes like drowning, starving, electrocution, and so on. To protect your Sim from those sorts of deaths, have the Sim carry a Death Flower in his or her inventory at all times. The Sim will give the flower to the Grim Reaper if he or she dies, and the Grim Reaper will allow the Sim to go on living. If the Sim has the Unlucky or Loser trait, a Death Flower is not needed because such Sims can't die accidental deaths (the Grim Reaper finds Losers and Unlucky people too amusing to kill except by old age.) On a related note, the Grim Reaper can't eat ambrosia.

The ingredients required are Life Fruit and Deathfish. Below are instructions on how to get those.

Life Fruit

You can acquire Life Fruit if you're in the Science Career and reach level 7 of the career, but a slightly easier way is to reach level 7 of the Gardening Skill, then go to the Graveyard and look for seeds. Some of these seeds will be Unknown Special Seeds, which might grow into Life Plants.

However, there are several possible plants that an Unknown Special Seed can grow into, so to make sure that you get a Life Plant before it's too late, be sure to collect and plant Unknown Special Seeds daily. Use the best fertilizer you can get to reduce the amount of time that it takes these unknown plants to reach maturity.

Once you do get some Life Fruit, it's a good idea to plant at least one of the fruits to grow more Life Fruit. You can eat them occasionally to give yourself more time to gather the required things for Ambrosia.


The Deathfish can be caught at any skill level, provided that you are using Angelfish as bait. The Deathfish only appears in the pond in the Graveyard in Sunset Valley, and in the river north of the graveyard in Riverview, and only between the hours of midnight and 5AM (in other words, it disappears from the pond when the clock reaches 5AM, so you can't catch it while the clock says 5AM).

To get an Angelfish at an early fishing level, you need an Alley Catfish (which can be purchased at the grocery store) as bait.

Make the ingredients easier to get

If you want to be able to make Ambrosia at any time, grow Life Fruit on your lot, and also make a pond on your lot. You can stock your pond with a particular type of fish if you catch ten of that type and then choose Stock after clicking your pond. This will permanently give your pond an unlimited supply of that fish type, even if it's a type of fish that only is found in the sea.

So, stock your pond with Alley Catfish, Angelfish, and Deathfish to have a limitless and easily accessible supply of those fish right next to your house. You will be able to catch Deathfish at any time of day if you stock a pond with them.

It will also help if you grow Cheese Plants on your lot (which you can do after completing a gardening opportunity), because Cheese is the bait for Alley Catfish.

If you have those things on your lot, you can make Ambrosia pretty much whenever you want.

Getting the recipe

Getting the recipe is pretty straightforward. You will need §12,000, though, which can take time to save up. Just live frugally, and sell some of your unneeded possessions if you must (this lowers your bills, too). You can only read the recipe book if your Cooking skill is at level 10. To quickly raise your level of Cooking, be sure to cook plenty of meals, because when you finish cooking a meal, it increases your skill by a large amount. Also, if you can afford it, get the type of oven that says that it makes your Sim learn more quickly.

Ambrosia is Vegetarian

In spite of the fact that Ambrosia includes fish in the recipe, a Vegetarian Sim will cook it and not get nausea from eating it (a Vegetarian Sim of mine has made and eaten lots of Ambrosia). I guess we can assume that creating Ambrosia turns the constituent ingredients into something else entirely.

Resurrecting Ghost Sims with Ambrosia

If you put a plate of Ambrosia near a ghost Sim that you don't control, the ghost might pick it up and eat it, becoming resurrected. This is easier to do for ghosts who died of starvation, because they have a tendency to eat random food. Other ghosts are not as interested in food, so they might drift past a plate of it if you put it near them. It seems like ghosts might join a Sim that is eating a meal, so if you take multiple plates of food to the graveyard, you might be able to entice a ghost Sim to join you. Also, you should try introducing yourself to the ghost. If you convince a ghost Sim to move in with you, the ghost becomes playable, making it easy to have that ghost eat Ambrosia. If a Sim of your household dies, you will eventually get the Oh My Ghost opportunity, which allows you to take the ghost's grave to the science lab and have it resurrected as a playable ghost. After doing this, you can resurrect ghosts as playable ghosts for §5000 at the science lab at any time. Ghosts that have returned to the netherworld can be brought back this way, as well.

The first ghost Sim that I resurrected with Ambrosia was Joel Astroman, who died of starvation, and upon being revived, he walked away from the graveyard, got into a car, and drove to an empty lot. My Sim unfortunately went to sleep right about then, which kicked in the ultra speed mode, so I don't know where Joel went after that. I haven't figured out if he is gone from that game or is still there for my Sim to randomly find.

The second ghost Sim that I resurrected was Jasper Remington, who was an electrocuted ghost Sim who haunted the Jones lot in Riverview. I had spent quite a while on the Jones family, building up Aiden's gardening and fishing while building up Hannah's cooking skill. (I forgot that Aiden is a natural cook. D'oh.) I also gave Aiden the Bookshop Bargainer and Haggler lifetime rewards to bring the cost of the Ambrosia recipe down to 7,680. Finally Hannah read the recipe, and when Jasper Remington's ghost appeared one night, I woke Hannah up to make a plate of it. She was startled while cooking, because of seeing Jasper, so I had her make a friendly introduction before finishing the Ambrosia.

She had been about to eat it, but I cancelled that. Then, other hungry members of the Jones family kept trying to eat it (they had two teenage sons and a young adult son at this point), but I cancelled that, too, and had the family get a bunch of quick meals from the refrigerator so that they would stop trying to eat the Ambrosia. Once they had all settled down in the kitchen to eat, Jasper went over to the Ambrosia to join the family in their meal. He ate it while socializing with the family, and when he got up, he glowed and came back to life. He had a hairstyle featuring sideburns, and was wearing some sort of blue sweater or jacket. Before I had a chance to talk to him, he left. I didn't follow him to see where he went. When he was gone, so was his urn that had been next to the TV where, presumably, he had been electrocuted.