Once a toddler grows up to be a child, his or her main concern is going to school and getting good grades; that is, if the child cares about being able to pick a trait.


Similar to the way adult Sims go to work, child Sims are expected to go to school. Instead of job performance, the child will have a grade. After coming home each day, the child has a notebook of homework in his or her inventory. If the child neglects to do that homework, he or she will get a lower grade in school the next day. Doing the homework, along with being in a good mood, will help keep the grades up. If the child maintains an A for three consecutive days, the child is placed on the honor roll. If the child becomes a child before going to school, have an adult help with the homework.


Child Sims can learn all skills except for charisma, gardening, and guitar. Look at the Buy tab for items that kids can use and learn skills from.

Lifetime Wish

Keep an eye on your child's wishes, because a lifetime wish might appear there during this life stage.