Athletic Career Track

Performance Factors

  • Athletic
  • Teammates (Starting at Level 4)
  • Game Record (Starting at Level 5)

How to Get to Games

You will get a ride to the game, an hour before the start of the game, just like with regular workdays. However, if you get promoted to Rookie on a game day, you won't go to a game that day.

  • Athletic - Makes it easier to improve athletic skill.
  • Charismatic - Helpful for befriending teammates.
  • Loves the Outdoors - The Sim will be in a great mood if he or she trains outside.
  • Lucky - Might help the Sim's team win games. This is unconfirmed.
  • Schmoozer - Helps the Sim improve relationships with teammates more quickly.
  • Observant - Helps the Sim learn traits of teammates (and everyone else), which he or she can later talk about to get a better friendship boost.
  • Office Hero - Helps quickly improve relationships with teammates while on the job.
  • Long Distance Friend - This can help the Sim stay friends with teammates for a longer time with less effort. This is also helpful if the Sim wants to go for the Super Friendly charisma challenge.