When creating a Sim, you can set his or her personality traits. These traits will determine your Sim's personality, and will affect what lifetime wishes are possible for your Sim. The following is a list of all of the personality traits that a Sim can have.


  • An absent-minded Sim might stop in the middle of a task.
  • An absent-minded Sim might turn off a TV that other Sims are still watching.
  • An absent-minded Sim is forgetful at times.
  • An absent-minded Sim might not remember why he or she went to a particular room.


  • They get a positive moodlet in tombs.
  • Time travel is more likely to give them a positive moodlet.
  • They gain Visa levels more quickly.
  • They get a positive moodlet from visiting a destination for the first time.
  • They more often have wishes to go on adventures.
  • They don't need to wait as long before going on another trip.


  • It doesn't take as long for them to get promotions and raises.
  • If they haven't had a raise or promotion in a while, they might get the Anxious to Advance negative moodlet
  • Fulfilling wishes gives them more lifetime happiness points.


  • They will want to go on fishing trips.
  • They have more fun while fishing than other Sims.
  • Angler NPCs can often be found at fishing spots and parks.
  • They catch fish more quickly and increase in fishing skill more quickly.
  • They can even go fishing if they are stressed out.


  • Artistic Sims learn the Painting skill more quickly than normal.
  • Artistic Sims like going to the Art Gallery.
  • Artistic Sims are slightly quicker to learn to write and play the guitar.
  • Artistic Sims have the 'Talk About Art' interaction option.
  • They will react negatively if a Sim complains about art to them.
  • Artistic NPCs might spontaneously be attracted to the Art Gallery.
  • Artistic Sims can paint Stylized Still-Life paintings, and can paint Somber Still-Life paintings sooner than other Sims.
  • They are better at writing children's books.
  • They might spontaneously start painting on an easel or playing a guitar.

Lifetime Wishes

  • Illustrious Author
  • Master of the Arts


  • They like to talk about exercise.
  • NPC athletes might randomly go to the stadium, pool, beach, spa, gym, or academy.
  • They don't like it when other Sims complain about exercise.
  • They don't fatigue as quickly as normal Sims when exercising.

Lifetime Wishes

  • Become a Superstar Athlete
  • Perfect Mind, Perfect Body


  • Bookworms are faster at reading and enjoy it more than other Sims.
  • Bookworms are faster at completing homework.
  • NPC Bookworms might randomly go to the Library.
  • Bookworms are better at writing vaudeville books.
  • Bookworms can write higher-quality books and are faster at writing than other Sims.
  • Bookworms will learn skills from skill books more quickly.
  • Bookworms get a positive moodlet from being near a bookcase.

Born Salesman/Saleswoman

  • They do better at the consignment store than other Sims.


  • Brave Sims can put house fires out by themselves. (This can be dangerous, however, because the Sim might perish in the blaze.)
  • They don't panic. (And they probably know where their towels are.)
  • They can defeat burglars with no police intervention necessary.
  • They are better at law enforcement and military than non-brave Sims.
  • Ghosts don't scare them, and they don't get a negative moodlet at the graveyard.

Can't Stand Art

  • Perhaps obviously, a Sim who can't stand art will hate any paintings or sculptures it sees.
  • They might get a negative moodlet from being around art.
  • They might have a wish to sell any art in the house.
  • They can't get the positive Decorated moodlet.
  • They prefer not to have decorations in the house.
  • They will react negatively to talking about art.
  • NPCs of this type will never randomly go to the Art gallery.
  • They can complain about art.


  • Charismatic Sims get a better performance increase for socializing at work.
  • They learn other Sims' traits more quickly.
  • Sims whom they converse with will never get bored during a conversation with them.
  • They are more likely to get campaign donations (political career track).
  • They start out with a charisma skill book in their inventories.
  • They learn charisma more quickly.
  • They make friends more quickly.
  • Their conversations tend to be more successful.
  • They are better at writing auto-biography.

Lifetime Wishes

  • Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers
  • Leader of the Free World
  • Star News Anchor
  • Super Popular


  • They are able to play with some of the toys that normally only kids can play with.
  • They aren't afraid of ghosts.
  • They are able to fish in swimming pools.
  • They are more likely to get bored during a conversation.
  • They are better at writing children's books.
  • Their need for fun is higher than for most Sims.


  • Clumsy Sims are likely to trip and fall, drop things, break items that they interact with, and so on.

Commitment Issues

  • They might wish to quit their jobs if they feel trapped in their current career.
  • They can Fret about Commitment if they are in a relationship.

Computer Whiz

  • Computer whizzes can hack on a computer at night to earn money, and will gradually get better at it, earning more money.
  • They make friends more quickly over the computer.
  • They have more fun playing computer games than other Sims.
  • They can overclock computers.
  • Their logic skill will increase more quickly when playing chess on a computer.
  • They can Talk about Computers.
  • They are better at writing Science Fiction.
  • NPCs might randomly go to the Library.

Couch Potato

  • They need more sleep than most Sims.
  • They enjoy watching TV more than other Sims.
  • NPC couch potatoes never randomly go to the library, gym, or other locations that lazy people wouldn't normally go to.
  • They only exercise if they are in a really good mood.
  • Their comfortable moodlet is twice as good.


  • If they get scared, they might faint. This is very bad if they faint because of a fire.
  • Certain scary situations will give them a Scared moodlet, like watching horror TV, experiencing a burglary, seeing a ghost, and so on.
  • They run away from evil Sims who are glowing red.
  • They have the Run Away interaction option.
  • If they don't run away from fights, they usually lose.
  • They get a very negative moodlet in the dark, because they're afraid of the dark.


  • They can survive in a fire for three hours instead of one
  • They are better at writing autobiography.
  • They like fires. They can extinguish them more easily.
  • They have the Watch This interaction, after which they can get the Adrenaline Rush moodlet.
  • Their interactions are sometimes called "Extreme" but they are actually the same as normal in all other respects.


  • They are better at martial arts.
  • they don't like playing video games or computer games.

Dislikes Children

  • They don't like talking about kids.
  • They don't like talking to kids or holding babies.
  • They might randomly be mean to kids.
  • They might randomly ignore a child who tries to interact with them.
  • They don't like being on a lot where there are kids.
  • They have the option to shoo kids.


  • They can pretend to pass out. This might shock other Sims, but some Sims won't care.
  • They can slap people who insult them.
  • They are more likely to end a relationship during arguments.
  • They are more likely to be violent when insulted.
  • They are highly emotional.
  • They are more likely to cry.
  • Menial chores give them a negative moodlet.
  • They get happier than other Sims when good things happen to them.

Easily Impressed

  • This trait conflicts with snob.
  • They are more receptive to being boasted to.
  • They give a lot of compliments.


  • They are quick to learn Inventing
  • They are quick to create their inventions.
  • They are better at making Improved Widgets.
  • Baby Sims can have this trait, but can't act on it until childhood.
  • They are better at discovering new inventions.


  • They prefer to travel by bike.
  • They take quick showers so as to conserve water.
  • They go for more expensive, efficient appliances.
  • They prefer to eat organic food.
  • They use a clothesline instead of a dryer, feeling sad if they use a dryer.
  • They prefer to carpool
  • Gardening and other eco-friendly actions make them happy.


  • They often win fights.
  • They laugh when others die.
  • They like seeing ghosts and going to the graveyard.
  • They can give money in order to undermine the efforts of charities.
  • Many of their interactions are described as Evil, but are in all other respects the same as normal.
  • If they reach the top of the Criminal career, they might acquire a red glow. This glow scares Cowards and Good Sims but makes other Evil Sims happy.
  • They can get along with Mean-Spirited Sims, as long as those Sims are not Good.
  • They are best suited for the Criminal career.
  • They like being in the dark.
  • They might get the Fiendishly Delighted positive moodlet if they see someone experiencing misfortune nearby.
  • They can steal candy from babies. And toddlers.
  • Good Sims and Sims who work for Law Enforcement will tread lightly around Sims who they know are Evil.


  • Excitable Sims get excited about all sorts of mundane events, possibly getting a positive moodlet from everyday occurrences.
  • NPCs of this type might randomly go to Hangout lots.

Family Oriented

  • They are about to Talk about Family.
  • They can Coo About Children with other Sims.
  • They are likely to have a desire for children and grandchildren.
  • Infants learn more quickly from Family Oriented Sims.
  • They are better at writing Children's books.
  • They get along with family members better than most Sims do.
  • They have a better starting bonus with family members than most Sims do.


  • Flirty Sims can flirt and do other romantic actions early on in relationships.
  • They are likely to be flirty unless it would be bad for the relationship.
  • They give great massages.
  • Their romantic advances are more likely to succeed.

Lifetime Wishes

  • Heartbreaker


  • They don't mind if Sims repeat interactions.
  • They make friends more quickly than other Sims.
  • Their Friendly social interactions are more often successful.
  • Even if a Sim is their enemy, they will still have a desire to become best friends.
  • They have the 'get to know' interaction option which is a better way to learn the traits of other Sims.
  • When left to their own devices, they will use friendly interactions by default.


  • They can get coupons from the newspaper.
  • They aren't as generous when asked for campaign donations.
  • They often turn off the lights to keep bills down.
  • They get positive moodlets from buying things on sale.
  • They get unhappy if they buy an expensive item.


  • Genius Sims might randomly Contemplate their surroundings, gaining a Fascinated moodlet afterward.
  • Genius Sims are better at writing Science Fiction and Mystery.
  • Genius Sims can always engage in Deep Conversations with people and will enjoy such conversations more than normal Sims.
  • Genius Sims earn money from Hacking more quickly.
  • They have better job performance in the Medical, Law Enforcement, and Science careers.
  • They can Solve the Unsolvable on the computer, solving difficult math problems for cash.
  • They learn the logic skill more quickly.
  • They enjoy chess and improve at chess more quickly.
  • When painting Stylized still-life paintings, they might paint them in a pixellated style.
  • Genius NPCs might randomly go to the Library.

Possible Lifetime Wishes

  • Chess Legend
  • Perfect Mind/Perfect Body
  • Renaissance Sim
  • The Tinkerer


  • When they are friendly to other Sims, those Sims might get the Comforted positive moodlet.
  • They can do a Brighten Day interaction which gives the other Sim a positive moodlet.
  • They are less likely to have negative reactions during conversations.
  • They are not able to do any mean interactions, ever.
  • They can use the mailbox to donate to charity.
  • Brave, Good Sims can't fight burglars.

Good Sense of Humor

  • They are better at writing humor.
  • Their jokes are more likely to go over well.
  • They are more receptive to other Sims' jokes.
  • Their relationships start out with a bonus.
  • Their jokes are more beneficial to relationships than the jokes of other Sims.

Great Kisser

  • Their kisses give a positive moodlet to both Sims for three hours.

Green Thumb

  • Green Thumb Sims can talk to plants to increase Social need and remove the Lonely moodlet.
  • They learn Gardening more quickly.
  • If their skill is high enough, they can revive dead plants.
  • They grow higher quality produce.
  • They start out with a gardening book in their inventory.
  • Green Thumb NPCs might randomly go to Park and Garden lots.

Possible Lifetime Wishes

  • The Perfect Garden


  • Grumpy Sims might become enraged if something bad happens to a nearby Sim.
  • They might spontaneously become sad if they don't have any other moodlets.
  • They can complain at any time.
  • They are better at writing Satire.
  • They don't like to boast or enthuse.
  • They can use a computer to Troll on Forums, which eventually grants a positive moodlet.
  • It is difficult to put them in a good mood.
  • Rather than getting angry or uncomfortable, they are more likely to become sad.


  • Handy Sims never fail to repair or upgrade things, which means no risk of electrocution.
  • Handy Sims start the game with a handiness book in their inventories.
  • Objects repaired by handy Sims are less likely to break again.
  • Handy Sims learn the handiness skill more quickly.

Hates the Outdoors

  • They never become stir crazy from being indoors a lot.
  • They get upset when they're outside.

Possible Lifetime Wishes

  • The Tinkerer

Heavy Sleeper

  • Like the couch potato, they need to sleep longer.
  • They can sleep through loud noises (like alarm clocks, crying babies, etc.)
  • They might sleep through dangerous situations like fires and burglaries.
  • They can get the listening to music moodlet while asleep.
  • They can sleep at work. Getting the professional slacker lifetime reward will prevent this from reducing job performance.

Hopeless Romantic

  • They are better at writing romance.
  • 'Stood Up' and 'Heartbroken' affect them more negatively than other Sims.
  • Romantic interactions with them usually succeed.
  • They like reading romance.
  • Being in a room with a romantic interest puts them in a good mood.
  • They are more receptive to other Sims' romantic advances.


  • They get really upset at negative social interactions.
  • They can get enraged when items break.
  • Instead of getting sad or uncomfortable, they just get angry.
  • They are good at writing satire.


  • They will react very negatively if forced to swim.
  • They will never put their heads underwater when taking a bath.
  • They don't enjoy baths very much.


  • Sometimes they don't wear appropriate clothing.
  • They can make fun of other Sims.
  • They can rummage in garbage cans.
  • They do not have the ability to apologize.
  • They can knock over neighbors' garbage cans.
  • They can take a sponge bath wherever there is a sink.
  • They can talk about other Sims who are standing nearby.
  • They are better at writing humor.
  • They more often have the option to insult other Sims.
  • They can do inappropriate interactions like proposing marriage or kissing when a relationship is not strong enough for most Sims to do so.
  • If you have World Adventures, you can get the Inappropriate But in a Good Way lifetime reward, which prevents other Sims from being offended at your Sim's inappropriate behavior.


  • Insane Sims can fish in swimming pools.
  • Insane Sims might randomly decide to do a strange action.
  • They might wish for weird things.
  • When changing clothes, they choose randomly instead of choosing the expected outfit for the occasion (so they'll sleep in everyday clothes, go swimming in formal wear, etc.)
  • They are better at writing auto-biography.
  • They have some unique interactions possible: 'Catch anything?', 'Speak Madness', 'Tell Ghost Story', 'Talk about Conspiracies'.
  • They might randomly choose a bathtub or toilet as a place to sit or relax.
  • Ghosts don't affect them.
  • They can talk to themselves, which improves fun, and social mood, and removes the lonely moodlet.
  • Speak Madness will creep out non-insane Sims but will entertain other Insane Sims.
  • If they paint Stylized still-life paintings, they can make distorted ones.
  • They randomly respond to marriage proposals instead of responding based on relationship level.
  • Other Sims might perceive them as behaving oddly.


  • After going to other lots, you might discover pilfered goods in their family inventories.
  • They will be kicked off of a lot if they are found stealing.
  • At night time, they can attempt to swipe things from a lot.
  • They can only swipe three things per day.
  • They are good at writing autobiography.
  • They are able to return stolen goods via the mailbox.

Light Sleeper

  • They are likely to wake up when there are loud sounds, like alarms, crying children, etc.
  • They will wake up the moment a burglar steps onto their lot.
  • They aren't as likely to get the Fully Rested moodlet.


  • In places where a lot of Sims are around, Loners get a negative moodlet. This can happen to a Loner Sim while he or she is at work.
  • When on a lot by himself or herself, a Loner Sim gets a positive moodlet from being alone.
  • Their social mood decreases more slowly than other Sims'. This means that a loner Sim can get lonely, but it takes a longer time, and it's less likely to occur because it doesn't take very much interaction to raise the Sim's social mood.
  • They like to hang out in their bedroom.
  • NPC loners never randomly go to hangouts.


  • They complain a lot.
  • They don't do well in school or work or opportunities.
  • The Grim Reaper will take pity on them and spare their lives if they meet with an accidental death, but they can die of old age.
  • If they win a game (which is unlikely for them), they get a stronger positive moodlet.

Loves the Outdoors

  • Can talk about outdoors.
  • Are better at fishing and gardening.
  • Are good in the athletic, science, and military careers.
  • They get a positive moodlet while outside.
  • They might get a negative moodlet if inside for too long.


  • They are better at work and are more likely to have a good outcome from career events.
  • They might wake up Feeling Lucky (positive moodlet) if they have had at least four hours of sleep.
  • They are more likely to win at games than other Sims.
  • They are less likely to burn food, be burglarized, or break things.

Mean Spirited

  • They would rather make enemies than friends.
  • They always win fights.
  • They are better at writing humor.
  • They have the option to Troll on Forums, gaining a positive moodlet if it goes well for them.
  • When left to their own devices, they will be mean to other Sims.


  • They can ask for food and cash from other Sims, usually annoying them.
  • They can get snacks and food from other Sims' refrigerators.

Natural Cook

  • Natural Cooks never burn food and never cause fires when cooking.
  • They learn cooking more quickly.
  • They start with a cooking skill book in their inventories.
  • Natural Cook NPCs might randomly go to the Bistro.
  • When selecting food, they have the option to Kick it up a Notch, which improves the food quality by one level.
  • Their food tends to be higher quality.
  • If on a lot other than their home, they might learn a recipe of a food that they eat, if their cooking level is high enough.
  • They have the option to talk about cooking.

Possible Lifetime Wishes

  • Celebrated Five-Star Chef
  • The Culinary Librarian


  • They enjoy cleaning.
  • The things that they clean are more clean than if cleaned by a non-Neat Sim.
  • They refuse to use dirty objects.
  • They will clean even if they are in a bad mood.
  • Neat NPCs might randomly go to the laundromat.
  • They have the option to Clean House, which is like what a maid does when he or she comes over.
  • They will be very unhappy in dirty rooms.


  • After interacting with something, the Sim might get a Feeling Anxious About Object moodlet. This will go away after a while, but can be fixed right away by checking on the object.
  • Your Sim has the option to Freak Out, which will upset nearby Sims, but will result in your Sim getting a Tranquil moodlet.
  • Your Sim can Share Worries with other Sims in an effort to reduce stress.
  • Neurotic Sims get stressed out a lot. They will get stressed out at times when most Sims would just get sad or angry.
  • They can talk to other Sims about conspiracies.
  • They might wish to wash their hands repeatedly, make their beds repeatedly, or do other hygiene-based things repeatedly.

Never Nude

  • They hate being naked and will bathe in swimwear.

No sense of humor

  • They can use the bore to death interaction.
  • If they don't know a Sim well, humorous interactions don't go over too well with them.
  • Their Have a Blast positive moodlet lasts longer.
  • They can ramble endlessly and share trivia, both of which are great for other Sims with no sense of humor, but they bore other Sims.


  • They might spontaneously start crying if they have nothing to do.
  • They are good at writing satire.
  • Their moodlets affect them more strongly.

Party Animal

  • During parties, they can use the Woo! interaction.
  • They will drink a lot at a bar.
  • They like dancing to music.
  • They never have no-shows to their parties.
  • Their guests are more likely to bring gifts.
  • They are more creative in their dancing.


  • They learn logic more quickly
  • They are more likely to spot criminal activities during stakeouts.
  • They get more money from investigator assignments.
  • They are better at noticing others' traits.


  • Their default action at work is Suck up to the Boss or Do Boss's Paperwork or similar tasks if available
  • They have the schmooze interaction when talking to the boss or co-workers
  • Their compliments never fail, which is great for befriending snobs.
  • When they ask for things from other Sims, they have a better chance of success.
  • They get better friendship increases when socializing with boss and co-workers.
  • They have Praise and Flatter interactions, which gives the other Sim a positive moodlet.


  • A slob won't care if his or her surroundings are dirty, or if he or she is smelly.
  • A slob can satisfy hunger by licking plates clean.
  • They will not care if they eat spoiled or burned food.
  • The items they use become dirty more quickly.
  • NPC slobs will never randomly go to the laundromat.
  • They don't clean up after themselves very often, if at all.


  • They will sometimes get so scared when a TV or other machine is in use nearby that he or she will get a negative moodlet and might even stop in the middle of a task, too scared to continue.
  • They are really bad at writing, because of the need to use a computer to do it.
  • They will probably not do too well when trying to repair electronic devices.
  • They can sabotage electronic devices.


  • The only cause of death possible for an unlucky Sim is old age, because the Grim Reaper will feel sorry for and revive an unlucky Sim who dies in an accident like fire or electrocution.
  • They might wake up feeling unlucky (negative moodlet) if they have had at least four hours of sleep.
  • They are better at writing auto-biography.
  • They are more likely to break things, get electrocuted, encounter fires and burglaries, etc.
  • They are more likely to lose games.


  • They like to sing in the shower.
  • Once the guitar skill is mastered, they automatically learn a master track.
  • NPC virtuosos might randomly go to the stadium or theater.
  • They make more money in tips when performing.
  • They learn guitar more quickly.

Possible Lifetime Wishes

  • Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers
  • Hit Movie Composer
  • Master of the Arts
  • Rock Star

Vehicle Enthusiast

  • They can name their cars right away, rather than waiting to develop a friendship with the car.
  • They develop friendships with their car more quickly.