Criminal Career Track

The criminal career track involves becoming a petty thief and working your way up to being a master thief or the emperor of evil. The Athletic skill is required for advancement throughout all levels of this career. Some of the higher levels of this career track require good relationship with Accomplices (a.k.a. co-workers.)

Job TitleHoursSalaryRequired for Advancement
DecoyM,T,F,S,Su 10AM-4PM$17/hourAthletic
CutpurseM,T,F,S,Su 10AM-4PM$24/hourAthletic
ThugM,T,F,S,Su 9PM-3AM$32/hourAthletic
Getaway DriverM,T,F,S,Su 9PM-3AM$40/hourAthletic, Accomplices
BagmanM,T,F,S,Su 9PM-3AM$52/hourAthletic, Accomplices
Con ArtistM,T,F,S,Su 9PM-3AM$63/hourAthletic, Accomplices

Thief Branch

When promoted from Con Artist, you have the option to choose the Thief Branch or the Evil Branch of the criminal career. The top tier of the thief branch is more lucrative than that of the evil branch, and it has you working four days a week instead of three for the evil branch. Charisma is a good skill for this branch.

Job TitleHoursSalaryRequired for Advancement
SafecrackerM,T,F,S,Su 9PM-2AM$96/hourAthletic, Accomplices
Bank RobberT,F,S,Su 9PM-2AM$128/hourAthletic, Accomplices
Cat BurglarT,F,S,Su 9PM-1AM$225/hourAthletic, Accomplices
Master ThiefT,F,S,Su 9PM-1AM$565/hourAthletic, Accomplices

Evil Branch

Logic is needed for advancement in the evil branch, and charisma helps. It ultimately doesn't pay as well as the thief branch. But you do generate an evil glow from time to time after becoming the Emperor of Evil.

Job TitleHoursSalaryRequired for Advancement
HenchmanM-F 9PM-3AM$109/hourAthletic, Boss
Evil SidekickM,T,Th,F 9PM-3AM$140/hourAthletic, Boss, Logic
SupervillainM,T,Th,F 9PM-2AM$238/hourAthletic, Boss, Logic
Emperor of EvilM,T,F 9PM-2AM$418/hourAthletic, Logic