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Where are We?

After finding Tornix in the mausoleum, Cless/Cress and Mint find themselves in an unfamiliar place.


When you're back in control, go into the town. Walk up until you see villagers.

The next morning, talk to Lenios's wife to get a bigger food sack. Now you can hold 2200 food units.

Go outside, and find the item shop in the southwest part of town. Go around the left side of the item shop to find two chests. From left to right, they contain an Orange Gummy and a Remedy Bottle. Then, at the weapon shop, buy a Sharp Sabre and upgrade your armor. In the weapon shop, there is a secret passage in the right wall that goes up and around the back of the counter. Talk to the kid while you are behind the counter to learn a new skill.

Spirit Forest

Go to the forest directly south of Beladum, and from the entrance, go down and right, and you'll see a chest (Orange Gummy) sticking out from under the leaves of a tree. Open that chest, then check around under the leaves of the tree below that to find another chest (Sage). Go up from there, and you will find another chest (Hourglass). Then go south to the water, then east, then north to the tree where Cless/Cress saw the vision. There is a chest to the left of it (Reverse Doll).

Now, you can level up and master skills near Beladum, and rest for free in Lenios's house whenever you need to.


Before going to Euclid, there is a dock northeast of Beladum that has some chests: (far left) Spy Lens, (middle top) Life Bottle, (middle center) Steak, (middle bottom) Mystical Rune (equip this on Mint right away), (bottom right) Elixir.

Mountain Pass

When you're ready, buy any items that you need, and go north, through the mountain pass. The hard route isn't difficult now that you have leveled up, and you will not get much experience from it. But if you didn't get the chests on the hard route before, you might want to do so now. Go north from there to Euclid.


There is a girl under a tree near the south entrance of Euclid. Talk to her, then walk toward the Inn, to start an optional side quest. In the SNES version, the side quest is just for plot and doesn't affect the gameplay, but in other versions, you will get a reward if you complete the side quest. If you want to do the side quest, listen to the girl and help her out.

Walk to the right and up around the back of the inn to find two chests. One is under the uppermost tree. From left to right, the chests contain a Mixed Gummy and a Rune Bottle.

Go left and up from the weapon shop to find a chest (1,000 gold).

Go to the right of the northeast house, and go up to reach the trees there. There is a secret passage through the trees that leads to the ledge behind the house. Just wander around under the leaves until you find it. You'll see Cless/Cress start to sweat when he's in the passage. The chest on the ledge contains a Charm Bottle.

Now go into the northeast house. Klarth/Claus joins you.

You can buy a Kite Shield for Cless/Cress, but you will get one for free later. Buy items if you need to. You should buy 15 of all the kinds of food they offer in the food store here, but to fill your food sack you should only use Apples, since they only cost 1 gold and give you 60 units of food, being one of the most cost-effective foods in the game. Once the sack is full, make sure that you have 15 of each food.

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