Explore the World with the Airbirds

After you contract with Volt and power up the Airbirds, you can explore the world.

After you contract with Volt and power up the Airbirds, you can explore the world.


After you contract with Volt, go to Euclid. In Euclid, go into the northwest house and talk to Stanley downstairs to get the Airbirds. Now you can go anywhere!

You can take off by pressing the Accept button, then hold the Accept button to fly forward. You can land by pressing the Cancel button.

First, go to Alvanista, which is east and slightly south of Euclid.


Talk to the elf at the middle south entrance of Alvanista to learn about Aska.

If you race the kid, choose the S-Flag, which revives a fallen party member with full HP. You can win three times.

Enter the castle. After the cutscene, fly southeast to Olive Village.

Olive Village

Buy Eggs from the guy between a house and the item shop. You can sell them for a good profit. Or you can use them for food in the food sack, if you prefer.

There is a strange grave east of the weapon shop. There is text on both the front and the back.


Go east to the oasis nearest to Olive Village and talk to the guy to purchase the Odin's Wrath skill for 40,000 gold.

White Forest

Go north until you see the snowy Valhalla Plains, then go northwest to the White Forest and gather mushrooms. They are all in the same places as they were in the White Forest in the past.

Leave the White Forest and fly north until you see a small island, then fly west until the sky turns dark. Land on the snowy island where the sky is dark, and enter the city. This is Ary.


Talk to a woman in the pub to buy the Cinder Hawk skill for 50,000 gold. Talk to a soldier in the pub to get a Dedis Emblem. Talk to the woman in front of him, who is standing behind a plant, to learn of the Ninja Village.

Leave town, launch the Airbirds, then turn north-northeast (mostly north, slightly east), then go past Treant's Forest, until you see Edward's house. Land there.

Edward's House

In Edward's house, check in the bed upstairs to get a Drum Set. If you go to your inventory and use the Drum Set, you can use the controller to play drums.

Go back outside and launch the Airbirds, then turn north-northeast (mostly north, slightly east), and go in that direction to find Freezekill, a town on a snowy island.


Go into the weapon shop, use a Rune Bottle on a Charm Bottle to turn it into a Lotus Perfume, then use the Lotus Perfume. This will lower the prices at the shop. Buy a Laser Blade for Cless/Cress and a Holy Rod for Mint.

Then go to the Inn and talk to the guy in the leftmost room to buy the Lion Flare skill for 30,000 gold.

Aegis's Workshop

Make sure that you have at least 110450 gold before you go there. If you don't have that much gold, you can buy eggs in Olive Village from the man between the item shop and a house, then sell them in any shop for a good profit. Olive Village is northeast of Freezekill.

In the ocean south of the Freland dock, there is a small island with a house on it. Land there and go into the house to find Aegis's Workshop. Use a Lotus Perfume (use a Rune Bottle on a Charm Bottle to get one) and talk to the girl in the middle, and buy one of each Rare armor for Cless/Cress, but don't get anything for Chester.

The kid on the right is selling the extremely expensive Combo Command. You probably can't afford it right now, but you might to come back and get it later. With a Lotus Perfume, it will only cost 2,500,000 gold.

If you equip the Combo Command, you can press different key combinations in battle to make Cless/Cress perform certain skills, much like in a fighting game. Different people around the world will tell you the combinations. The combos are listed on the Combo Command page.

However, with the Combo Command equipped, Cless/Cress's four assigned skills will be ignored, so you can't press the usual buttons to perform those four skills.

The Combo Command allows Cless/Cress to use long range skills even at short range, and vice versa.

More Exploration

After this, you can find new pact rings and spirits for Klarth/Claus to contract with.