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Preparing for the Hardest Sidequest

The Lower Levels of Moria is a challenging, optional dungeon in Tales of Phantasia. This page gives advice for how to prepare.

Sell Old Equipment

Now is a good time to sell your old equipment. This will give you plenty of money to purchase the best possible equipment to help you survive the Lower Levels of Moria.

Selling Weapons and Armor

To avoid a bug, go out to the world map, save the game, and then use a Rune Bottle on one of your question mark items (if any), then alphabetize your item list. If this causes a glitched item to appear in your inventory, don't save the game. Instead, reload your last save, and remember not to use a Rune Bottle on the item that caused the glitch.

Get the best equipment for everyone, then sell your old weapons and armor, but don't sell the following items:

  • Blue Crystal Rod
  • Blue Line Shield
  • Golden Armor
  • Gold Helm
  • Hyper Gauntlet
  • Jet Boots
  • Lucky Blade
  • Muramasa
  • Red Line Shield

Items that You Might Want to Sell

The following items have limited usefulness, so you might want to sell them to free up space in your inventory.

  • Drum Set - There is a limited quantity available in the game, but they all do the same thing, so you might want to keep one.
  • Basilisk Scales - They heal up all your HP in battle.
  • Medicine Bottles - They temporarily protect you from becoming paralyzed, but you become 20% weaker temporarily.
  • Yellow Cake - Use this in battle to cast the Explode spell without spending TP.

Items that You Should Not Sell

Be sure not to sell the following items, because they are either very useful or required for a side quest.

  • S-Flag - They revive a dead party member with full HP
  • Sake - It cures HP, TP, and Status
  • Soup Pot - It is the only way to make Oden
  • Silver Mattock - used in a side-quest
  • Blue Candle - used in a side-quest
  • Green Torch - used in a side-quest
  • Red Lantern - used in a side-quest

Guide to Selling Accessories

Unequip everyone's accessories, including whoever is not in the active party. Then sell all but the following things.

  • Armlets (keep 4)
  • Black Onyxes (keep 4 or 5)
  • Gorgon Amulets (keep 4)
  • Heavy Stones (keep 4)
  • Iron Boots (keep 4)
  • Mental Ring (keep 4)
  • Nymph's Ring (keep 4)
  • Salamander's Ring (keep 4)
  • Silver Cape (keep 2, unless you have 2 Princess Capes)

Money Making Guide

Certain trading goods can be sold at specific places for high profit. This lists where to sell which items.

  • Medicinal Herb - Alvanista
  • Cat's Eye - Elven Village
  • Whale Meat - Elven Village
  • Painting - Venezzia

Get the Combo Command

At this point, you probably have enough to buy the Combo Command from Aegis's Workshop, which is south of the Freland dock. Use a Rune Bottle on a Charm Bottle, and use the Lotus Perfume, then buy the Combo Command.

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