The Menu System

When you are first in control of Cless/Cress, familiarize yourself with the menu.


You can view each character's skills.

Cless/Cress's Skills

Cless/Cress will learn new skills as he earns experience and passes certain points in the game. Once he learns a new skill, it must be equipped in his Skills menu for him to use it.

Cless/Cress can use both short range and long range skills, depending on how far away he is from the enemy.

Cless/Cress can equip up to two skills for both short range and long range.

Many of the skills that Cless/Cress will learn can be mastered. To master a skill, you have to use it 100 times in battle.

Some of the skills that Cless/Cress will learn are combination techniques that use two of Cless/Cress's skills together. To use a combination technique, Cless/Cress must master both of the individual skills that make up the combination.


In the items menu, you can view certain items' statistics, such as weapon power and food value.

You can sort items in various ways in the items menu. Highlight each sort button to see what order it will sort your list in.

There is also a Treasure menu accessible from the items menu. Move your arrow to the word "Treasure" above the items list and press A to see the rare items you have.


The Form menu is where you can change the formation of your party. You can choose where you want Cless/Cress and the others to be standing at the beginning of battles. The middle is usually the best place to be, as you may sometimes be ambushed on both sides by the enemy. However, in some boss battles, the boss will always be at a particular side of the screen.


Equip shows you what your party is equipped with, and allows you to equip them with new items.

Pointing the cursor at a character's name and pressing left or right lets you switch between characters.

Choosing "Best" will equip your character with what it thinks is the best equipment. Be aware that this might not really be the best equipment for certain situations.

Each party member can carry two accessories. You can see what each accessory does for your character by highlighting it in the list to the left.


Since you can only control Cless/Cress, and your control of the other characters is somewhat limited, you can choose what tactic you want each character to use.

For example, Chester can:

  • Aim Carefully - slow but effective
  • Go Berserk - faster but less reliable, good for large enemies
  • Help Fighter - if Chester is close enough to the enemy, he will shoot an arrow as soon as Cless/Cress attacks
  • Defend - he won't shoot arrows at all