Titles for Cless

This page explains how to acquire more titles for Cless/Cress.

Euclid Titles (future)

If you go to Euclid Castle, up the stairs at the top right, follow the path and into the room to the left, talk to the soldier. He can give you the following titles:

Combo MasterMust have Combo Command and Combo Counter
Druaga ManiacMust have collected the following items (these are all items that were in Namco's 1984 game The Tower of Druaga):
  • Blue Candle
  • Blue Crystal Rod
  • Blue Line Shield
  • Excalibur
  • Gold Helm
  • Golden Armor
  • Green Torch
  • Hyper Gauntlet
  • Jet Boots
  • Red Lantern
  • Red Line Shield
  • Silver Mattock
SamuraiMust have the Muramasa
Champion Must have completed the Euclid Coliseum at least once
BerserkerMust have gone through at least 1000 battles

Alvanista Titles (past and future)

You may have noticed a guy in Alvanista castle who gives you titles based on Cless/Cress's skills and level.

Here are the titles that I know of, in the order the guy gives them to you. I'm not 100% sure how to get each title, but I've double-checked it all for accuracy.

[For reference, Cless/Cress can learn a total of 12 short range skills, 10 long range skills, and 18 combos. Of the 12 short range, 6 are masterable, and of the 10 long range, 6 are masterable]

FighterMaster Psion Bolt/Demonic Blade/Demon Fang and Dual Kick/Swallow Dance
KnightI suspect this title is given when Cless/Cress's CON stat (short for constitution) or some other stat has surpassed a certain number. I got "Knight" after Cless/Cress had learned Focus, and had mastered all known skills.
ExpertThis may be another stat-based title, like on agility or something (the soldier does say something about "light on your feet", right?) I didn't get this one until the future, and I got it after Cless/Cress had learned (but hadn't mastered) Magma Rift.
MasterI got this after Cless/Cress mastered 7 techniques (4 short range and 3 long range, unless you count Teleport twice).
FencerMaster all of Cless/Cress's techniques.
Master FencerCless/Cress must be at level 99.


Cless/Cress starts with one green star on his status screen next to his level. I'm not exactly sure what you do to get more stars, but as you level up, learn more skills, and get more titles, the more stars you have.