Origin, Spirit of Creation

With the Vorpal Sword and the Flamberge, you can complete the legendary sword.

Cless and his friends must battle Origin in the Treant's forest to gain his power in the fight against Dhaos.

Location of Origin

You can battle Origin at the obelisk in Ymir Forest after you receive the Vorpal Sword in Fenrir's Cavern and Flamberge from Odin's Tower. See Reach the Obelisk for directions.

Origin Boss Strategy

Attack with Lion Lunge, and when you can, get close to Origin and use Gale Shield repeatedly, backing him into the corner.

If you are lucky, you will win a ?Bow from Origin. It becomes a Soul Stealer, which is even better than the Elven Bow.

After the cutscenes are over, equip the Eternal Sword on Cless/Cress.

Moving On

Now that you have the Eternal Sword, you can Reveal Dhaos's hidden lair.