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Odin's Tower

Now you seek another legendary blade.

Odin's Tower

Odin's Tower is in the mountains of the Freland continent, surrounded by lava, near Ifrit's cave. It is south and slightly east of Freezekill.

Your party should consist of Cless/Cress, Mint, Klarth/Claus, and Arche.

In the tower, equip Cless/Cress and Mint with Flame Mantles. Put the Garnet Ring on Klarth/Claus. Make sure that Cless/Cress isn't set to use any fire-based skills. For Arche, cancel everything except Tidal Wave. For Klarth/Claus, cancel Ifrit, Sylphs, and Gnome. Use a Fairy Ring on Arche.

If you haven't trained Cless/Cress with Soul Edge yet, you can tell Arche and Klarth/Claus not to cast spells, and walk around the entrance and use Soul Edge on all of the monsters. If you do this, though, you will have to use Orange Gummies or leave the tower and go to Olive Village to rest (or go northeast to the Long Valley to rest for free), because Soul Edge consumes a lot of TP.

There is another good reason to fight enemies in the entrance of the tower: you can get fire-protecting rings from some of the enemies. If you fight Karys, they sometimes drop Salamander's Rings, which become Nymph's Rings with a Rune Bottle. Nymph's Rings make you immune to fire spells, and immune to the damaging effects of the lava.

You can stop after getting four Nymph's Rings, but be aware that your fifth, inactive party member will die in lava rooms if not equipped with a fifth Nymph's Ring.

When everyone has a Nymph's Ring, you can explore the rest of the tower.

From the entrance, go left, and go up the hallway and flip the switch. Then go down the hallway, and go through the door on the left. The left chest contains a Basilisk Scale, and the chest on the right contains a ?Armor that becomes a Reflect Plate. Go back out.

The door below you leads to a dead end, but you will not encounter enemies there, so you can use the room to heal up. It is the same room that you went to when you met the Valkyrie in the past.

From the first room of the dungeon, go right, past the entrance, and go up the other hallway and flip the switch. Then go down that hallway and go down through the lower door. Open the chests. The one on the left contains a ?Book that becomes Seventh Sun, and the one on the right contains a Moon Crystal.

Now go back out, and go through that door you opened with the switches.

A Spell for Arche

There is a new spell for Arche that you can get here, or you can wait until after you fight the boss in this tower.

To get the spell, go up the stairs, then go up the hallway and exit left.

Go down and make sure everyone is equipped with Nymph's Rings (as described earlier). Go through the door and walk across the lava to get the Verbena, then go back out.

If you go up and through the door, you will find two chests. The one on the right contains an Ankh Shield, and the one on the left contains a Flame Mantle.

Exit right.

If you need Mixed Gummies, go through the door facing the stairs. Otherwise, just go up those stairs.

If you want a ?Helm = Paladin Helm, a Life Bottle and a Shield Ring, go north twice, then exit left for the ?Helm, then exit south and through the door directly below you for the Shield Ring (on the left) and a Life Bottle (on the right).

From this room, exit right, then go up the hallway and go right, then go down the hall and exit south.

In the lava room, use the bottom left door. Go up the stairs here, then go up through the hallway and exit right to find, from left to right, a Veal, another Veal, and a Holy Bottle. Go back out.

Go left, and go up the stairs, then keep going straight up, and go up the stairs until you reach a chest, which contains the Explode spell. Be sure to disable it.

You might want to leave the tower to heal up and buy supplies. To leave the tower from where you got the Explode spell, just follow all the stairs down and follow the path until you are in the lava room. Go down the stairs, then go down the bottom left hallway and go down those stairs, then go straight down, and go straight down again.

Go to the Boss

From the tower entrance, go to the right, past the hallway, and go through the upper right door. Go up the stairs.

Open the chest (Reverse Doll). Exit left, then go down, and go up the stairs.

Exit north. The door here is locked. Then exit left. Go left and down, and go through the first hallway to the left.

Flip the switch, then open the chest (Mental Ring). Go back past the locked door and exit right this time. Now go through the first hallway on the right.

Flip the switch, then open the chest, which contains an ?Armor that becomes a Star Cloak.

Now go back to the door, which is now open. Go up the stairs.

Go up from the stairs and go right. Pull the statue down until the door opens. Go through and get the Cute Mittens for Arche or Mint. Exit.

Now go left. Before the statue, there is a door. Go through it to get a ?Helm that becomes a Star Cap. Exit.

Pull the statue the same way as the other one, and go through the door that opens. Get the Shield Ring and exit.

Now go straight down and follow the path below.

Pull each elf statue down and onto one of the rectangular switches on the floor. Go through the door that opens, and go up the stairs.

There are three doors in the north wall, and an exit south. Go through each one in turn and beat the miniboss in each room. Each miniboss is just like a random encounter in the tower: two Karys, a Druid and a Djinn. One of the Karys is behind you.

After you have defeated all of the minibosses, stairs appear in the north wall. Go up.

At the save point, walk around to heal up. Set Arche to cast only Tidal Wave, and set Klarth/Claus to summon only Maxwell. Equip the two of them with Mystical Runes. Make sure Cless/Cress isn't using any fire skills. Set him to use Fury Slash for close range, and if he hasn't mastered Soul Edge yet, use that for long range.

When you are ready, go up.


Cast Haste on Cless/Cress and use a Flare Bottle on him.

Odin's Tower, Part 2

To leave the tower, exit south, go down the stairs, then go down through the door and exit right. Go up, then go down the stairs. Exit south three times, then follow the path, exit south twice, then use the exit across from the open door.

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