Cooking Oden

If you found Ayflite's treasures, you found a Soup Pot that you can use to cook Oden.

About Oden

It costs a lot to gather the ingredients for Oden, but you can sell it for a profit. Or, since it is worth 22200 units of food, you can use it to instantly fill up your food sack.

The Ingredients

IngredientWhere to BuyPrice
EggOlive Village80
PuddingNinja Village10030
MisoNinja Village80000

Ninja Village

To reach the Ninja Village, go to the Elven Village. You can sell your Cat's Eyes in the Elven Village for 300,000 gold.

To reach the Ninja Village from the entrance of the Treant's Forest, go north three times, west three times, and north three times.

Go into the building in the bottom right of the ninja village and buy the rest of the ingredients from the woman in white. Then go past her, down past the people at the table, and go through the door below and talk to the woman by the cook pot. Say 'yes' to have her make the Oden. She only makes one serving at a time.