Valhalla Plains

Cless and his friends do their part in the war against Dhaos by fighting monsters on the Valhalla Plains.

Cless and his friends do their part in the war against Dhaos by fighting monsters on the Valhalla Plains.

Valhalla Plains

If you reach the boss in one day, it is rumored that you will get 50,000 gold.

Before you Begin

Your goal is to reach the leader of Dhaos's army as quickly as possible. There will be enemies floating around the battlefield, as well as some enemies that are stationary that will run up to you if you get too close to them.

Time is measured in steps, not minutes, and time also passes during battle, so if you walk as little as possible, and avoid as many battles as possible, you will reach the boss before too many days pass.

Hug the edges of the path when you can, to minimize the number of steps you take. Try to avoid monsters, but don't go too far out of your way.

Since time passes during battle, it may be faster to run away from battles. You might want to put Cless/Cress on the leftmost side of the formation and equip him with a White Mist or Thief's Mantle so he can run away from battles more quickly.

If you reach the boss within five days, you will get 10,000 gold.

There are no items or skills to collect in this area right now.

In the first area, there is an inn and a small item store if you are not concerned about time.

The monsters that you will encounter here are Old Oaks (use Ifrit and Thunder Blade), Chimeras (use Luna and Ray), and Agumis (use Sylphs and Stone Wall).

Quickest Route

The quickest path to the boss is north twice, east, north, east twice, north twice, east, north twice, east three times, and north.

Prepare for the Boss Battle

At the save point, equip Mint and Arche with Princess Capes (use a Rune Bottle on a Silver Cape to turn it into a Princess Cape if you need to), Klarth/Claus with the Garnet Ring, and Cless/Cress with a Flame Mantle. For the formation, have everyone but Cless/Cress at the leftmost side, so Cless/Cress has room to move if he gets caught near Ishrantu. Tell Klarth/Claus and Arche not to cast spells so you can cast them manually.


Constantly use Ray and Maxwell to prevent Ishrantu from casting Fire Storm. Have Mint ready to heal at all times, but make her cast Hammer during the battle. Cless/Cress needs to keep his distance and use long range skills only.

Midgard Castle, part 2

When the battle is over, go into the castle. You will be healed up during the cutscene. After the cutscene, you can go to the four people south of the throne and talk to them to buy supplies and food. Be sure to buy Flare Bottles. Then exit the castle.


After the cutscene, when Cless/Cress is alone, go north to meet the Valkyrie.

Aerial Battle

Arche and Cless/Cress will have to do battle in the air. Since Mint and Klarth/Claus are not with you, you will have to use items to heal yourselves. Cless/Cress is unable to use skills.

Have Arche use Thunder Blade against the Vulturas while Cless/Cress attacks.

Don't let Arche use any spells against the Charons. Use a Flare Bottle on Cless/Cress and have him attack. If a Charon is too low for Cless/Cress to hit, have Cless/Cress walk far away from it and then tap A twice to make Cless/Cress jump. Note that the Charons can teleport to different locations in the battle area, so you may need to turn around. Be sure to press L or R as needed to put Arche behind Cless/Cress.

In the next battle, have Arche attack the Demons and Vultura with Thunder Blade, then have Cless/Cress beat the Charon as before.

Against the three Demons, have Arche use Ray and have Cless/Cress just attack as usual. Keep your HP high to be ready for the boss.

Ishrantu is the same as before. Keep attacking with Ray to prevent Ishrantu from casting Fire Storm, use a Flare Bottle on Cless/Cress, and have Cless/Cress keep his distance while attacking. Heal up right away if Ishrantu casts Fire Storm.

Back in Midgard

You will automatically be healed up after the aerial battle. Buy more supplies in Midgard. Be sure to equip Cless/Cress with a weapon now that Gungnir is gone.

Cross the Valhalla Plains

When you are ready, go northeast from Midgard to the Valhalla Plains. To get a new skill for Cless/Cress, from the entrance go north twice, east twice, south, east twice, and north. You can get the skill later if you can't afford it now.

From there, go east twice, north twice, west twice, north twice, east three times, north, and east twice. You will be in the overworld. Save the game, then cross the bridge and go north to enter Dhaos's castle.