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The Hero, Cless

The game begins with Cless/Cress in the town of Totus.


Read The Menu System to learn more about Cless/Cress's skills and other controls.

Go to the southeast part of town and go to the inn. Talk to the owner. Do the chore for her to get 10 gold. You can also go to the item store and talk to the owner, who will give you an apple for Chester's sister.

Cless/Cress will say something if you check on the bridge.

Finally, use the south exit of town. Tristan will talk to you. Then leave and go south into the forest.

You can save your game while you are in the overworld.

You can read about battle controls in Battle Overview.

Spirit Forest

If you want to level up before continuing, don't go very far into the forest. If you go far enough to see the boar, Chester won't let you leave the forest until you have found and killed it.

If you haven't seen the boar yet, you can walk around in circles fighting monsters and winning gold and experience. You will be able to go back to town and rest your characters upstairs in Cless/Cress's house.

You get the Psion Bolt skill at level 2. Be sure to equip it when you get it. To master a skill, you have to use it 100 times in battle. Mastering a skill will let you use it in combos later.

When you are ready, go down until you see the boar, then go right and up to find a chest, which contains a Life Bottle. From there, go down and left, then continue down until you reach water. Then go all the way to the right, then go up and approach the tree.

The boar will attack. After you have killed it, you can go to the left of the tree and read the stone slab there.

Afterward, go back to town.

Totus, Part 2

Go up to Cless/Cress's house. When you're back in control of Cless/Cress, leave Chester's house. Don't get the sword upstairs in Cless/Cress's house, because you will lose it soon if you get it now. Leave town.

Mountain Pass

Go north and you will reach a mountain pass. If you want more experience, move the statue out of the way and take the upper path. It is more challenging, but you will get experience, and there are two chests at the end, containing a Life Bottle (on the left) and an Orange Gummy (on the right). From that area, go to the left to exit.

Otherwise, if you don't move the statue, just keep going left until you leave the area.


Keep going north to reach Euclid. In town, go right. Buy Jet Boots at the weapon and armor shop, but don't get weapons or armor right now. If you equip the Jet Boots as an accessory, you can hold the Cancel button to run.

Go to the center of town and buy a Rod from the guy with the outdoor shop. Go right from there and buy some food at the food store.

Finally, go to the top left house to meet your uncle. Talk to him again and he will ask if you want to rest. Say no if you want to buy anything else or earn more experience. You can rest in the inn for 10 gold.

To make the game progress, tell your uncle that you want to rest.

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