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To Rescue the Prince

Arche joins Cless/Cress and the others. Cless/Cress is attacked on the way to Alvanista.


Use a Rune Bottle on the ?Weapon that you won in the last battle. It becomes an Ice Scimitar. Don't equip it, but save it for later.

Before entering Alvanista, explore the docks to find a chest. It contains Lavender. If there is a crab blocking your path, wait for it to get out of the way. The Lavender is worth the wait.

If you started the optional side quest, Elwyn and Nancy are in town, in the supply shop. Talk to them.

In the city, rest at the inn to recover your HP and TP if needed, but choose not to go into the castle yet. Then visit all the shops in Alvanista. I do not recommend buying the Mackerel at the food shop. Upgrade your weapons and armor. If you can't afford the best weapons and armor, sell your old equipment.

You can race a child in the eastern part of town. If you win, choose the Cat's Eyes. They are the most valuable prize. After you win the race three times, you will not be able to do the race again.

Be sure to buy some Orange Gummies. Then leave town and save the game.

When you are ready, rest at the Inn and choose to go to the castle.

Alvanista Castle

To sneak through the castle, wait until the guard walks off of the screen before running past. The prince's bedroom is to the right.

Before going into the prince's room, have equip Cless/Cress with Blade Storm and Psion Bolt or Psion Kick, make sure Cless/Cress is NOT equipped with an ice elemental weapon. Equip a Heavy Stone on Mint. If you have another Heavy Stone, equip it on Klarth/Claus. If you have a third Heavy Stone, equip it on Cless/Cress. Have Mint Value HP over TP, but have Arche and Klarth/Claus set not to cast spells, because it will be better to cast them manually. Also, equip Klarth/Claus with the Aquamarine ring, and use Aqua Mantles on the other characters if you have them. You can create Aqua Mantles by using a Rune Bottle on a Mantle to turn it into a Flame Mantle, then use a Rune Bottle on the Flame Mantle to turn it into an Aqua Mantle. Equip Cless/Cress with a Reverse Doll or two. Change the formation to have everyone at the far left of the screen. Then go in the prince's room.


Have Arche repeatedly cast Eruption and have Klarth/Claus repeatedly cast Sylph, targeting Jahmir directly. This should mostly prevent Jahmir from casting powerful spells. Cless/Cress can use skills against the Alices, but should switch to regular attacks if fighting Jahmir directly.

Jahmir can cast Tractor Beam, which will interrupt Mint and Klarth/Claus if they are not equipped with Heavy Stones. Be sure to restart their spells if they are interrupted.

If you kill all the Alices before killing Jahmir, keep your distance from Jahmir. If Jahmir puts up a shield, don't let Cless/Cress attack, or he will get hurt by the shield. Wait for a spell to break the shield, then have Cless/Cress attack.

None of your long range attacks will work against Jahmir, so if you kill all of the Alices, change your formation to put Cless/Cress at the far right, with everyone else at the far left. Try to have Cless/Cress keep his distance while using Blade Storm.

Alvanista Castle

Equip your rewards from Runeglom/Lundgrom and the King. Opuscule is not as strong as Rabionis, however. Now you can explore the castle.

Remember that the Gungnir is best as a stabbing weapon.

Go down the stairs across from the prince's bedroom. In the left room, talk to the woman to buy Thunder Blade if you can afford it, then Tractor Beam. If you can't afford them now, be sure to come back later.

Then talk to the elf in this room and the elf in the room on the right. You have to talk to them to make the game progress.

On the next floor of the castle, you can play a game to win a valuable Mental Ring. Whoever takes the last stone out of the pot loses. Each player can remove up to three stones per turn. Here is how to win:

Number of Stones Left In the PotWhat to do
29Let the other guy go first
28Remove 3
27Remove 2
26Remove 1
25Let the other guy go first - or - Let time run out
24Remove 3
23Remove 2
22Remove 1
21Let the other guy go first - or - Let time run out
20Remove 3
19Remove 2
18Remove 1
17Let time run out
16Remove 3
15Remove 2
14Remove 1
13Let time run out
12Remove 3
11Remove 2
10Remove 1
9Let time run out
8Remove 3
7Remove 2
6Remove 1
5Let time run out
4Remove 3
3Remove 2
2Remove 1

Alvanista, Part 2

Now go to the adventurer's guild in town. Go through the door to the left, then talk to the guy to the right of the stairs and buy the Psion Storm combo. If you can't afford it now, just remember to come back and get it later. Then talk to the guy behind the counter to get the permission slip to Moria. Don't pay the piano player. He just tells you a password for later, but I will tell you the password when it is needed.

Before you go to Moria, you should make contracts with Gnome, Ifrit, and Undine. You can do this in any order, but my recommended order is Gnome, then Ifrit, then Undine. Gnome is relatively easy, Ifrit is moderately difficult, and Undine is probably the most difficult of the three.

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