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A Journey Across Time

With the Unicorn's help, the tree of magic is saved. Now it is time to find the legendary city of Thor.


If there is anything that you want to do before leaving this time period, do it now.

Board the ship that took you to Demitel's island, and ask to go to the Abyss of Thor.

Abyss of Thor

When you arrive in Thor, go into the building to the north. Check the shiny thing on the counter to get the Magnetic Card. Then leave the building.

Go south, down the stairs, then right. You will see a save point. Go to the building above the save point and check the panel to the left of the door to use the card. Go through the door.

Use Lightning on the enemies in this area.

Follow the path, and you will reach a big room. Go straight down. You may be able to avoid the monster. In the south part of the room you will find some chests. One of the chests holds the key to the doors. Three of the doors will open with the key, but they are random. Just keep trying the doors, starting with the far right or the far left, until one of them unlocks, and go through.

If you find yourself in the hallway that brought you to this room, you chose the wrong door and will have to start again.

One of the rooms that you can find is a room with a chest. The chest contains the spell God Breath.

Another of the rooms that you can find is a room with a save point. In the save point room, equip Arche with a Mystical Rune, then equip Mint with one if you have another. Equip Klarth/Claus with the Moonstone ring, and equip Mithril Meshes on two of the others. Equip Cless/Cress with the Lightning Bolt skill if you haven't already.

Go up and you will fight. Don't stand too close to the enemies because they will shoot lasers at you if you are underneath. Use Indignation on the floating 4400Rs first, then on the two 2SHs. Have Klarth/Claus cast Maxwell on the 2SHs right away. Cless/Cress should use Lightning Bolt.

Go up to use the computer. First use the Medical Treatment. Then try Time Warp. Go back down and save, then get ready, because you're about to face Dhaos.

Equip the Diamond Ring on Klarth/Claus. Turn off Klarth/Claus and Arche's spells, because it is better to cast them manually. As before, equip Arche with a Mystical Rune, and if you have another, equip it on Mint. Equip Cless/Cress with his most powerful skills. Tempest and Blade Storm work well to stun Dhaos.

Go back to the computer and choose Time Warp.


Dhaos is stronger now than when you fought him before. Hit Dhaos with Tempest or Blade Storm constantly, and have Klarth/Claus cast Maxwell and Arche cast Indignation as fast as you can. Have Mint cast Haste on Cless/Cress, and Mint can also cast Hammer on Dhaos.

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