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Escape and Payback

After the events in Totus, Cless/Cress seeks help from his uncle in Euclid.


When you are in control of Cless/Cress, check the door of the cell and the hole in the back wall. Wait for a while. When you hear someone, check the hole again, put your hand through, and go through the hole when it opens. Go left and check on the woman to take the sword. Equip it, then check on the door of the cell to open it.

Go up and right to get a bag from a cell (Creamy Cheese), then go down and open the cell with the girl in it. Talk to her and she'll join you.

Mint's Skills

At first, Mint doesn't have any skills. After a battle she will learn First Aid. You can go to her skill menu to disable any of her skills that you don't want her to use, which can help conserve her TP.

Mint's Tactics

Mint's tactics are:

  • Help Fighters - Use mostly offensive spells. Mint's offensive spells are not that useful, however, so you might not want to use this tactic often.
  • Conserve TP - Use spells every once in a while. She will randomly use offensive and healing spells. Again, you might not want to use this tactic often because of the weakness of Mint's offensive spells.
  • Value HP over TP - Mint will only use healing spells, at times when you need them. This is Mint's most useful tactic.
  • Don't Cast Spells - This tactic is only useful if you want Mint to conserve all of her TP.

Jail, Part 2

Equip the Rod on Mint if you bought one in Euclid. Then change her tactic to "Value HP over TP" (described above).

Leave the cell and go down and right, and up to the sewer grate. Check on it twice to open it.

Before you move on, here are more details about the food sack.


Right now, you can put 200 units of food into the food sack. You can check on the food sack capacity in the "Treasures" section of your Items menu. You will get larger food sacks later.

If you are hurt, you will automatically eat food from the food sack as you walk around, until you are healed up. This is helpful for long trips and large dungeons. Be sure to fill your food sack often.

You can put all food items at the top of the items list by selecting the apple icon above the items list. Do this when you are trying to fill your food sack.

When you get a food item, you can go to the items menu to check on how many units of food it gives you. If you put in food that is too large for the food sack, you will lose the extra points of food value.

It is best to keep large food items for later, when you have a bigger food sack.


Go left to find a chest (Apple Gummy), then go north to find another chest (Orange Gummy). Go back down and cross the bridge to the left. From the save point, follow the path up, and when the path splits, go left first to find a chest. It contains the Wooden Shield. Be sure to equip it. Then go back and continue right.

Get the Apple Gummy along the way.

When the path splits again, go right, up the stairs, and down to find a chest that contains Savory. Savory is an herb that you should keep for later. Herbs permanently increase specific stats, and they are somewhat rare.

From here, go straight up, and stop at the crossroads. Go straight up to find a Rapier. You can equip it if you wish, but keep in mind that it is slightly less powerful at slicing as the longsword. It is stronger as a stabbing weapon.

From the Rapier, go down and take the left path to save. Go left and up from the save point to find another chest (1,000 gold).

If Cless/Cress does not yet know the Dual Kick skill, you might want to walk around fighting monsters until you learn it. It is helpful in the next boss battle.

Set Mint's Tactic to Value HP over TP, and set Cless/Cress's skills to Dual Kick and Psion Bolt.

Then return to the save point and go right and up to face the Sewer King.

Sewer King

First, use Psion Bolt to attack the slugs. Then when the demon gets close enough to you, and is in the lower part of the screen, use Dual Kick on it repeatedly. Try not to let the demon get behind Mint. Just keep moving toward the left as the demon gets closer, and use L or R to move Mint behind Cless/Cress if necessary. Stay as far away from the slugs as you can to avoid their slime attacks.

After the battle, go up and exit the sewer. When you are outside, go straight down.

Tornix's House

When you're back in control, leave Tornix's house and walk left to meet up with Chester.

When you are back in control this time, be sure to change your battle formation to put Chester right behind Cless/Cress.

Go talk to the merchant by the front door. Get a few Orange Gummies. If you did NOT get the sword in Cless/Cress's house after Totus was attacked, do NOT buy a sword now. Buy a Longbow. Don't buy Chain Mails, but otherwise upgrade Cless/Cress's armor.

Exit the house, and search around the trees to the far left to find a Heavy Stone. Then leave.


Now you can go back to Totus to get a free weapon. Totus is to the north. Just walk west around the mountains, then east and south when you have gone past the mountains. In Totus, go upstairs in Cless/Cress's house to find a sword. It is a Knight's Sabre. It is better at slicing than at stabbing, and is fire-elemental.

Tornix's House, part 2

Rest at Tornix's house if you need to. The bed is upstairs. You can also level up around his house and keep resting there if you wish.

When you are ready, go east from Tornix's house, into the cave.


Go up, cross the bridge, and if you want a Mixed Gummy, go up and fight the monster. Then go right and you will meet Tristan. Go north to enter the Mausoleum.

Follow the path until you reach a hallway with doors. Don't try to open the double door in this hallway yet, because it is locked. Go into each of the smaller doors and open the sarcophagus to fight a monster. You get an item after each battle. From left to right, you will get a Protect Ring, Spy Lens, Hourglass, Chain Mail, and Rune Bottle. Be sure to equip the Chain Mail.

Go down the stairs from that hallway, and keep going until the path splits. Go down, and get the two chests in this room. The lower one is an Apple Gummy and the upper one is a Creamy Cheese. Go back to where the path splits and use the door to the right.

First, if you didn't get the Knight's Sabre or a Sabre from the merchant, or if you just want an extra Sabre, go up to get it. Then go back down to the two doors on the right, and use the upper door first.

In the room with the five statues, check the following statue:

x x x O x
This will make two chests appear in the previous room. Go through the double door to find a chest that contains a Chain Mail, which you should equip. Then go back. After getting the two chests (a Sage on the right and a Mixed Gummy on the left), go all the way down to the next area.

Go to the right, open the chest (Cheese), save, and check the statue above you. You will have to fight. Don't use Psion Bolt on it because that will heal it.

Move the statue downward through the room, then to the left. Put it on the brown tile. Go through the door that you just opened, open the chest (Lace Ruby), and go back out.

Keep going to the right, and go through the double door behind the statues to find three chests. From left to right, they contain Creamy Cheese, an Orange Gummy, and a Remedy Bottle.

Go back the way you came until you are in the hallway with the sarcophagi, and go through the double door here.

Step on the star symbol to be transported to a new area.

Walk onto the moving platform that stops just above you. When it stops, walk left and pull the lever. Go to the right, but this time use the platform that stops above you to reach a couple of chests. The left one contains a Rabbit's Foot, and the one on the right contains Cheese. Then use the platforms to go back to the star symbol.

Stand to the left of the star symbol and another platform will arrive, which takes you to another chest (Reverse Doll).

Now use the platform that stops to the right of the star symbol. Go down the stairs and try to pick up the Lace Ruby. Then go up the stairs and, when the moving platform is approaching, step on the diamond symbol, then run onto the platform. You will need to make use of your Jetboots here, because the floor in the next part is electrified, and you don't want to stop floating too soon.

When you are near the star symbol again, run left and down, and go down the stairs to get the Lace Ruby. Run down and right from where the Ruby was to find a chest (Lavender), then run back up the stairs.

Use the lower moving platform, and use the double door above the symbol that made you float.

Use the save point and heal up. There will soon be a boss battle. You will not be attacked in the room with the save point, so fill your food sack and keep walking around until everyone is healed up. Change Mint's tactic to Value HP over TP, and have Chester Go Berserk. If Cless/Cress has Lightning Bolt, equip it.

Go up from the save point and you will be attacked by two Golems. Don't use Psion Bolt, because that heals the monsters. Use Lightning if you have it.

Once the battle is over, unequip Chester of everything. Follow the path and you will find Tornix.

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