Paralogue 6: Herbal Remedy

Kaze helps his daughter Midori recover stolen herbs from an adventurer named Candace.


How to Unlock

This Paralogue becomes available after Kaze reaches support rank S with a female unit.

Defeat the Boss

The levels of the enemies in this battle will depend on your current levels and the chapter you are on.

Midori will automatically be a controllable character. You can have her use her Offspring Seal to become an advanced class. This is a good idea because she starts out at level 20 and can't earn more EXP until you reclass her.

None of the enemies here drop anything, so if you wish, you can just have a flying unit fly over the trees and kill Candace in one turn.

Otherwise, Candace and her entourage will continually move away from your units, and other enemies will continually move toward you. You can use Dragon Veins to burn through the forest and reach Candace more quickly.


After the battle, Kaze's daughter Midori joins you permanently.