Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 13: A Lost Peace

After escaping the ice and gaining some new allies, you arrive in Cyrkensia, where trouble is brewing.

Defeat the Boss

In this battle, your units can pick up piles of debris and drop them elsewhere in the map. Picking up an obstacle uses a turn, and dropping it uses another turn. There are various ways to use these obstacles. You could completely block the left or right side, allowing you to focus on one set of enemies first. You could block one of the forked paths, creating a bottleneck that the enemies must pass through to reach you. And so on.

You could always send flying units to break through the enemies protecting the boss unit, or you can make your way up the left and right sides, killing all the enemies on the way.

There is a Dragon Vein in the northwest part of the map, and in the northeast part of the map. However, if you want to use them, you will have to deal with some named units. In the northwest part of the map, you will have to fight Peri and Laslow, then Xander. In the northeast, you will have to fight Scarlet and Ryoma.

Once you use a Dragon Vein, the water level will go lower, so if you left any units in the middle of the map, the will be able to walk to the northern part of the map via the drained waterway.

From there, you can storm the enclosed room and fight through the enemies to reach the Berserker boss unit. Defeating it will end the battle.