Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 23: Possessed

After capturing Fort Jinya, you must proceed to the Great Wall of Suzanoh.


Preparations Before the Battle

There are many snipers in this map, so your flying units will be in danger.

There are some launchers in this map that your archers can use.

There are two chests in this map, but nobody is carrying a chest key, so you will only be able to open them if you have a unit that knows Locktouch.


The objective this time is to defeat Takumi and seize the wall. You start in the southeast of the map. To reach Takumi, you will have to go to the top of the wall and reach the stairs that lead to Takumi.

You can quickly reach those stairs if you bring flying units, but because of the many snipers in this map, you might not want to bring any flying units into this battle.

If you go on foot or horseback, you will have to go west and deal with some gunners, snipers, and a lancer. Then you will need to cross the bridge to the north and battle Hinata, who is a swordmaster.

Be aware that Takumi can hit the bridge with his launcher.

After you have dealt with the enemies north of the bridge, you can head east to reach the stairs that lead to the top of the wall. There is another launcher that can attack the area of these stairs.

Once you go upstairs, you will have to deal with Oboro, who is a Spear Master.

There are two chests in the upper area. The one on the left contains 10,000 Gold, and the one on the right contains Boots.

From there, go west to go up the stairs to Takumi's level. He is assisted by a sniper. Once you defeat him, you can stand on the seize tile and end the battle.