Chapter 13: Uprising

After the victory against the Hoshidan army at Macarath, you are ordered to suppress an uprising in Cheve.


Preparations Before the Battle

You will be up against a couple of hard-hitting bow-wielders: Takumi and Reina. These can wipe out your flying units such as Camilla and Beruka very quickly, so you might want to swap them out with some non-flying units.

In addition, a number of the enemy units have Beast Killer weapons, so any of your units on horses or dragons will be in danger from them. This is another good reason to leave your flying units behind.

Rout the Enemy

You will start the battle north of a small river. There are two bridges that go across the river. Some magic users will attack from the left, while some lance-wielding Knights will attack from the right.

As mentioned in the previous section, if you bring any flying units, they will be in danger from the bow-wielding enemies, and the enemies that use Beast Killer weapons, so if you do have any mounted units, you might want to keep them close to your non-mounted units or do a Pair Up with the mounted unit in the support role.

At Turn 3, two new units arrive and join you.

At Turn 5, an Outlaw will arrive and start moving toward the villages, hoping to rob them. If you can visit the villages first, you will be rewarded with 5000 G, a Master Seal, an Arms Scroll, and a Blessed Lance.

Scarlet is the boss unit. She starts in the lower left of the map. When you start attacking her, some reinforcements will show up from the south and the west.