Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 9: Wanderer

After gaining some new allies, you are tricked into attacking Wind Tribalists and must prove your innocence to Chieftain Fuga.


In this battle (which will be familiar to you if you played Conquest), there will randomly be winds blowing north or south over the battlefield. At the end of the enemy phase, if your units are standing in one of these winds, they will be pushed five squares in the wind's direction, or to the nearest safe square.

On the other hand, if one of your royal units uses a Dragon Vein, any enemy units in the winds will immediately be pushed five squares in the wind's direction.

Therefore, whenever the player phase begins, if you are able to reach a Dragon Vein, you should decide whether to use it during your turn or not. Sometimes there will be no winds, so you shouldn't use a Dragon Vein if that is the case. Otherwise, you should check if any of your units are going to be pushed by the wind, and if so, decide whether it would be more advantageous to push the enemy units instead.

A number of enemies here will drop items upon defeat. There are also three chests. There are plenty of ninjas in this map, but none of them have the Locktouch skill, so you don't need to worry about preventing them from taking the stuff from the chests.

Make sure to level Rinkah up since her level is pretty low to begin with.

There are stairs in this map that reinforcements will come out of later in the battle.

You can optionally fight Hayato, who is particularly vulnerable to spears and hidden weapons.

Be warned that there is a tile in the top of the map near Fuga's platform that your walking units can be pushed onto by the wind. The tile is not attached to the walkway, so your walking unit will be stranded there unless a flying unit comes to save him/her.

Fuga himself has some abilities that will make him difficult to defeat if you don't kill him in one blow. Wind Disciple will make him harder to hit as soon as he takes any damage, and a unit that attacks but doesn't defeat him will suffer STR -6 because of his Seal Strength skill. Furthermore, if his HP is 50% or lower, his Vantage skill allows him to strike first when your units attack him, and if you leave anyone in his attack range, he will be harder to hit if he initiates combat with your units. Because of this, put some units in the tiles diagonal to Fuga, then send strong units into his attack range to try to take him down in one blow.