Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 18: Black & White

After arriving in Izumo and hoping for some much-needed rest, you end up having to do a rescue mission instead.


Preparations Before the Battle

Your units will be split up into two halves, one on the west side of the map and one on the right. You might want to put a healer on both the left and the right sides of the map.

There are a couple of chests in this map, so be sure to bring units that know Locktouch.

Defeat All Bosses Within 20 Turns

The bosses in this map consist of a pair of Nohrian Generals in the south part of the map, and Zola in the north part of the map. You have to defeat these within 20 turns. If you take longer than 20 turns, you will lose the battle.

When you manage to defeat the bosses in the southern part of the map, the door to the jail will open, but you can't talk to the units inside, and they won't do anything to help.

Zola will not move, and his guards will not move until you get in their range. You should attempt to send your units directly to Zola in order to prevent the two sets of guards from blocking the path, unless you are not that close to Turn 20.