Fire Emblem Fates Walkthrough

Chapter 12: Frozen Sea

After defeating Kotaro and his Mokushujin ninjas, you attempt to reach Cheve by boat, but are stopped by ice.


Before the Battle

Be sure to put a royal unit on all four ships.

Defeat the Boss

To end this battle, you will need to defeat Flora, who is on the northeast ship.

At the start of the battle, your non-flying units will be stuck on their respective ships with no way to get out. Enemy units will be able to climb aboard your ships, however.

At Turn 6, Dragon Veins will appear on the ships that your units are on. Hopefully you put a royal unit on all four ships. Once the Dragon Veins appear, you can make the ice rise to the level of the ship, allowing your units to walk off of the ships and reach others.

You can use flying units to deal with the enemies that come toward you from the ice, but the large ships have bow-wielding enemies, so you will need to keep your flying units away from them.

The southern ship contains Beruka and Selena, and there is also a Berserker on that ship who will drop a Master Seal when defeated.

On the northern ship, there is a Sorcerer who will drop a Steel Dagger. Also on that ship, you will find Camilla, as well as the boss unit, Flora.